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TSTV Decoder – Packages Prices in 2022

The ideology behind the introduction of television in Nigeria arose when citizens started complaining that they couldn’t gain access to some of the international and national television channels. Before now, most people used to mount their television antennas either on the top of their houses or even on trees just so that they can get reception. Even though they were doing this, it was still difficult to get those international (TSTV) stations due to the fact that the viewers were only allowed to view local channels and probably just a few national channels.

With the advancement of IT (Information Technology), and by introducing cable television, these preceding challenges have now been reduced drastically, thereby allowing you to gain access to but local and international television stations. Cable television clearly now owns the Nigerian market. The market as we know it has witnessed so many brands of cable television come into the industry. Cable television is seen as one of the prominent source through which subscribers are entertained in Nigeria. You are provided with the privilege of being aware of the events and happenings both around you and globally.

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They come in various brands, sound-quality levels, and types. Even though there are some cable television brands which have dominated the market for a very long time, there are still some “new generation” cable television companies that are making ripples in the market with several distinct channels and very moderate subscription plans. Among these new generation cable television companies is TSTV.

About Telecom Satellite Television – TSTV

Telecom Satellite Television, abbreviated as TSTV, happens to be among the “new generation” cable television which was introduced in Nigeria not too long ago. It was gradually gaining momentum and popularity and also building a sure path for its’ market. This cable television is actually a “Direct-to-Home” (DTH) pay television service provider.

Even though TSTV is still far from being among the most popular or most desired television company in the country, they still pride themselves with some unique features that will on the long run, put them in a competitive position which top television companies in the market.

When it comes to subscription rates that are very flexible, an assortment of both international and national television stations, signal strength and being easy to use, TSTV proudly can be counted as one of the best. Having television channels that are “user-friendly”, a television remote control that is very easy to understand and use, and a very simple and easy installation process, TSTV has all it takes to become one of the highly coveted television stations in the nearest future.

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In a similar fashion to how other television companies in Nigeria operate, TSTV also offers several subscription packages to the viewing pleasure of their subscribers. They offer the cheapest and most pocket-friendly subscription packages. Their viewers have the option of selecting a subscription package that is even as low as 200 NGN and gain access to all their highly coveted television channels without any system glitch or issue whatsoever. Even though TSTV doesn’t offer so many channels just like how some other high ranking television companies do, the ones they offer are still very educative, informative, and very much entertaining.

In this write-up, we will be considering the market prices of the various TSTV decoders, the different subscription packages that are available, and their subscription prices.

TSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria

Even though TSTV isn’t the top ranked television company in Nigeria, they are nonetheless attracting admirers and customers to themselves. As regarding the quality of the service which they provide, one can be sure that they will become highly ranked among the leading television companies in Nigeria in a very short period of time. TSTV, unlike most of the television companies around, has few options in the type of decoders that they have.

Set Top Box, abbreviated as STB, is a television service decoder that was launched not too long ago in Nigeria. The price of the decoder ranges between 4000 NGN – 6000 NGN (installation charges excluded) and 6500 NGN – 9000 NGN (installation charges inclusive).

The reason we didn’t put down a fixed price for the decoder is that some certain factors such as the region or the time of purchase might come into play to affect the price. The price range of installation is usually between 2500 NGN – 5500 NGN.

cost of TSTV package and decoder

Price of TSTV Subscription Packages

The subscription packages for TSTV are very distinct and affordable. Their viewers can make a subscription for as low as 200 NGN and at the moment, the highest subscription package that they have goes for a price of 3000 NGN. Now, we will take some time to consider the different subscription packages which are available on the TSTV list.

  • Subscription package for 1 day. Price is 200 NGN
  • Subscription package for 3 days. Price is 500 NGN
  • Subscription package for 7 days. Price is 750 NGN
  • Subscription package for 14 days. Price is 1500 NGN
  • Subscription package for 30 days. Price is 3000 NGN

At the moment, the price of the monthly subscription package is fixed at 3000 NGN. It comes as a package deal with extra goodies which includes a whooping 10GB of data for use in surfing the internet on any device at all, over a 4.5G telecommunications network. If you are a first timer, you get a mouth-watery offer of 20GB of data on your first monthly subscription.

You have full access to all the available channels despite the plan to which you are subscribed. By standard, once your subscription time is used up, your access to all the major television channels will be suspended. One outstanding feature about TSTV is the fact that their subscription plans are very flexible and this has made many people to be attracted to it.

What to Note About TSTV

There are various features that really excited users about TSTV at the point of its’ launch in the year 2017. They are as listed below:

  • PAYG (Pay as you go)
  • User friendly
  • Decoder having a wonderful design
  • 20GB worth of data which can be used through Wi-Fi on different Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Video conferencing
  • Subscription rates that are cheap
  • PVR feature which allowed you to either rewind, pause, or record live shows
  • An internal storage space of 50GB
  • Subscription which can be paused for a seven day period when you are not using it.

These features listed above have made subscribing to TSTV plans a wonderful experience, adding to the fact that subscribing has now been made very easy and convenient and with just a few clicks, you can connect and be informed on the happenings around the world.

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The channels on TSTV cover several aspects of life such as sports, entertainment, general history, and information. There are those dedicated channels for sports which cover live English Premier League matches and also some European league and the local leagues of some football matches.

TSTV decoders are seen as one of the “classiest” decoders in the country. Their decoders functions behind Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Technology (HBBT). This technology fuses Telecommunications and the Satellite in order to deliver all these services to their viewing customers. And another factor which makes TSTV outstanding is that their TV channels are brought to their customers in very high quality.

TSTV Channels 

TSTV boasts of over 70 TV channels including those that are dedicated to sports (eg, football), movies, music, documentaries, and the likes of them. Some of these TV channels provide you with access to live matches all over Europe and also broadcasts essential live events happening across the world. Some of the renowned TV channels which are available for viewers are listed below:

  • CNN
  • BBC News
  • Aljazeera
  • Fox News
  • TVC News
  • Channels TV
  • Hits TV
  • MTV Base
  • Trace Africa
  • M-Africa Movies
  • M-Africa Yoruba
  • M-Africa Hausa
  • Grande Gospel
  • Discovery Science
  • Emmanuel TV
  • TBN Network
  • Nollywood TV
  • Riwendu
  • National Geographic
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Sunna TV
  • BelN Sports (1 to 10)
  • Euro Sport
  • Kombat Sport
  • Fox Sports (1 and 2)

TSTV Likeable Features

  • Their subscription rates are very flexible. They offer the most flexible and cheapest subscription packages in the country.
  • You subscription can be paused for a time frame of seven days when you are not using it.
  • TSTV has so many international and local TV channels.
  • Their TV channels cover a whole lot of aspects as regards to life and living.

TSTV Unlikable Features

  • The signal strength is a bit poor.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Popular, yet only few customers.

For TSTV account registration, how to buy and pay for their product packages, steps to activate, installers guide, steps to switching to different packages, and fixing errors or problems experienced via the decoder installation or other issues etc then visit their official website at https://www.tstvafrica.com/ and reach to customer care through the available phone contacts or email.

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