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PS4 Exploit 2021 & Free Games Jailbreak Download

Hello fans, today’s tutorial is based on how to carryout PS4 Exploit 5.05 game in case you happen to be a PS4 Jailbreak fan. You might have come across some guides compiled on some website or even watching of video tutorials on how to Jailbreak your PS4 games and finally the jailbreak became successful. Bravo! For your successful operation and what is the next thing to do after such impressive outcome?

Yes the outcome is so good and you are happy about your success, and the next thing in your mind is to immediately start your PS4 game, and get some PS4 game collection website which will serve in the set up settings. In case you are looking for such, then have it that you are in the right place in the right time, as we have outlined how to go about that which you seek from on our guides and steps below.

In this post, we are providing you with all the details required for best PS4 jailbreak, so ensure to follow the steps as stipulated in order to get a good result at the end of your reading.

Note: Carrying out PS4 jailbreak is at your own risk, we would not be held responsible for any damage this may cause you. This tutorial is strictly on Educational purposes. 

Also it may interest you to know that PS4 console was fully hacked on 28 of May 2018, and it is on firmware 5.05. And as it stands, there are several PS4 titles one can actually play on PS4 firmware. So to that effect, you can see that there are numerous reasons to jailbreak a PS4 device. We strongly recommend you to jailbreak in order to have access of the full list PS4 games ready to be downloaded and played on this firmware.

We have already planned to simplify another tutorial which will be on the topic ‘’how to jailbreak PS4 console on OFW 5.05 utilizing the method of Exploit” and in addition, with special and all recommended tips and tricks required for such. So the best thing to do right now is to bookmark this article because more updates to download free PS4 games will be added continually.

PS4 Exploit 5.05 - 5.50 + PS4 Jailbreak

Installation Requirements for PS4 Exploit 5.05

  1. First Requirement is having a lower firmware or OFW 5.05: Note, if what you have is higher firmware on the PS4 console for example OFW 5.55, then have it that as it stands, you cannot do anything at the moment but only have to wait for upcoming new exploits to be carried out for higher firmware. So if you are actually using FWs that is below FW5.05 then count it that yours will work out well.
  2. Download and Install Python Prerequisites
  3. Ensure to download the newest or latest version of Exploit 5.05
  4. you are also required to use your PC modem or utilize WiFi Transmitter device. Even your mobile phone hotspot can carry out such function, so whichever mode of connection you got just get it ready for the exploits.
  5. Your interest, little or no skill and tactics are required too.

Steps for PS4 Exploit and Jailbreak

  • Ensure your console is updated to Firmware 5.05. In case yours is not up to firmware 5.05, may be lower than that, just scroll down and download from the links provided below in order to update your firmware to the required version of OFW 5.05.
  • Also download Python and ensure a successful installation having all the python installation options intact.
  • Now, next thing on line is to download & export the latest version of Exploit right from the link located in the download section.
  • Ensure to Disable Anti-Virus and Windows Firewall. For better experience and easy exploit, you have to disable antivirus and windows defender, so that you can have a smooth access to DNS without issue or any barrier of any sort.
  • Next to be carried out is running the executable file ps4-exploit-host.exe (Run as Administrator)
  • If after carrying out the number 4 step above and no error or issue was encountered, then you should see a notification message showing your DNS IP is … The example is represented below;

>Don’t close the page yet just keep it open.

  • Return to the PS4 console in use and proceed with the following set up. Navigate to Settings >> Network >> Set up internet connection.

Here, choose the Custom option and the next step will require the wifi connection to be paired with. When the request comes up just select the connected Wifi network in which your laptop system or PC is connected to.
Like some may ask, why they should connect to a laptop-generated DNS? Haven chosen Wi-Fi and typing in its password, note that you will be required to provide an IP Address Settings. Now click on Automatic and don’t specify the DHCP Host Name details.

  • Move to the DNS Settings option.

On getting to this section, locate “Manual” and click on it. Now ensure to specify the right value for “Primary DNS”. The text is presented as
Just leave the “Secondary DNS” to be blank without having any value specified in it.

  • Now set the “MTU settings” to be Automatic. Also be reminded that the value of the “proxy server” is located on the DO NOT USE.
  • Navigate to Settings => Users’ Guide or Helpful Information area.

Haven followed the steps up to this extent without mistake, a new pop called “payload” will display on your screen. Now click on option 05.05.

And also click on Blocker in order to automatically block your PS4 console auto-update from updating in the future (Doing that will block the auto-update forever). Go ahead and click on “Mira option” which will turn your console into jailbreak version.

  • Once this message “You’re all set!” displays then Exit payload environment (do that by clicking on PS Button). Navigate to Settings >> Debug Settings.
  • Bravo! You have completely jailbreak your console on 5.05 firmware.

Download Links For PS4 Exploit 5.05

>Download PS4 Exploit 5.05 – Here
>Download Python – Here

How to get OFW Update

Note that your current firmware should be below 5.05. So if yours is on a higher version let say for(example 55.5), then have it that you cannot go ahead in doing something about it and you should be aware that it’s not possible to get a lower-level firmware installed. If you happen to see yourself in such situation, then you have no other choice than to wait for the new exploits to be released for higher free rolls. But if you are sure that your firmware is below OFW5.05, then proceed with the below simplified guide.

>1. First of all, download PS4 OFW 5.05 Firmware Update Here
>2. Extract the downloaded file with WinRar software unzipper.

>3. Get a prepared flash with FAT32 format. Right in the flash, create a folder and name it “PS4” and also create a folder named UPDATE inside it (ensure the words are all large alphabets as I have written above). Now move the update file, named PS4UPDATE.PUP, in this folder you created earlier, i.e. PS4 / UPDATE URL.

>4. Go back to your console, and completely disconnect the internet connection in it. Also, ensure to check off the auto-update options for prevention of future problem or issue one may encounter after now.

>5. Finally, connect the arrow to your device. Navigate to Settings >> System Software Update. Now the system will automatically detects and also install the update on the flash, and that’s all for getting OFW5.05 update.

Steps to Install Downloaded PS4 Games in Jailbreaked Playstation

>1. First of all, we have provided free PS4 games download links that will work very well on your jailbreaked PS4 console game below, so download from part1.rar to the final or last part.
>2. Go ahead and Extract from part1.rar
>3. The game is in single PKG file
>4. Now copy the game to your 64GB USB flash drive or to your External hard drive (Note; the drive should be formatted to format “exFAT”).
>5. Next is to plug the USB stick or the hard drive into your PS4 game
>6. Now open the internet browser found on the PS4
>7. Open the Webkit Exploit
>8. And click on the jailbreak exploit version (5.05 or 4.55)
>9. Then select MIRA or HEN.
>10. Continue trying that until you get a message saying “You’re all set”
>11. Just press the center button (PS) found on your PS4
>12. Navigate to settings, and scroll down to the bottom, there click on “DEBUG SETTINGS”
>13. Navigate to GAME
>15. This will display all the games, homebrew, emulators and as well as apps, in the USB flash drive
>16. Now check very well and click on the game you wish to install.
>17. Just little patience is required here and your game would install.
>18. Bravo! Your game Installation is completed and successful.

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Best Free PS4 Game Download Collections

Now that you have exploited your PS4 and gotten the steps to install latest free PS4 hacked and cracked games, below comes massive selection of PS4 console game reviews and download links for those interested to play them on their playStation 4 console.

Note: This post will continually undergo daily update based on adding more PS4 games for free download and be rest assured that we updated you with direct download links with fastest speed ever, safe and secured and also with resume. So to that effect, bookmark this page for its regular update and upgrade of data.

God Of War PS4 5.05 Exploit Game Download

PS4 God of war Exploit 5.05

As we all know, talking about PS4 God of war review without mentioning the great developers doesn’t make sense at all because they did a great job in developing such a game that all enjoys playing in all platforms ranging from Android, iOS, windows PC, Mac, Java, Xbox one and previous Playstations like PS3 etc. God of war happens to be a 3rd person action game produced and developed by Santa Monica Studio and was published via Sony Interactive Entertainment Known in abbreviation as (SIE). The game was released on 20th April, 2018, for the latest play station 4 (PS4) consol. And this version happens to be the eighth installation in the God of War series, the 8th chronologically and also the sequel to 2010’s God of war III. This game is based on Norse mythology and not on Greek mythology, so those confusing it for each other, take note of that now.

2019 PS4 God of War Download

In this version, the main protagonists are Kratos, which happens to be the former Greek God of War, and also Kratos young son named Atreus. Now following the death of Atreus father’s second wife and his own mother, the mission to fulfill her promise and then spread her ashes at the highest peak of 9 realms. Kratus kept away his troubled past as a secret from his son Atreus, which is without the knowledge of his divine nature. During their journey, they encountered monsters and gods of the Norse World.

God of War Direct Download Links:

>Game Password is: www.downloadha. com

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  • Nioh (CUSA-07113) PS4-P2P + Update v1.10
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Digital Deluxe Edition Working on PS4 Exploit 4.05 and above
  • Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition Download
  • Dead Rising 4 Franks Big Package PS4 Game
  • HITMAN The Complete First Season PS4-GCMR
  • UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Game
  • Dishonored 2 PS4 Game Download Working on PS4 5.05 Exploit
  • Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4 Game Exploit 5.05
  • Resident Evil 5 PS4 Game
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS4 Working on PS4 Exploit 4.55 and above
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  • Yakuza 0 PS4 Game working on Exploit 5.05
  • NBA 2K18 PS4 GAME
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End v1.32 PS4-DUPLEX
  • Call of Duty WW II v1.11 + LATEST DLC (CUSA-08632) PS4-DUPLEX
  • Wolfenstein The Old Blood
  • Resident Evil Origins Collection
  • Resident Evil 6 v1.01 with all DLC
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Mafia III v1.09 incl All DLCs

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