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Lucky Patcher Apk Mod Download Latest App

Lucky Patcher is an interesting Android application built with powerful features that can benefit your desire in mobile application control and usage. Lucky patcher app can remove ads from applications, bypass premium application’s license verification, can also modify Permissions in apps and games and many other features.

So here comes the current or latest version of Lucky patcher application you can download and install on your Android device, and have access to all the available features.

Lucky Patcher Apk features the ability of breaking most apps Android market license Verification and other vital app verifications you might want to break into using its patches. For you to use this app, it is required of you to root your Android phone. We give credit to the developer of this application known as Chelpus.

What can you do with Lucky Patcher Application?

  • Used for Removing License Verification in Automatic Mode
  • Used for Removing License Verification in Extreme Mode
  • Lucky Patcher apk can also Remove License Verification using Manual Mode
  • It Removes License Verification using Selected Patterns
  • Lucky patcher Disable Ads Activities on games and application
  • Can Change Permissions using Unstable Method
  • Can also Change Permissions and Activities using Safe Method
  • Direct Removal of Google Ads can be done in the app
  • Used For Custom Patch
  • Used in Creating Modified APK APPs
  • Allows Shopping Options in the settings
  • Works on rooted Device
  • In Lucky patcher app, there is No Ads
  • Unlock Game Resources
lucky patcher free download
latest lucky patcher free download

How To Remove Advertisement using Lucky Patcher

First of all, Click and launch Patches Menu > Remove Google Ads > Click Patch to remove Google Ads > and then Click Apply. That’s all.


  • Endeavor to use “setenforce 0” during start of Lucky Patcher, this is for correct work with the system files.
  • Ability to update or upgrade custom patches,
  • You can update translations
  • And add filter to app permission dialogs,
  • fixed Bugs

Mod Lite Version Update:

  • This Update Removed all the languages apart from English, Spanish
  • The app Graphic was compression without having any loss of quality picture
  • Was updated to work on all mobile Android architectures.

Update on Mod Color:

  • This update Replaced the app icon
  • Changes made Replaced all black & white icons via color
  • Graphic was improved as compression was done without loss of image or interface quality
  • The update made on the app Works for all mobile Android architectures
  • Icon Pack directly from G.P.V.33
  • Almost all Languages.
  • Added best resolution.

Lucky Patcher App Info

  • Name: Lucky patcher
  • Latest Version: 9.4.1
  • App File size: 9.2 MB | 3 MB | 6 MB
  • Platform: Android OS
  • Run on Android 4.0+
  • App category: Tools
  • Free download for any Android device
  • Rated: 4.8/5
  • Developer: Chelpus
  • Official website: luckypatchers.com

Download Lucky Patcher Apk Mod for Android


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