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The latest innovative technologies in the automotive industry

Today it is difficult to imagine life without a car, since the scope of its application is truly limitless. In addition, the car has many advantages:

  • comfort (there is no need to crowd in public transport and adjust to the time);
  • freedom of movement (you decide where, at what time and for how long to stay in a particular place);
  • maneuverability (the small size of a passenger car allows you to feel comfortable in the urban flow);
  • speed (if you like to drive and enjoy high speed, then you need to have a car).

In general, the car gives a feeling of lightness, freedom and non-attachment to anything. Therefore, if you have not yet decided to buy a car, then try to rent it first.  Evolve company will help you with this, where you can choose car hire in Dubai for long term. The company guarantees you the quality of the rental services provided and will help you choose the right car for hire according to your preferences. 

Buying or using car rental services is not an easy choice. However, in any case, today a lot of modern technologies have been created to facilitate driving, which allows you to enjoy riding.

Top 5 latest automotive technologies

1. The world’s fastest charging for electric cars

Previously, many complained that electric cars were charged for quite a long time. Therefore, this fact repelled many from buying such a car. However, to date, this problem has been solved. For example, the Swedish-Swiss engineering company ABB has introduced a terminal that can charge a car in just three minutes. This energy should be enough for about 100 km. Such terminals are already common throughout Europe, and will soon appear in other countries. Therefore, electric cars are gaining more and more popularity today and there is already a list of the best electric SUVs for 2022. 

2. Climate control of the future

The disadvantage of conventional climate control is that it keeps only a certain temperature. However, Ferrari engineers have made progress in this matter and have created a new system capable of determining the body temperature of each passenger and selecting the optimal temperature for everyone.

3. Driving a car with the help of thoughts

Mercedes engineers have created, at first glance, something impossible – a brain-computer interface that allows you to control the car using the power of thought. So far, we are talking about switching radio stations, adjusting lighting and climate control, as well as choosing a route to charging terminals. Of course, such a car in the production version will not be released soon, but engineers are doing everything possible to make our future perfect.

4. “X-ray” vision for cars

Australian engineers and scientists have developed a system necessary for every car. Technologies allow you to see obstacles hidden behind other cars as if with “X-ray vision”. However, such a system can function so far only on “smart roads”, where data is exchanged between all road users. Thus, after analyzing the data, the system provides the correct and possible solution for your request, for example, if you want to overtake a car.

5. “Smart headlights”

It’s no secret that bad weather is the cause of many accidents. Therefore, the researchers decided not to miss this moment and create technologies that allow driving a car safely in any weather and at any time of the day. At the moment, “smart headlights” are installed so far on higher-class cars, but installation in all transports is planned soon. The headlights take into account the speed of movement and the angles of turns, are capable of changing the intensity and direction of the luminous flux, tracking passing and oncoming cars. Such headlights will maximize the level of safety on the road and not “blind” oncoming cars.

Engineers are the driving force of progress, behind which our future stands.  Not all technologies that are being developed by scientists are listed here. However, there is no doubt that in just a few years our future will change dramatically.