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DSTV Decoder Prices in 2023

How much does a DStv decoder cost? How much is DStv decoder swap in Nigeria? How much is DStv today in Nigeria? How to buy a DStv decoder? whichever query that brought you to this page, below detailed guide will walk you through.

DStv, which is an abbreviation for Digital Satellite Television, happens to be a “Sub-Saharan” African direct-broadcast service that is owned by Multichoice. DStv was launched in the year 1995 and it offers its’ subscribers (which has risen to an estimated number of 11.9 million) so many different television channels and services. This post will guide you on the current cost of Dstv decoders.

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Introduction to DSTV

If ever you find yourself in the midst of people who are discussing about cable television, you must hear the talk of DStv from one of them. This is because; DStv is a very popular cable television company in the country.

From the time that Multichoice was established in the year 1993, up until the time when they ventured into the market in the year 1995, and also through all the years that they dominated and positively transformed the impression of cable television in the country, it has been a certainty that DStv has come to stay. When it comes to information, high-quality television channels, and entertainment, you get all and even a whole lot more from DStv.

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Actually, DStv wasn’t the first cable television to exist in the country, and it won’t be the last. But the television company has surely made an indented mark that won’t be easily washed away by the sands of time.

The wide range of television channels, the high picture quality, the fact that you are exposed to things going on around the globe, and so many other intriguing features have made DStv outstanding among the various cable television companies in the country and even in Africa as a whole.

Channels on DStv cover sporting events around the world; this is with inclusion of live Champions League, Premier League, and other big European League matches. Also brought to you by DStv are so many educational, movie, music, and children’s channels just to mention a few.

DStv owns the biggest customer base as regards cable tv in the country. They own the highest number of television channels and offer their viewers very affordable and flexible subscription rates. DStv really made life so easy. It comes in various types such as the Explora, premium, and HD which boast about having more cool and distinct control and features.

In this article, we are going to consider the prices of different DStv decoders which are in the market today. We’ll also look at the associated plans which are available and their prices.

Prices of DStv Decoders in Nigeria

Without gainsaying, one can boldly say that DStv is the most renowned cable television company in the country. With their fine subscription plans, high-quality television channels, and reliable television signal, they have grown so much that it won’t be an overstatement to call them the best in Africa. DStv decoders is brought to you by having several plans coupled with several prices. One outstanding difference, however, is that the plan you are on determines the number of television channels to which you will have access.

  • DStv Decoder (no installation). Has a price ranging from NGN 26,000
  • DStv Decoder (installation inclusive). Has a price ranging from NGN 30,000

Please note however that, the difference in the prices emanated from the fact that the price can be influenced by some factors such as the period and place of purchase, and the type of decoder which it is, among a host of other factors. It should also be noted again that the charge for installing it usually ranges from 3000 NGN to 7000 NGN. One drawback of DStv is the installation process.

Installing DStv entails that you get a special technician who will mount the dish in the best way in order for it to be faced where the signal is the strongest.

Prices of DStv Bouquets and Packages

Having known the prices of the different types of DStv decoders, it is of great essence also that we take a look at the different types of plans and packages which can be found on the platform. The subscription on DStv can be flexed in a way to allow different types of people to make use of it. We will now take a good look at the different subscription packages which are available on DStv.

  • DSTV Padi: N2,150 per Month,
  • DSTV Yanga: N2,950 Per Month,
  • DSTV Confam: N5,300 Per Month,

DStv Access

The DStv Access happens to be the cheapest and most affordable subscription plan on the DStv packages. Subscribers are able to gain access to more than 45 quality television channels both local and international ones at a little cost of 1800 NGN.

The television channels that the subscriber has access to include; Super Sport BLITZ, NTA 1, Silver Bird, African Magic World, African Magic Hausa, African Magic Yoruba, AIT, and E-Entertainment, among other highly rated television channels. There are also audio channels that have been added to the subscription package. You should note however that, television channels such as BBC, Super Sports 3,5, & 7, CNN, and some other renowned television channels are not inclusive in this subscription package. This package is also not available for ‘HD decoders’.

  • The cost is #2500

DStv Family

The DStv Family is the next class of DStv decoders above the DStv Access package on the chain of hierarchy. It was built having the family in cognizance. DStv Family provides you with viewing access to more than 55 television channels both local and international ones.

These channels includes; BBC, CNN, Euro News, African Magic, ESPN Classic, Cartoon Network, Mnet Series, and many others. Inclusive in this package are all the television channels which are found on the DStv Access Package.

This subscription package also offers you full access to all of the 24 audio channels which are available on the network. Some of the audio channels are; the renowned ones such as Voice of America (VoA), Ray Power, Star FM, and a host of others.

  • The cost is 4000 NGN

DStv Compact

This subscription package provides its’ viewers with access to every channel in the DStv Family subscription package with an addition of some sports channels. It is highly an ideal choice for viewers who love sports.

The DStv Compact package provides its viewers with more than 60 television channels both local and international ones. These channels include MNET Action, BBC world, ESPN Sports, Sony Entertainment, Super Sports 10, and a host of others. You should note however that this package is not available for you on HD decoders.

  • The cost is #9000 NGN

DStv Compact Plus

There happens to be a little difference between DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus, but this difference doesn’t apply to price. DStv Compact Plus gives you access to more television channels, having channels most of which are sports channels. The channels here include Super Sports 7 and 10. People who subscribe to this package have the liberty of watching sporting games such as those played in the English Premier League, French League, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, and even other sporting games such as golf, rugby, tennis, boxing, motorsports, and athletics.

  • The cost is #14,250 NGN

DStv Premium

The DStv Premium Package is the most expensive package among all the DStv packages. It provides you with access to more than 85 television channels that are available on the package. The television channels on the package include; VUZU AMP, Mnet West, Super Sports 3, Discovery, and a host of others. This is the full and complete package on DStv and it covers a very wide range of our day to day life such as news, entertainment, history, sports, and so many more.

  • The cost is #21,000 NGN

It must be noted however that the prices of these subscription packages remain constant no matter where you are in the country. It is only the cost of the decoder itself that can change and we’ve already stated the reason for that.

About DStv: Likable Features

  • The subscription rate is flexible.
  • So many television channels, both local and international.
  • Subscriptions which come in various packages in order to facilitate ease and convenience.
  • The TV channels cover so many spheres of life.

About DStv: Unlikable Features

  • The differences between one DStv package and another are very great.
  • Difficulty in installation.


From the detailed information above, you can make plans or budget your money in case you wish to buy decoder from DStv company. In our subsequent tutorial guide, we will include things like DStv payment platforms, how to check balance, other package features, their official account number, contact center and whatsapp number. There is dstv now apk for Android users, as well as, iOS iPhone users. Download and watch your favorite TV shows, programs and News.

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