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Unlock & Watch Free Gotv, Startimes, DSTV Digital TV Decoders

Have you ever thought of how possible it is to unlock GoTV, StarTimes or any other digital decoders to enable you watch all Premium and DStv Channels for free? When you subscribe any of your digital decoders, at a point you will see some premium channels that have something like padlock, it means you are not eligible to watch those padlocked channels with premium features.

Often times, because of the whooping amount of money needed to subscribe for such premium channels, we always wish we could find a way to have access to those channels so that we can watch them, since the free channels at times might not interest us to watch.

Fortunately, there is way for you to be able to improvise and have access to some of these channels on your current Gotv, Startimes or any other digital decoder without paying a dime. For you to achieve this, the secret is hidden behind the DTB firmware.

What is DTB Firmware?

With what is called DTB firmware at your disposal, you can be able to have access to these premium channels on your decoder and majority of these channels are readily available on DStv. This DTB firmware is very effective in that. It will make it seem as if you installed a new program or software on your decoder to enable you have access to some channels that were not made available to you by your service provider.

For you to utilize and enjoy this feature of DTB firmware, you must have to download the DTB firmware into your computer or Phone, then extract the zip folder and transfer the .bin file into your memory card or flash drive. The file size is very small, so any storage device with few megabytes can enable you perform the trick without much stress.

Basic Requirements to Flash DTB firmware for Decoders

For you to be able to flash the DTB firmware on your decoder, there are some certain things you have to do before the flashing can begin. First of all, ensure that your decoder has a USB port or a memory card slot. After downloading the DTB firmware as directed, you just need to perform some remote using skills and you will be set to enjoy those premium channels on your decoder just for free.

DTB Firmware Free Download

You need to Download DTB Firmware in order to unlock your TV decoders for free. So to download DTB firmware, click either on:

It happens that the providers of these firmware charges little token for the file. Link 1 which is technology sage, charges from the range of $6 to $15, while link 2 which is dtbfirmware online website, provides both free download and paid versions. You also get to download latest dtb firmware app, as well as other hacking tips for unscrambler Decoders (dvb t2), free to air etc.

Also, we have compiled current prices of cable TV channels subscription, in case you don’t want to proceed with this trick or tips. See the updated prices below.

How to Unlock Digital Decoders and TVs

When you follow these procedures presented below, you would be able to unlock GoTV and StarTimes decoders with ease. So Haven stored the .bin file in the flash drive or memory card as directed above, plug or attach the storage device into the decoder, while the flash or memory card stick, is in the decoder, turn ON the decoder, take your remote and go to settings.

unlock tv digital decoders to watch premium channels for free
unlock tv digital decoders to watch premium channels for free

Quickly go to the upgrade section and choose the USB option and confirm that you indeed want to upgrade from the USB storage device attached to the decoder. After the confirmation, the upgrade process will begin. Wait for few minutes for the upgrade process to complete.

Don’t be worried about this new upgrade as you can always take your decoder back to factory settings whenever you feel like paying for new subscription.

Note: I have received many reports from users who experienced ‘no match file’ error during the course of performing this trick on their decoders. Don’t worry about that, it can be fixed. You just have to ensure that you unzip the downloaded DTB firmware zip folder and copy just the .bin file in that folder into your storage device you want to use – either flash drive or memory card.

You can also follow this directive by a particular user that experienced the same error.

As soon as you are notified by the decoder that the upgrade has been successfully completed, you just have to turn the decoder OFF and then turn it ON again.

After turning it ON, perform an automatic scan of the channels. You will discover that you are not restricted from viewing any channel. With this, you definitely must have saved yourself the money you would have used to pay for monthly subscription to view most of these premium channels that you now enjoying. So this trick will enable you to access or view premium channels on any digital decoder you are using in your home or office.

Earlier, this kind of trick was required for different digital decoders but now you can use just this particular trick and implement it in any digital decoder and it will work effectively as you desired. It worthwhile to mention here that this article is meant for educational purposes only, so apply caution while using it.