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GLO Internet Configuration APN Settings 2022

This tutorial update will guide every Glo Network users in Nigeria, on latest method to configure smartphones manually or automatically, for internet connection, with the use of Glo internet APN settings. This setup will enable your mobile device connect speedily when surfing the internet with web browser apps.

Usually, Glo Network sends APN internet configuration ones their server system discovers that a glo sim card has been inserted into a new mobile device. It also happens when a new glo or old sim is inserted for the first time into an old phone. This could be after a new sim card registration.

GLO APN Configuration

Most times, this auto apn internet settings or configuration are not sent to new devices, and this could be as a result of system error or the glo server couldn’t detect any new changes from the mobile phone when the glo sim is inserted. And this is where this post becomes handy for users, as this settings here will help you manually configure your glo data internet connection without delay. So all you need do is to follow the setup steps stipulated below.

Before we go in details to glo apn settings, we also crafted out guides on how to configure other most popular Telecommunication Networks in Nigeria and they include:

This configuration works on Android phones and iOS devices such iPhone and iPad etc. The APN settings has been tested and confirmed working with speed in browsing the net. You can download any type of files hosted online with your Glo Network configured with these settings.

GLO Internet Configuration APN Settings

How to create a New APN on Mobile Phones

Step 1: To create a New APN for Glo Configuration:

  1. Go to your phone settings > Mobile Networks
  2. Choose “Access Point Names
  3. Now, click the MENU icon to create “New APN

STEP 2: Enter the following configurations one after the other in it’s similar labeled name:

  • Name: Glo Internet
  • APN:  gloflat
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • Security: PAP or CHAP
  • IP:
  • Port: 8080

STEP 3: Click the MENU Icon tab again and then click on where you see “SAVE,” the set-up is saved after that. Go back to main menu and switch on your “DATA” and start browsing.

Glo Automatic Internet Configuration Settings via SMS

Incase you prefer to get Glo Mobile Automatic Internet and MMS Configuration APN settings on your Android or iPhone, through text message, then below Procedure will walk you through. Also, note that these three methods works perfectly for Glo Nigeria mobile line, so follow the guide accurately.

Latest Glo APN internet settings via SMS

1. First method: Send your PHONENAME as sms to 927 glo number. Glo will automatically send the configuration to your smartphone.

Example: If your phone name is Gionee A1, then text Gionee A1 to 927

2. Second method: Text ACTIVATE to 444 as sms using the mobile phone you need the configuration on, haven your Glo SIM inserted on that phone. OR

3. Third Method: Text ALL as SMS to this number glo 1234.

Note: After Trying any of the above method, Glo Network will send the APN configuration settings. So once you receive the settings through SMS, endeavor to save the settings as default for browsing and that’s all.

Now your mobile phone is activated to browse the internet with the Fastest glo apn settings. And from above, if the manual setup didn’t work for you, then the auto shortcode will. It may interest you to also know that this configuration can as well be applied on modem and windows PC settings.

It is time to test the speed of this configuration on your smartphone, so go ahead and switch ON your mobile data (Gloflat) or Airtime credit (Glosecure), and then begin to search things on Google to see yourself enjoy fastest connection without delay, error or any kind of issue. Endeavor to share this latest glo apn settings.