How to Block Any Phone Number From Calling You On MTN, 9mobile, GLO, Airtel & World – Wide Telecom Networks

Have you ever wished to block someone’s contact or phone number from calling your own line due to one reason or the other? Then this tutorial will guide your through on how to block or stop any Phone Number From Calling your phone, whether you are using MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9mobile or etisalat network or any other network around the globe etc.

Before now, most Telecom networks in Nigeria like MTN, Airtel etc. have already set up a service or customized settings on their private or individual network platforms on how to bar a number from calling any user and I have written how to make use of MTN call barring code, which has gone a long way in helping most users for blocking someone’s line or incoming calls.

So if you are landed here because you were searching for:
How to block a number from calling you on airtel, Glo, 9mobile etisalat? or even
How to block a number from calling me on mtn network? or any Telecom network around the globe. Whichever way you searched it and you were landed here, then have it that your problem has been solved. Because, here we have a working ussd code for carrying out such activity, even when you try the below code and it didn’t work out for you, all you need do is to complain using the below comment box and we will help you out depending on your device.

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Simple Trick on How to block or bar Someone from Calling You

>> Just Dial this code like this *35*0000*PUT THE PERSON’S PHONE NUMBER Here#  and click on SEND.
For example: I want to block this number 08168645223 from calling my line, then I will type it this way ( *35*0000*08168645223# ) and SEND.

Ones you send it, the person won’t be able to reach you again through calls.

How to Cancel Blocked Phone Numbers
If you wish to unblock the phone number you blocked from reaching you via call, just dial this code on your phone *35*0000# and SEND and this will cancel every blocked contact.

Note:  if you have barred more than one person’s phone number, after dialing this code *35*0000#, it will cancel all the blocked contacts on the list.

That’s all on how to block and unblock any phone number/Contact from calling your line.
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