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Enter the Video URL to the below “All in One Downloader” tool and then click on “Download Video” button to automatically get the clip downloaded to your device for free. Select the video resolution you want and then get the videos saved offline, for later watching, sharing and for anything you have in mind to do with it.

About Techbmc Video Downloader

Video Downloader by TechBMC, is a free web tool that gives users access to download and convert online videos (movies) seen from most popular websites, to their personal devices (Laptop/Desktop, PC, Android mobile Phones, Tablets: iPhone, iPad, iPod etc). As getting the video clips Downloaded to your device’s local memory, can enable you to watch whenever you want, without Having to use internet connection again.

Techbmc Online free Video Downloader (App) web tool also assures a professional and ultimate High resolution video Downloads. The video application supports resolutions that are up to 4K (Ultra HD), be it video clips from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo and other video uploading sites etc.

Why Techbmc online video downloader is best?

 This tool was made so simple and easy to use by all. We made sure that high speed or fast-performing features were incorporated into the back end, for your easy download of video files. With this tool, you have no issue with longer bandwidth, because the tool was built to automatically save you lots of downloading bandwidth.

It also support lightning-fast multi-stream downloading, coupled with the ability to allow user save any video within few seconds while retaining its original quality.

How to Use Techbmc video Downloader

Below is a step by step guide on how to download your favourite videos and save them offline instead of streaming online. As you can see from above, the interface is user friendly and has no complicated designs. Just very easy for your direct video downloads.

  1. First of all, Copy the video URL, you are interested to download.
  2. Now, go-to the video downloader tool above and paste the URL copied from step one, into the provided box space.
  3. Click on “Download” button and select the resolution you want the video to have and then start the automatic download.

You might be prompted to choose the storage space to save the video, depending on the kind of setup settings you have on your device. If that happens, then select your preferred storage space on your computer or smartphone to save the video clip (movie) for free.

Sites to Download Videos from using Online video Downloader

There are several video sites on the internet you might choose to download videos from and below are the list of these sites and how our tool is capable to get their videos downloaded to your desired devices just for free.

YouTube, Bandcamp, Break, Buzzfeed, Dailymotion, Espn, Facebook, Flickr, Imdb, Imgur, Instagram, Izlesene, Likee, Liveleak, Mashable, NineGag, Pinterest, RussiaTV, Soundcloud, Ted, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Vk and many other sources.

Is Downloading Videos Legal or illegal?

This question usually come up whenever the discussion of downloading videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media arises.

Most users also search online in order to ascertain the right answer to this question. Below is the answer to your questions; If you as a person is downloading videos for your offline usage, then that shouldn’t be termed or called illegal but where the copyright issue arises, is when use the video for commercial purpose.

NOTE: We are not in anyway supporting you to download copyrighted videos from other people, in order to use for your commercial purposes. That is not what this downloader tool is developed for.

Since downloading and Watching videos offline is very helpful to most folks, so instead of revisiting the Video sharing website for same video, you might want to download it and save it offline on your device.

For example, you can actually download Twitter videos for basic eLearning purposes. Hope you know that in recent days, Educational institutes encompassing Universities and colleges, encourages students on eLearning, especially watching those tutorials via video sharing sites. And one needs to continually re-watch those videos for better comprehension. And this is where you can use our video Downloader tool above, to get the clip tutorials saved offline. Doing that will save you time, internet data and battery.

Watching videos online is supported by Google’s terms and conditions. So tread carefully before Downloading.