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Airtel Tariff Plans are different packages for making of local and international calls either at cheaper rate or at high cost price, as well as Airtel data plans. list of Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes are as follows
  • SmartConnect
  • SmartTrybe
  • SmartTALK 2.0
  • SmartPREMIER Dial
  • SmartTRYBE Junior
  • SmartVALUE
  • SmartRecharge
  • TalkMore Bundle
  • Airtel 6X bundles
  • Premier Connect

Short USSD Codes To Migrate To The Top Best Cheap Data And Unlimited Call...

Today, am going to be sharing to all fast and quick Tariff plan migration codes for the four major active Telecommunication Networks in Nigeria, which are MTN, AIrtel, GLO and Etisalat service providers. With the activation codes for these various Network providers, you can easily join any tariff plan or Data bundle of your choice, having the terms and conditions applied. As the title...

Relaunched Airtel SmartTalk Tariff Plan: Call All Networks At 15k/sec

Airtel updated their existing prepaid tariff Plan on SmartTalk just to make good out of their service and also to see that, all their customers are enjoying their tariff plans. They are out for the best and to see that, their subscribers enjoy calls and SMS to all networks at cheaper rate. Already the best is waiting for you...