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8 New Technology Gadget Products to Buy Online

Technology is more prevalent now than ever and new gadgets are being released all the time. In today’s tech review, we are showcasing 8 new tech gadgets and inventions that you can buy right now in 2021.

These cool tech gadgets newly invented got a lot in stock for users. Manufacturers produced them to solve one of your daily challenging problems, as they make life easier through their automated solutions. Also, while researching the internet, we discovered the best selling Magnetar, for more details, check Magnet fishing info here. So below, we have got you covered with 8 best new gadgets to buy from online stores.

1. Suntable (Solar Table)

Suntable is a new table that can be left outdoors to bring a little bit of technology to your afternoon relaxation time. This is a table that can be charged by the Sun (solar energy) with the built-in lithium battery powering a beautiful JBL sound system and a built-in wireless charger for all of your favorite devices.

This table looks like an ordinary outdoor side table though, it is packed with features that will blow your mind. JBL has been an industry leader and sound design for many years. And this table has a powerful Bluetooth speaker built-in that was designed and engineered by the folks over at JBL.

suntable details
solar suntable device

In addition to this, there is a shaded shelf to store your phone with. This shelf doubling is as a wireless charger. The shaded portion of the table will ensure that your phone doesn’t overheat from the sun’s hot rays but, will also keep your device charged while you listen to music. The best part about this table is that it is 100% solar powered so you never need to charge it or worry about it being plugged into an outlet.

The tables also splash proof so you never have to worry about leaving it in a nearby pool. It weighs just 25 pounds and can be purchased on IndieGoGo right now.

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2. Ideum Table

Ideum is a company that specializes in making various types of smart tables. These are tables that are packed, full of smart features to control your various devices or bring new technology into your home. The company has been hard at work creating these tables for the past ten years and they are truly leading the industry and innovative table design.

Ideum Table Details

Their top-of-the-line table is known as the Colossus, this table features an 86 inch 4k display that offers touchscreen capabilities and it is designed for entertainment purposes. It can be loaded with various games and apps, so that you’ll always have an entertaining game to play with friends or family. It is large enough to be used by up to 8 people at once and offers a simple to use interface so that it can be used by children, adults and everyone in between.

These tables are not cheap and are built on a person-by-person basis, we estimate they likely cost several thousand dollars but prices are only available after reaching out to the company about your specific needs.


Airdot is a new technology that elaborates on a design that has been around for many years. This device aims to help you make better use of your storage space in your home or luggage containers. It was designed to help you pack lots of stuff in a relatively small space.

airdot device
airdot device

The device is compact and easy to use and comes with several bags that you can use to store your various belongings. The idea is that this machine is to be used with clothing or bedding, just fold your clothes as you normally would place it into a bag and then let the machine do the rest.

The Airdot will then use its powerful vacuum technology to vacuum seal your linens and reduce their storage space by up to 70%. This lets you pack tons of clothes or Linens in a small space without having to worry about keeping them clean or away from moisture, yea the bags do all of this for you.

This machine can be found on IndieGoGo right now for just $42. So this deal will be difficult to pass up for most consumers but be sure to act quickly because these will not last long.

4. X1 Bike

The X1 bike is a series of bikes that is design to be taken wherever you go. They can fold up when not in use and can be stored virtually anywhere. They are all electric and can be ridden for up to 37 miles if you opt for the higher capacity battery packs.

X1 Bike details
X1 Bike

They are available in a wide variety of colors and cost just $1,195 dollars. What’s great about these bikes is that they can travel speeds of up to 19 miles per hour, meaning they will likely be able to keep up with most in town traffic, drastically saving you on your cost of gasoline.

They can hold weights of up to 260 pounds and will fit virtually any rider comfortably. Foot rests are located near the front tire so that you can comfortably lean back while riding, so that you don’t have to deal with painful cramps or positions that are common with most other electric or gasoline-powered bikes.

The lithium battery is built to last, capable of being used for up to 25,000 miles before needing to be replaced. These bikes are an absolute steal at this price, they couldn’t be easier to operate Just unfold them, turn them on, pop on and ride away, it’s that easy.

5. VH-80

VH-80 is a newly designed laser leveling device that can make it much easier for you to level picture frames. You would like to hang on the wall and position your furniture. This level is currently available on Amazon for $189 and is filled with features to make your life easier.

VH-80 device
VH-80 device

It acts as a multi-function tool and allows you to measure distances while offering a laser level. VH-80 can give you precise measurements and leveling technology at the push of a button and can measure lengths upto 262 fits.

This is one of the world’s first pieces of technology of its kind and it sets a new standard for leveling and measurement devices in the future, as digital measuring tools are becoming increasingly popular. IT’S never a waste of time to invest in this technology.

6. AirZ

AirZ is a product that was launched on IndieGoGo, seeking just five hundred dollars ($500) from investors. It managed to receive its total investment of about four thousand dollars ($4,000) and the company is currently working to bring the product to market.

AirZ mask device
AirZ mask device

This is a new type of reusable mask that comes with a proprietary filter technology, to filter out any viruses or bacteria that may get you sick. The mask looks like a normal dust mask but it offers 99.9% filtration without getting you hot and sweaty and without fogging your glasses.

AirZ comes with five layers of protection, so that you can rest assured you will always be safe from harmful air contaminants and airborne illnesses. The product is available for Shipping to European Union, United States of America, Canada

7. Bosma Aegis

Bosma Aegis is a new deadbolt that can make your home safer, yet also easier to use. This is a lock mechanism that can be attached to your door without needing to remove your current deadbolt lock. The lock connects to your phone or other smart device.

Bosma Aegis device
Bosma Aegis device

Bosma Aegis can be locked or unlocked wherever you are. All you need is internet access and the Bosma app to activate the lock. This would be perfect if you are heading out of town and would like to have a friend stop by to keep an eye on your house or watch your pets for you.

You can unlock your door without needing to give them a key and you will always know who is coming and going from your home. The lock offers alerts of your doors ajar, so that you can ensure your door is always properly latched before leaving or going to bed.

Bosma Aegis advanced encryption techniques also make it incredibly safe so that you will not be vulnerable to potential hackers.

8. Pysis

Pysis is a technology that is designed to keep your shoes safe and free from wear and tear of daily use. This is a type of slip-on shoe cover that can be carried with you during bad weather, so that you never have to worry about your shoes getting dirty or damaged when worn.

Pysis - protect shoes
Pysis – protect shoes

This slip-on cover resembles a modern-day rain boot but it will keep any type of shoe dry and safe. You will never have to worry about your expensive heels or tennis shoes getting wet from rain or dirty for mud, as it got covers that can be folded up and carried around wherever you go, so that you can roam around town worry free.

When you’re ready to use them, just remove them from the included carrying case and place them on over your shoes and walk away. They can be fastened with basic shoe lace style fasteners, so that you don’t have to worry about velcro that may wear out over time.

They are available in a variety of different styles and sizes so that you will always know your shoes are properly protected.

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