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Top technology Used in the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has become one of the most forward-thinking leagues in the world and the innovative leader in football, with attractive Bundesliga predictions for fans.

Moritz Muecke, head of digital innovations at the German Football League (DFL), stated that the Bundesliga was in a better position than other major European soccer leagues due to its control over broadcast production and data collecting. This allows it to collaborate with AWS and other interested parties to launch new digital services and broadcasting innovations much more quickly.

Partnering With AWS

A unique combination of AWS cloud services, including machine learning and analytics, is used to create Bundesliga Match Facts, a package of complicated data analysis. AWS and the Bundesliga are the first organizations to deliver this unique combination of real-time analytical data and game analytics to soccer fans worldwide.

The two new Match Factors are “Set Piece Threat” and “Skill.” The first time they were utilized was on March 4, 2022, when Arminia Bielefeld met FC Augsburg. “Skill” analyzes Bundesliga players according to the qualities they contribute to their teams and positions, whilst “Set Piece Threat” examines a team’s ability to score from free kicks and corners from a different perspective.

The DFL also desires to utilize AWS services to allow fans to receive video material and search results specific to their favorite teams, players, and games. In the future, fans will receive push notifications regarding goals as quickly as possible and be able to track games and teams with more statistics.

When a substitute enters the game, any player in the top ten in each talent category gets featured on TV and in their profile in the Bundesliga app. The hope is that these photographs inspire fans to discuss them and expose them to Bundesliga picks and more game highlights.

Faster Internet Speeds and Mixed Realities

By pushing the edges of what technology is capable of, the DFL has identified numerous potentially significant areas that could influence how sports will be covered and seen in the coming years.

The Bundesliga is interested in new technology and the novel use of existing technologies. Five factors will significantly alter sports shortly: AI, 5G, an extended reality that covers mixed, virtual, and augmented reality, OTT (over-the-top), and data are emerging technologies.

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to the direct streaming of material to customers over the internet. Netflix, DAZN, and Amazon Prime serve as excellent examples.

Instead of broadcasting sports on television, more professional leagues are providing games online for spectators to watch. The primary objective is to ensure that the league’s media offerings suit Gen Z generation fans.

In the sports business, 5G wireless technology is the third innovation with tremendous possibilities. With 5G, data will move more quickly, affordably, with less delay, and in real time. Data may be delivered and modified at record speeds when 5G is paired with cloud-based computing power. This is why the Bundesliga is proceeding with the 5G stadium installation.

The DFL is collaborating with Vodafone on real-time software enabling stadium-based supporters to receive information and match statistics on their mobile devices in real-time. 

This will be accomplished through augmented reality, allowing fans to observe a player’s real-time speed. In this instance, data is transmitted from the camera to the data center and displayed on the viewer’s screen in less than 200 milliseconds, or the time it takes to blink an eye.

AI and 5G are the essential technologies that will improve and strengthen all future high-tech capabilities. By incorporating mixed reality experiences, XR will fundamentally alter how consumers consume media and what it’s like to visit a stadium. 

With OTT, sports broadcasts will be tailored and available on demand, and data, the most significant trend, could provide us with countless opportunities to create the best football experience imaginable.

Soldering the Fan Connection

The DFL continuously attempts to engage with fans, regardless of their location with Bundesliga predictions today too. They want to engage the next generation of fans irrespective of location.

The DFL initiated the Virtual Bundesliga International Series 2020 in February. This was the next stage in expanding its international eFootball events. As part of the competition to identify the greatest players in Asia and the Americas, online and offline events will be hosted in various nations. Finalists will have the opportunity to travel to Germany for the VBL International Final.

Due to initiatives like DFL for Equity, partnerships, and industry events, the Bundesliga is set to be a hub of innovation for decades to come.