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Relaunched Airtel SmartTalk Tariff Plan: Call All Networks At 15k/sec

Airtel updated their existing prepaid tariff Plan on SmartTalk just to make good out of their service and also to see that, all their customers are enjoying their tariff plans. They are out for the best and to see that, their subscribers enjoy calls and SMS to all networks at cheaper rate. Already the best is waiting for you because,  the tariff plan is loaded with special and valued services which I know, no one will like to miss. Airtel Nigeria smartTalk, is one of the cheapest tariff plan for National ( net and off net), SMS and as well for international calls too.

Below are the upgraded services for Airtel smartTalk+ tariff. The plan is a mind catcher, it will catch your mind after having a look at its features below.

Behold The Full Services of The Newly Updated Airtel Tariff Plan called SmartTalk

Call Charge Rate For SmartTalk Plan

National Calls
For National calls, Airtel charges 15kobo per second ( in conversion to naira and minutes, it is  ₦9 per min) and it starts counting from the time (in seconds) your call started. Even as that, Airtel went as far as charging just  ₦5 for daily access fee to call any national number from Nigeria, starting from the first call you make in a day. Before the main charge rate takes over.

International Call Rate For SmartTalk
The charge is also cheaper for all that wants to call numbers outside the country. The charge rate is 20kobo per second ( ₦12 per min) for places which include; India, China, USA, Canada and UK Landline.

SmartTalk Charge Rate On SMS For National And International

 SMS For National
The charge rate is also made cheaper for all to use and it is placed at the cost of  ₦4 only. You can send message to any network with same charge rate and within the country (Nigeria)

SMS For International
Sending SMS to other countries, outside Nigeria, the charge rate is placed at  ₦15 and it is to any network.

How Can I migrate to Airtel SmartTalk Tariff Plan for Free Of Charge?

Get your Airtel sim to be inserted on your smart phones and follow below guide.
To migrate free of charge, dial *315# or you go by sending YES via your message box to this number 315. After that, you will get a reply from Airtel Network, saying you have successfully migrated to Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan.

Note: The migration is always free for every month. But for subsequent migration in a month, whereby you have migrated for the first time in that month and still want to migrate in again after migrating out. Airtel will charge such person  ₦100 for that. But once the month runs out, and you still want to migrate in again on the upper month coming, it will be free. That’s how it works.

By now, your SmartTalk is set to use in making calls and for text messages. So, call your friends, family and anyone in the country (Nigeria) at cheaper rate of 15kobo per second for all day and night and SMS at  ₦4.

Tell us, what do you think about the plan, is the charge cheap or costly for both calls and SMS?