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Apply Work From Home Jobs in Canada 2024

You don’t necessarily need to be at any working Center or location of any Business (in a particular country) before you can do some Job that returns heavy payments. There are Jobs that doesn’t require your presence before you can attain to them with your special skills. You can actually work from Home, at your convenience and earn some cool cash for yourself.

We have thoroughly made some research and gathered most of the high paying companies, industries, organizations and individual business corporations in Canada, that pays hired specialists in some areas of services, they want them to be attending to through their professional skills. These found legitimate work from home jobs in Canada, encompasses jobs that has to do with online teaching and most especially software Development in diverse departments, as well as call centers, translation and more other services depicted below.

We ensured to provide the services these companies are in need of, and as well as, direct links to get back to their website or Job recruiting platforms, where job seekers or those finding work to do can apply with necessary details. Read on to get the best of jobs and services your skills can provide solution for.

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Meanwhile, proceeding to work-from-home jobs in Canada, below are the available updates we gathered. The list will continuously be in progress as we gather more opportunities, so to be on the lucky side in order not miss available job vacancies, endeavor to bookmark this particular article.

List of Work From Home Job Opportunities in Canada

1. AccuTran Global – Transcription

This very work from home jobs Ontario based company employs real-time writers, editors, transcriptionists or transcription reviewers and scopists. These persons are hired to work from home especially, on peak seasons. You can apply if you have any of the aforementioned skills.

2. Aim-for-A Tutoring

Are you good at teaching courses or school subjects to students or people around you? if yes, then this job is actually here for you to embrace and get yourself paid handsomely. This job niche is an Online teaching or tutoring Online tutors platform that can be done from any location you find yourself in the world. You can teach English, Maths, science and humanity courses etc to students through the use of Skype. Well, for you to get this job, there are some requirements, (teaching experience and a college degree in the course taught).

3. Art+Logic – Software Developer

Are you a software developer that programs accurately, here is a Software development company that hires home-based contractors & employees all over North America — without asking or requiring them to relocate for the job.

4. Advanis

This very company deal on Call Center, as well as, Mystery Shopping. The Canadian market research company is based in Edmonton, Alberta. They employ home call center agents for performing surveys (this job is meant only for those in Canada). Bilingual in Spanish or French is really an asset here. Paid training & a set wage.

5. Alpine Access/Sykes Enterprise – Call Centers

This particular company employs those work-at-home call center agents living in Canada and U.S. Their major interest is to have those agents take inbound customer service and sales calls. Those employed are paid based on hourly rate, they also pay for training. Those who wants to apply should note this; they usually have their applicants pass through background checks in U.S., although, there isn’t charge to Canadian applicants. Bilingual French skill is also an asset here.

6. Dotdash

Dotdash is one of the work from home jobs in Canada that deals with writing contracts. They are majorly focused on hiring online content writers who are prominently good. You can select from the seven Dotdash verticals depending on the the type of article or content you wish to write for them. The 7 Dotdash verticals are as follows: Investopedia, Lifewire, The Spruce, The Balance, ThoughtCo, Verywell, and TripSavvy. You get paid and compensated for this work depending on how the article you wrote performed via page view increase or growth. They usually pay per article you wrote. You can do this work from anywhere you are.

7. Accentus – Transcription

This is a Medical transcription and coding Ottawa-based company. They are medically inclined and as such work towards their area of profession, just as the name implies. This company hires medical transcriptionists and medical coders (programmers) as home-based independent contractors. If your skill fall under this category of job then go for it.

8. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

There are different departments in this company you can work from at the convenience of your house or home. Some of the fields this company got are as follows: IT, Sales, Management, Corporate Global provider of business processing that has to with the following (time and attendance, talent management, payroll, human resource management, and benefits administration). And the automotive dealership in this Company employs and offer more of home-based opportunities in divers fields. You can proceed and look for jobs in the company’s database “home office”.

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9. Apple At Home Advisors – Call Centers

This company also deal on home Call Center program and it happens to be a work from home job. Apple At Home is part of AppleCare department. The company recruit English and French bilingual agents from its job database. To search, use the keyword “home” via the company’s job database.

10. American Express

The American Express company hires travel counselors in remote positions and locations in Canada. They allow some of their corporate and sales jobs to be telecommuted. You can use “telecommute” “virtual” or “work at home” as the keywords to find a job online over its company database.

11. BrainMass – Online Teaching Assistant

This platform is for those that can tutor or do online teaching assistant. It requires the individual interested to register with master’s degree or Ph.D. in a particular subject. Your work is to assist and answering student’s questions posted on the online platform. On this work, the TA earns or receive a percentage of the fee paid by the questioner and can even earn more money if the suggested answer is downloaded by other students. The payment comes in Canadian dollars on monthly basis, when the teaching assistant has reached at least $50.

12. Transcom – Call Centers

Transcom work from home job is such that requires its Employees to work for 30 to 40 hours a week. People employed usually work as sales agents, customer service reps, and technical support staff. The training is paid. To see jobs available on the website, just choose Canada right from the drop down of job database on the website. This will display all the available job vacancies in that section. This company hires in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, and Nunavut.

13. Convergys – Call Centers

Having employees from U.S States, United kingdom, Canada, Cincinnati-based company or organization employs more of virtual call center agents for receiving of incoming calls and for providing of services that includes sales, technical support and customer service. These people can work right from the convenience of their Home.

14. Covance – Clinical Research

This company is a U.S.-based biopharmaceutical development that deals more on research operations in over 25 countries and more. They hire clinical research associates to work with them, having that you will travel in specific locations in the U.S. Europe and Canada. For the job search, use this keyword “home-based” in their job database interface.

15. Creative English Solutions (CES) – Test Writing

Creative English Solutions is a Canadian company that develops practice tests for TOEIC and TOEIC. The company hire more of experienced test writers and also voice actors from those in Canada.

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