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Free Top 5 Nigerian Sites To Download Nollywood and Ghanian Movies to mobile Devices and PC

Have you in any way thought of the best site in Nigeria, for downloading  Nollywood and Ghanian movies fo
r your mobile devices and PC. Most of us must have argued with friends on the best sites in Nigeria for that, but what matters is just they ones that are best out of the millions of site which you can download movies easily and freely to your mobile phones or PC.
So our post is channelled on the top 5 Nigerian Sites to Download Nollywood and Ghanian Movies to your mobile Devices and PCs as well. Below are they very sites.

The Top 5 Nigerian Sites To Download Nollywood and Ghanaian Movies  

==>1. Naij.com: This particular website deals on Entertainment niche. It provides you with a section for downloading many videos. There  you can download Nigerian (Nollywood) and Ghanaian movies just for free. Also it have sections for other movies that may interest you to download and all is for free

Screenshot of Naij.com

==>2. NaijaPals: This website, just like Naij.com also gives free access in downloading movies. The site contains several popular Ghanian and Nollywood videos that are interesting, and they grouped their movies into different language sections for example, grouped to English, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.The site is not only limited to Nollywood and Ghanians movies alone but deals with other entertaining services, which you may like to see from – NaijaPals.


==>3. My Nollywood Movies Download: The site works with dedicated movies which can be downloaded by all, either by using phones or PCs. The site contains Nollywood and Ghanaian movies and being in the entertainment niche, they also update News relating to entertainment. You really need to check it out here –   My Nollywood Movies Download

MyNollywood Movies

==>4. Download Nigerian Movies: This  site contains Nigerian and Ghanaian movies for downloading. And it is free as well, check it out for now.

Download Nigerian Movies

==>5. Nigerian movies: This site contains more of Nollywood and Ghanaian movies that will interest you in just a glance. The site is more suitable in mobile view. Basically all that you want and latest movies are ready and waiting for you. – Nigerian movies

Nigerian Movies

==>Iroko TV: We said to list about 5 top site for Ghanaian and Nollywood movies. So this, comes as a (bonus site).Let’s know what Iroko TV is all about.

Iroko TV is a web platform that offers and provides you with free and paid – for Nigerians films, it can be on a demand. Iroko TV is one of Africa’s online movie streaming websites, that gives access to over free 5,000 nollywood film titles. Although it was launched on the date December 1, 2011 Since then till now, the site has been on top as the preferred in World’s largest legal distributor for African movies according to wikipedia. You will never miss to check this particular one, I know, so here it is – Iroko Tv