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WWE 2K18 & 2K17 Mod APK OBB Data for Android

New Update on wwe 2k18 apk obb free download for android mobile phones. This content and download links have been renewed for proper experience by users or game players. So go ahead and explore this best wrestling android mod games. For those awaiting for the iso ppsspp and psp versions, you can check them out from this 300 best ppsspp games of all times, all made free for download and installation.<

So here comes the latest and best free download links for WWE 2k18 apk and the previous version WWE 2k17 apk game, with OBB Data for your smart Android devices.  In other words, if you happen to be a game fan that like top wrestling mobile games or that of PC, then here comes the best of its kind you can download from and catch the happiest fun ever.

Every requirements needed to set up this game to play very well on your mobile phones have been simplified and put to place. So below is the review and guide containing the system requirements and installation guide, to get it run on Android phones. The detailed review will follow the order:

>> WWE 2k18 APK Game for Android 2018
>> WWE 2k17 APK Game for Android 2017

These two different versions of WWE games are very interesting to play while feeling bored. They can make you bask in Euphoria of happiness. In case you are yet to play WWE games, just have it that you have been missing a lot. Without boring you with much write ups, its better you download and get to see what am trying to emphasize.

WWE 2k18 APK Android Game
Best wwe games for Android

Latest WWE 2k18 APK for Android 2018

WWE game is one of the top ranked in the field of wrestling entertainment with high massive download from fans worldwide.

This very new version of game is presently available for those using Android and that of desktop users. But in this post, we are only providing guide for those using mobile phones that is running on Android OS. However, next upcoming is WWE 2k18 version for iOS devices encompassing iPhones, iPads, iPods and Tablets etc.

For this version of game to work on your phone, your device has to reach or meet up the hardware configuration for the particular versions of Android operating system in which this game was developed for. So in other words, devices that wwe 2k18 can play on are required to have Android version ranging from 5 and above.

Setting up this game to play on your device is very simple, wwe 2k18 doesn’t require your phone to be rooted before it can play. The only setup required is that of right positioning of OBB files in your phone memory.

Nothing like third party application to power it, so everything concerning the activation of this game is simplified. The provided Files for this game are all in apk format, developed to be played offline. For online version, you might want to visit the official website of the developers. The game is Free to download, no cost of money attached before you can install on any device.



  1. The first thing to do is to copy the above files you downloaded into the root internal storage space of your android device.
  2. Next, lunch the APK file on your android device. Doing that will install the WWE 2k18 game on the smart android you are using.
  3. After the installation was successful, do not launch yet, just ensure to follow up the next step below before launching to play.
  4. Now Copy the OBB file from the downloaded file above which is stored in your Android Download folder and then paste to the location of Internal Storage>Android>OBB.
  5. You can now open or launch the game and catch an alarming fun all through. That’s all for WWe 2k18 android game.
Download WWE 2k17 OBB Data free
Download WWE 2k17 OBB Data free

WWE 2k17 APK obb for Android 2017

WWE 2017 apk is exactly with same description as that of WWE 2018 above. But the only thing that differs is the version and new features added to wwe18. Because most of the new features are not found in the old or previous wwe17 game. In as much as  I have outlined some of the gold features of wwe18 version, there are some interesting features present in the previous version (WWE 2k17 version).

This 2K17 or 2017 version is also developed for mobile users. The mobile wrestling game was developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts. The WWE 2K17 series happens to be the 18th game developed by the developers mentioned above. Currently, the game is available to be played on some gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

The download free link below is basically the mod version of the game and not official release.  Meanwhile, wwe 2k17 came with nice background coupled with custom music soundtracks, and functions to create a superstar etc.

The cheats codes ps3 and ps4 with hacks are currently online and will be posted in our subsequent updates. So if you wish to unlock characters, full features and get unlimited coins and belt money, then stay tuned for our next article update. Meanwhile, below is the easy guide on how to download, install and play WWE 2k17 for Android.

Note: The links are free from security threats or issues and are perfectly working without error. Scroll down to get the installation guide for the APK data and OBB file.

WWE 2k17 free offline version
WWE 2k17 free offline version


> Has the feature that enable wrestlers Fight in backstage which makes the game more interesting and fun filled.

> The new “My Career” mode gives the game controller or player the access to create and track their WWE career.

> Has a “Play” mode which allows you to jump into a WWE game with settings such as participants and match type customized controller.

> Another wonderful feature is the “Universe” mode, it allows the game player to create own shows in WWE 2k17 and the event is actually a pay per view scheme. So the mode features allow you to create promos, redesign championship titles, and as well as customized arena.

> It allows random play mode while playing Online globally.

> Has about 136 legendary superstars that wrestle both old and new even in NXT. Came with 11 more DLC players.

> New and better 13 different tracks were added into the game.

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WWE series of wrestling games are very popular and this could be as a result of it beautiful animations, and the closeness of their development to real-life players. The gameplay experience has been good so far starting from WWE 2k16 and as well as the upcoming WWE 2k19 where it is expected to get better.


  • Memory(Ram): 1 GB
  • Memory (internal or SDcard) 8GB
  • Cpu: 1 ghz +
  • Android 6.0 [Marshmallow]
  • Android 5.0 [Lollipop]
  • Android 4.4 [Kitkat]
  • Android 4.1 [Jelly Bean]
  • Android 4.0 Ice [cream Sandwich]

WWE 2k17 Download Link 

Download WWE 2K18 APK & WWE 2K17 Game
WWE 2K18 APK & WWE 2K17 Game


  • The first thing to do is to copy the above files you downloaded into the root internal storage space of your android device.
  • Next, lunch the APK file on your android device. Doing that will install the WWE 2k17 game on the smart android you are using.
  • After the installation was successful, do not launch yet, just ensure to follow up the next step below before launching to play.
  • Now Copy the OBB file right from the root internal storage of the Android device you are using and then paste to the location of Internal Storage>Android>OBB.

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That’s all for the review of the WWE 2k17 apk and WWE 2k18 Android games. Go ahead and download, install and play the games on your android phones for free. Don’t forget to share this post with friends. Thanks.

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