Without Octopus Box, Change Your Samsung Phones Imei For Free

 Samsung users can now change their phone imei with ease, no much stress, very simple to carryout. Time has past when Samsung users use tools like odin, chimera tool, octopus box which costs a few box and only accessible mostly by mobile phone engineers. Now it’s free and can be carry out by anyone.

With this improvement, the need of getting MTK devices will be less since one can go for Samsung galaxy devices that has a lots of beautiful features. Much goodies follows when you know how to change your imei number, you are able to stand the chance of getting any latest free browsing for networks like MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Ntel etc that requires tweaking of imei number.

Please bear in mind that changing imei is considered to be illegal in some countries. So Techbmc will not be held responsible for any thing or damage you caused to your phone while executing this tutorial. As this post is crafted out for educational purpose.

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Expert Guide On How To Change Samsung Phones Imei Without Octopus Box

==> Get your Samsung mobile backedup. And ensure the phone is rooted as well.
==>Next, Download and install the imei changer from Here. and xposed Installer Here.
 ==>After downloading, locate and open exposed installer, Go to framework, Install update and ensure to accept the given conditions/terms
==> Now, inside the xposed installer Click modules, and tick imei changer to enable it. You may also want to read how to unlock any Nokia device locked with Security code without the use of PC.

Almost there, now to change any samsung phone imei to blackberry imei may be for glo bis, then download BB Gen. and Generate your imei or you can as well use imei analyzer to generate any other imei.

==> Next, open the Imei changer and enter the imei (may Blackberry Imei or any other imei you wish to tweak)  on the provided option or space and then click on Apply/OK.
==> Finally, Restart your Samsung phone and confirm whether you changed the imei successfully or not. You can check that out after restarting your phone by dialing
this code *#06#
Credit: www.Techdavids.com

That’s all for that. Now tell us if yours went successfully or not, and if you got any idea to share concerning the post, use the comment box.
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