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Cable TV Prices in Nigeria 2023

This article addresses the following; How much is a cable TV subscription? What is the cheapest cable TV? Which is the best cable TV in Nigeria? Which is cheaper directv or cable?

A system that delivers television programs to subscribers by employing the technology of Radio Frequency (RF) signals which are transmitted via coaxial cables, or in more contemporary systems, by making use of light pulses which are transmitted via fiber optic cables is called Cable Television. This article will expose you to affordable Cable TV Prices and Options in Nigeria for the Year 2023.

The days when viewers were only allowed to view local channels on television are now past. In those days, one could only hope that their favorite local or international television shows were shown by the local stations due to the fact that these were the only channels that users were allowed to watch. But with the advancement of IT (Information Technology), and by introducing cable television, these preceding challenges have now been reduced drastically, thereby allowing you to gain access to local and international television stations.

Cable TV

Those days when people used to mount long antennas on the top of their houses are gone. Nowadays, so long as you have cable television in your house, you do not need to mount any antenna overhead. The signal coming from the base station of the cable TV companies is very strong and you can gain access to both local and international television stations with them.

Cable television has become a major source of entertainment and a veritable means of getting informed in this era. Asides from that, with cable television you can gain access to all those local channels that your local antenna cannot pick, you will equally be connected to all the happenings across the globe with just one click.

The transformation that cable television in Nigeria has undergone is quite a thing to inspire wonder. When it was first marketed, the only people who could buy it were those influential and wealthy ones. Even some of the ones who had it were finding it quite difficult to do the subscription in order to be able to view the desired channels.

If you cannot perform a subscription to your cable television, how will you now be able to connect, keep in touch, and stay updated with the events happening around the globe? Contemporary cable television companies try their best to see that these challenges are tackled effectively.

That is why they have come up with decoders that are very affordable, with an easy step-by-step guides on how to carry out the installation process, and subscription plans that are very affordable.

Contemporary cable television is brought to you in different grades, each having its’ own variation in the channels, the number of channels, the rate of subscription, and the method of subscription that can be shown.

Even with the diversified grades of cable television, you as a subscriber are highly guaranteed unparalleled entertainment and you are equally kept abreast with the events and happenings both locally, and around the global world.

We will consider a handful of the renowned cable television companies which are in Nigeria and how much their products are sold in the market. Also, we’ll consider their different available subscriptions which are available, and how they charge monthly.

Cable TV in Nigeria

Prices of Cable Television TV Services in Nigeria

Cable television clearly now owns the Nigerian market. The market as we know it has witnessed so many brands of cable television come into the industry. Cable television is seen as one of the prominent sources through which subscribers are entertained in Nigeria. You are provided with the privilege of being aware of the events and happenings both around you and globally.

They come in various brands, sound-quality levels, and types. Even though there are some cable television brands that have dominated the market for a very long time, there are still some “new generation” cable television companies that are making ripples in the market with several distinct channels and very moderate subscription plans. We will consider the products of some very renowned cable television companies in Nigeria and their cost in the market.


DSTV happens to be the most renowned (if not the most desired) cable television in Nigeria at this time. Multichoice, which was one of the first cable television companies that were in the market, is now nothing but a distant fading memory. As a matter of fact, so many of them that were making waves back then are now nowhere to be found.

DSTV however, has kept on pressing on through thin and thick; they now rule the market. DSTV is on cable television which has recorded the highest number of available channels just like Super-Sport shows international matches even at club levels. DSTV decoders are readily available for you both in the Basic plan or the Explorer plan.

The prices of DSTV decoders are as given below:

  • Decoder (no installation) | From 9000 NGN – 12000 NGN
  • Decoder (installation inclusive) | From 12000 NGN – 16000 NGN
  • Explora (no installation) | From 60000 NGN – 65000 NGN
  • Explora (installation inclusive) | From 63000 NGN – 65000 NGN


GoTV is yet another cable television which is owned by Multichoice Company. Even though GoTV is not as highly placed as DSTV, it is still among the best cable television companies in Nigeria. They bring to you so many nice TV channels which a whole lot of sectors.

They equally have Supersports same as how DSTV has a host of channels that are user-friendly. But GoTV does not have so many TV channels like DSTV and GoTV is way cheaper than DSTV.

A GoTV decoder can be gotten within a price range of 6500 NGN – 9700 NGN.


This cable television is just a few steps higher than local television channels or stations. Startimes won’t be rated as the most international cable television but they strive to maintain high-quality television channels.

A Startimesdecoder can be gotten within a price range of 7500 NGN – 9500 NGN.


This is yet another cable television that has provided loads of entertainment to the pleasure of Nigerian consumers. They boast of so many lovely and viewer-friendly TV channels and they are rated among the best. Even though they don’t feature many TV channels like DSTV or GoTV, they still offer to their subscriber’s valid information and sound entertainment.

A MyTV decoder can be gotten within a price range of 7000 NGN – 9500 NGN


This is one of the newest cable television in the country. It is very unique in that its’ rate of subscription is very cheap and can be done very easily and it is also very stylish.

You can make a daily subscription on it for as low as 200 NGN. TSTV equally boasts of very nice TV channels and they show both local and international football matches live! Their decoders are very affordable and the picture/video quality is high.

A TSTV decoder can be gotten within a price range of 5500 NGN – 8000 NGN.


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