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Techbmc category section page with name SERVICES, was crafted to present all the necessary cost and prices involved in running goods and Service business in Nigeria and across the globe. This section of business service covers every of details or information, anyone could be searching on the internet, for proper guide or tips. The service guide and tips from this section of techbmc page, are usually the general public or highly sorted details required by individual who wants to get satisfaction as a customer or rendering of services as owner of an organization. This page will cover most companies details or service cost. For example, what it takes to register for any particular business or services. The best tips and guide to get a better service from any marketing industry or company. Cost and price to run start rendering some services. And every details that resolves around the word SERVICES. How to buy some good services, where to get this better service for any product we deemed necessary to review on here. Cheapest service on different brands of company's products. Example are career, skills and job opportunity Services, Phone services, Telecom Network services, Group or Business services, Organisations, Schools, Hotel management services, travel Visa and flight, internet marketing Services, buying and selling, online making money, goods or product delivery services from notable online store companies like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, jiji, eBay, Alibaba etc. There is more to benefits from this section if you can stay glued to updates. We are the best at what we do and will still remain the best in all our services to all our loyal readers in the world. Stay tuned to our latest and up to date content articles. Below are some various Services you can check out from this blog.
Brand new keke Napep prices in Nigeria

Current Tricycle Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria 2023

Keke Napep prices 2023: The idea of the tricycle when it comes to transportation in Nigeria, can never be underestimated because the tricycle has automatically become the commonly used means of transportation across Nigerian cities, towns, and villages, serving the same purpose as motorcycles (okada) and even more. Interestingly, if you wish to start a Keke Napep business on your...
cost of registring NGO in Nigeria - Techbmc

What is NGO? How to Register NGOs

Speaking of an NGO, some may wonder what is this really about? An NGO can be defined or identified as a non-governmental organisation. It is an association of persons whose aim are to help the needy, support the poor without any self-interest attached. It is not a part of government just like I stated above, these are set of persons...
How OKRs Help Companies

How OKRs Help Companies

OKRs help companies and organizations of all types remain aligned in their goals by connecting members of the team in order to achieve measurable results. This popular and useful method of goal setting is defined by two crucial questions. Those questions include: Where do I want to go? How will I get there? Beyond that, OKR depends on four specific goal...
Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone online. Internet-connected devices have become buyers’ trusted shopping tools, and during the Black Friday season, Internet shopping searches reach new levels. But considering the pandemic the planet is facing, will this year’s Black Friday register the same success?  With job losses and the risk of getting infected growing daily, Black Friday is the...