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Top 6 Companies in Online Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding now happens to be the source for many developers who do not want to use the conventional method to acquire funding for their project. It’s also trending as a less risky source where real estate investors invest in real estate or have their established business expanded.

However, companies that are into online real estate crowdfunding are thriving as they make their services quicker, effective and inexpensive than the conventional financing methods.

List of Online Real Estate Crowdfunding Companies 

Although there are about a 100 companies involved in online real estate crowdfunding, We’ve got the top six companies that are booming speedily in the industry.

1. CrowdStreet

In CrowdStreet, Investors have access to quality commercial real estate properties with a free investment opportunity. Their services also permits borrowers to find new and old investors, get funding for capital and manage investors from their personal marketplace.

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2. Fundrise

Fundrise has about 130,000 members and almost $4.9 billion in real estate investments, They directly provide an inexpensive diversified real estate investment to people via their online platform. Fundrise also boasts about their investors’ earnings that weighted an approximate of 9.47% of all investments in 2019.

3. Groundfloor

Groundfloor happens to be the only real estate marketplace that lends to non-accredited investors. You just need only $10 to invest and investors have an average earning of 10%.

4. Prodigy Network

The aim of Prodigy Network is providing access to large real estate properties for smaller investors, especially in Manhattan, which hitherto is accessible to only organizations and individuals with a high net worth.

5. RealtyMogul

Realty mogul is the online capital marketplace for real estate business. Their services are open to everyone, ranging from sponsors to borrowers and for both institutional and accredited investors. Investors have access to rare opportunities using their effective platform and borrowers can get funding for their capital too.

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6. Patch of Land

Patch of land has an international investor network. They are committed to providing capital for projects that have been written off or rejected by banks and local lenders. They originate, underwrite, service loans, and offer these back to institutional, accredited and international investors.

You can learn more on online real estate crowdfunding platforms

As online real estate crowdfunding speedily provides opportunities for both your real estate business, investment buyers and real estate clients, learning all you can about this new method of doing business is the wise thing you should do.