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Real Estate Technology Tools Every Agent Should Have in 2023

Technology remains one of the vital component or tools for breakthrough of businesses. It remains valid for the real estate market. Topping the Industry trends is particularly essential for agents as every detailed part of a transaction can be improved using technology and software. In this article, we will be discussing some of basic and revolutionary solutions to help any agent run their business ethically and effectively as possible. So read on for a palatable recipe.

Real Estate – Client Relationship Management tech System

Relationships and lead building is one of the important parts of real estate, and maintaining them keeps many agents busy with new transactions or referrals. A lot of CRM systems keep these clients organized and have them categorized based on activity, likeliness to perform, and life milestones. These systems have made marketing materials and transaction anniversary reminders automatic, in order to ensure you’re in touch with your clients on those particular dates.

Seasonal marketing material can also be sent to your customers to provide tips and tricks or just a simple happy holiday message. Most of these platform are harmonized with emails and personal calendars to record all client interactions. Some of the most popular CRM platforms used for real estate are HubSpot CRM, Salesforce Essentials, and Pipedrive.

Salesforce has become a pioneer in moving its CRM programming as a cloud-based service. Today, it has been created as a multipurpose stage that empowers several organizations with the development of their applications. It provides a wide assortment of tools for clients that could bring benefit, as a result more and more professionals are opting for Salesforce certification training that could help them remain one step ahead in the changing CRM environment.

2. Contract Management System for Real Estate

Long gone are the days of preparing packets of paper forms and meeting with your clients to get wet signatures. Most online systems allow the agent to upload all necessary documents used in their MLS and paperwork to transaction-specific files. The added characteristic of electronic signature enables forms to be completed online thus sent to clients for their prompt evaluation and signature within these systems. This functionality is especially useful for offers submitted with strict deadlines.

Another advantage is the capability to share access with your transaction coordinator or office admin to accommodate help needed with your tight schedule or if you’re taking a break for some R&R! Some of the most used systems that incorporate great features and easy use are Dotloop, DocuSign, and Adobe

3. Real Estate Appointment Management Tech Systems

Once an agent has completed the task of winning a listing or gaining a buyer, finding a home, or organizing schedule requirements in the MLS comes next. Utilizing an appointment management system such as ShowingTime enables appointments to be recorded, confirmed, and monitored with ease.

For the selling side, agents can set up showing hour restrictions, lead notice requirements, and home access details. On the buyer side, agents can request one or multiple showings, and the system will provide a map route and showing instructions with access detail reports for effective time management. The appointment management system can be linked to your MLS if approved to allow easy access for all agents to schedule or confirm a requested appointment for prompt approval.

Programs such as Showing Pro capture showing feedback you can provide to your clients in terms of price, condition, or any comments given you feel would make the home more saleable. Most of the feedback forms are customizable for property-specific questions, or you can choose from a list of standard items and automated to be sent following a showing. These are one of the most beneficial systems that can help manage busy real estate agents’ tasks!

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4. Use Electronic Lockboxes

The improvement in technology for procedures to enter a home has grown notably in the last few years. Quite a number of new electronic lockboxes such as SentriLock, delivers access to a home and have features that allows notifications to be sent to the homeowner to notify them that the showing is complete. If an out of area buyer’s agent wants to show a listing but doesn’t have a membership to an electronic lockbox system, the listing agent can send a one-day code for easy access. The one day code is especially handy in that the listing agent would not have to go to the home and let them in! Also, one-day codes are helpful for an appraiser, inspector, or engineer who typically may not have access to an electronic system.

Systems like Supra eKEY have an access tracking system that enables notifications to be sent to the listing agent when the key is separated from the lockbox. The notification message provides great safety feature to the agent to notify the homeowner if there wasn’t an appointment scheduled or to track down who may have entered a property without permission.

Many new products will continue to surface, and existing products will transform into new and improved samples. There are many out there to select from and research if you’re in the market for technology solutions. In addition to doing online research, real estate events and conferences often have vendor fairs highlighting organizations that offer these services. They will often conduct demonstrations and give a summary of the features and advantages of the services they provide and may give a rebate specific to the event.

Discussing products with the vendors is an effective way to determine what system may work best for you and will be most compatible with the technology already being used. As always, networking with other agents in your area is still an perfect way to get advice and feedback on the technology you might be interested in and determine if it will have a good return on investment.

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