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Android Tips & Tricks for best use of your Android smartphone devices. Get to know the hidden features and codes that can make things easier in operating and using Android cell phone.
How to Factory Reset China Phone chinese Android

How to Factory Reset China Phone – Android in 2023

This tutorial addresses or provides solutions for the following: How do I factory reset my Chinese phone in 2023? Can I factory reset my phone myself? How do you do a factory reset if the phone is locked? How do I reset my vivo China phone? Only a few android phone users who are experts know the technique used to...
A Comparison of Android and iOS

A Comparison of Android and iOS

We are bombarded daily with offers for smartphones. When you know that there are four billion of these devices in circulation worldwide, you understand that a lot of money is involved in this industry.  Although there are more mobile operating systems, the most well-known are Apple iOS and Android. With the latter, Samsung is the absolute market leader. What does...

How to Block A Number From Calling You on Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel 2022

Have you ever wished to block someone's contact or phone number from calling your own line due to one reason or the other? Then this tutorial will guide your through on how to block or stop any Phone Number From Calling your phone, whether you are using MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9mobile or etisalat network or any other network around...
MTN internet Configuration APN

MTN APN Configuration Settings for internet Browsing

This guide will walk you through on how to configure any MTN Sim APN Settings to start connecting to the internet via your Android mobile device. MTN Network usually send an automatic configuration to new smartphones but in most cases, their sim may not recognize the new phone you inserted it into. Even though, it is your first time...
Android Vs iOS system forex Trading Mobile app

Android Vs. iOS system for Forex Trading on Mobile – Which is Better?

There’s no doubt that Android and iOS continue to dominate the operating system market, with these two entities accounting for more than 99% of this space. Interestingly, Android is the single most dominant operating system, with a total market share of 71.93%.  As a result of this, the overwhelming majority of mobile traders are using Android and iOS devices to...
samsung imei changer without box

Samsung imei Repair Tool without Box

Samsung users can now change their phone imei with ease, no more stress, very simple to carryout. Time has past when Samsung users use tools like odin, chimera tool, octopus box which costs some cash and only accessible by mobile phone engineers. Now it's free and can be carried out by anyone. With this improvement, the need of getting MTK...
Share WiFi network connection

Share WiFi Wireless Connection Without Security Password

At times your friends may require to you to release your Wi-Fi password to them and due to the close relationship you have with them disappointing may not be pleasing to you, and your Wi-Fi password should be part of your secret which you might not want to disclose to someone anyhow. In case your friend and well-wisher keeps on...
Install Windows OS on Android Phone and Tablet

How to Install Windows OS on Android Phone, Tablet

Perhaps, you must have been wondering and imagining how you could install windows OS on your Android phone or Tablet. Ok! You are at the right place. This article is meant to give you a technological insight on how to get windows OS such as windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 running on your android device or Tablet. This is application to android...

5 Best Writing Apps for Android in 2021

Thanks to technological progress, it became easier to study. Students actively use different smart apps to solve certain academic issues. It’s a wise move because those applications are really helpful and resourceful. For example, they can help to organize your notes, save time, and enhance your writing skills. Note:  This article has been updated for best results and answers to...
Mobile Apps Update For Android And Ios devices

Why Mobile Apps Are More Important To Update For Android And In Ios?

Our life in the 21st century totally revolves around Smartphones. Not a single person today can even imagine a day without his/her Smartphone. Of course all the credit goes to the innovative & fun apps that keep people hooked to their mobile devices. But how often do we update each of the mobile apps? The professionals of an Android...
track phone number

Can You Find Someone’s Location Using Just Their Number?

Locating someone using their cell phone number may sound like a bizarre idea. Let us understand if it is possible to find someone’s location with number.