Apple AirPad 2 Review: New Wireless Charging Headphone

Apple has unveiled a new generation of wireless headphones just before AirPad 2. This wireless headset, which is similar to the first-generation AirPad, is completely wireless, with the charging chassis being designed wirelessly. Do well to like our page on Facebook for first hand tech update alert. Meanwhile, below is the leatest Apple’s AirPad 2019 review […]

7 Best Wireless Headphones

There was a time when wireless headphones and bluetooth were not recommended at all because of disconnect, low sound quality and battery-related issues, but luckily those days are over, and now we have the golden time of wireless headphones. Also, you may like to know that the award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced […]

Beware of Internet Explorer Browser – Hackers Tool

You have probably not been using Internet Explorer browser for long, but if you have not already deleted it from your system, you might want to do this.  Internet Explorer Browser Dangerous to Use This old browser, which is very weak in terms of security, now seems to be causing the problem, even if it […]

Could this be the End of iTunes Technology?

ITunes The Apple Service, which began its work in 2001, now seems to be approaching its end. Like Techbmc Page on Facebook for Quick access to our latest post or update. In fact, according to tweets released by iPhone application developer Steven Troughton-Smith, the next version of the Mac OS, version 10.15, will launch the […]