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Banks That Give Mortgage Loans Easily In Canada 2023

It’s a widespread misperception that mortgages are among the most challenging loans. Contrary to popular belief, getting a mortgage is easier. Mainly because a mortgage is a secured loan and by using the house as collateral, the lender’s risk is significantly reduced compared to that of a sizable unsecured loan.

In light of this, the financial institution you already bank with is typically the simplest to obtain a mortgage from. They already have many accounts and want to do everything possible to keep your business. However, it does not ensure that your application will be accepted.

This article will focus more on the banks that give mortgage loans easily in Canada, so read along with me!

Banks That Give Mortgage Loans Easily In Canada

The banks that provide mortgage loans efficiently in Canada are:

1. Nesto Bank

Nesto Bank
Nesto Bank

Regarding mortgage loans, Nesto might not be one of the most well-known companies in the nation but they offer more rate transparency than other mortgage brokers and financial institutions, which sets them apart.

When you first shop for a mortgage, you will see it displayed on websites that most possible lenders offer you the highest rate as a starting point. Then there is the intermediate rate, which mortgage brokers and experts will present to you. Although it is lower than the advertised rate, it still needs to be higher.

Key Features Of Nesto Bank

  • It is readily available in Canada
  • Mortgage options with fixed and variable rates
  • immediately provides floor pricing Cons
  • regulations that are stringent and demand a minimum credit score and no recent missed payments
  • Nesto does not finance investment, commercial, and alternative properties.
  • only available online; no opportunity for face-to-face communication

Visit Nesto Bank Here

2. NPX by Merix

NPX by Merix
NPX by Merix

In Canada, there are primarily two types of mortgage lenders. Lenders with an “A” rating or excellent deal with borrowers with solid credit and reliable income. Then alternative or “B” lenders are more accessible to Canadians who do not have strong credit ratings since they have less stringent restrictions.

As an alternative lender, NPX by Merix Financial will offer solutions for people in these situations at lower rates than private lenders. They have established a reputation for being a reliable lender, particularly for those with bad credit. There is a mortgage term option with a six-month duration for those in these circumstances.

Key Features of NPX by Merix

  • Will take into account more than simply a person’s credit score while working with them
  • It’s possible to get terms for just six months.
  • In Ontario and British Columbia, most NPX goods are sold only.

Visit NPX by Merit Here

3. TD Bank

TD Bank
TD Bank

As one of the Big Five banks, TD provides a wide range of services and products, many of which are more specialized and distinct than those offered by smaller lenders. In this circumstance, TD Mortgage’s collateral mortgage option stands out.

You can borrow money with a collateral mortgage, and the amount you can borrow rises when your mortgage is paid off, and your home’s value rises. It’s revolving credit, so as you pay it off, it becomes accessible once more. A collateral mortgage is frequently a simpler and more affordable option than getting a personal loan or refinancing your home.

Key Features of TD Bank

  • With in-person, telephone, and internet banking choices, TD Bank enjoys a solid reputation and confidence across Canada.
  • For any house improvements and renovations, the collateral mortgage option provides a flexible means of payment.
  • TD’s mortgage rates are greater than those of other mortgage lenders due to their size.
  • You must be a prime lender with solid credit for TD Bank’s mortgage products.
  • Your ability to borrow money under the collateral mortgage option can be less than if you refinanced your mortgage.

Visit TD Bank Here

4. True North Mortgage

True North Mortgage
True North Mortgage

Due to the variety of mortgage solutions they provide, True North Mortgage entered our list of the best mortgage lenders in Canada. Smaller lenders do not typically cover second homes, investment properties, and vacation homes. True North Mortgage, a more prominent agency, does.

Of course, there are still restrictions on what counts. Vacation homes might have a cottage, for instance. However, there must be year-round access to the land and access to water, sewage, heating, and electricity facilities. The same rules apply to second houses, which can only be single-family homes. You will require a down payment of at least 20% for investment homes.

Key Features

  • It has a physical location, online, and telephone services
  • Mortgage options for many different purposes
  • Employees are salaried and do not receive commissions. Thus rates are competitive
  • There are just 11 physical offices nationwide. Thus, there are few.
  • There are many different mortgage products, but there are many qualifications and conditions.

Visit True North Mortgage

5. National Bank

National Bank
National Bank

Obtaining a mortgage might be exceedingly challenging if you are self-employed, particularly for those who are unable to present acceptable proof of income. Frequently, premier lenders will only accept these borrowers. In other circumstances, a greater minimum down payment will be needed to be considered for self-employed people.

As a result, searching for a mortgage can be challenging for some people. To make the housing market more accessible, the National Bank provides mortgage solutions specifically for self-employed Canadians.

National Bank only asks for a 10% down payment for self-employed borrowers, in contrast to most lenders that demand at least 20%. That represents a sizable change. However, there are still some requirements for qualifying.

Key Features

  • Some options are tailored to the needs of independent contractors
  • Self-employed products require less of a down payment than the norm.
  • carries on business in Quebec (sadly, a lot of lenders don’t)
  • higher fees than banks that primarily operate online
  • Must be able to demonstrate sound financial health for at least two years.
  • Only certain sorts of properties qualify.

Visit National Bank Here

6. Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal
Bank of Montreal

Over 12 million customers are served by BMO (also known as Bank of Montreal), the eighth-largest bank in North America—a place where you may go for all of your financial needs, including investing and personal banking. The oldest bank in the country, it has been in operation since 1817.

They offer wealth management for high net worth people and capital market services for various businesses because they are a reputable bank.

Along with the Homeowner ReadiLines, an exclusive HELOC product, BMO offers two primary mortgage options: fixed and variable mortgage rates.

Key Features of Bank of Montreal

  • Intelligent Fixed-Rate Mortgage: For individuals wishing to establish a reliable budget, settling down with a fixed-rate mortgage is ideal. You may lock in a reduced rate for 5 to 10 years with BMO’s Smart Fixed Rate Mortgage. Additionally, you can speed up your payment by raising it to 10% or making a lump sum payment of 10% per year.
  • 130-day period of lock-in: The longest of any significant Canadian bank is this. You will have plenty of time during the 130-day lock-in period to look around for better deals, obtain the required paperwork, or make financial arrangements.
  • $4200 in Cash Back Maximum: This is a short-term promotion escalating from a $100,000 mortgage value ($1100 cash back) to a $1 million mortgage ($4200 cash back).
  • Residence ReadiLine: It’s the HELOC program from BMO. By taking money out of your home’s equity (the amount you have already paid that went to the principal), you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your home. Since your home is the security, the interest rate is lower than other lines of credit.

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Motusbank, a new participant in Canada’s virtual banking market, offers full-service financing solutions at impressively low costs. Customers are prioritized by being turned into members because motusbank has no publicly traded stockholders.

When it comes to offering more customer-focused service than traditional banking, motusbank has immediate credibility because it is a conglomeration of Meridian, one of Canada’s biggest and most well-known credit unions. It stands out from Canada’s Big Five financial behemoths thanks to its user-friendly website and vibrant, striking branding.

Key Features

  • Quick and practical
  • A website with lots of features, Low fixed and variable mortgage rates
  • Allows you to increase your monthly payment by up to 20% of your initial payment schedule each year without incurring penalties or to pay up to 20% of the original principal each year.
  • a 90-day stress-free lockout period
  • It has fewer customer reviews and is still very new.
  • No meetings with lenders in person

Visit Motusbank Here

8. Citadel Bank

Citadel Bank
Citadel Bank

Citadel is one of the biggest full-service mortgage brokerages in various provinces. For residential, business, and personal financing demands, Citadel adopts a “client first” stance and guarantees round-the-clock customer care.

When refinancing or purchasing a home in 2021, Citadel has some of the lowest mortgage rates.

Because of the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program (FTHBI), a government-sponsored program, Citadel may be an excellent option for a first-time home buyer. Once you hand them your information, they will walk you through the procedure step-by-step.

Key Features of Citadel Bank

Citadel Mortgages provides additional benefits and prizes to clients who use their services. You may view their numerous tempting offers running briefly under the “Special offers” section. You can choose from a variety of options to fit your mortgage strategy!

Let’s examine what they are now providing:

  • Air Miles Bonus: You could receive up to 1,000 Air Miles for each mortgage deal you close with the organization.
  • Cashback: Once your mortgage is funded, you might receive a cashback prize of up to $2,500.
  • Free Evaluation: You might be eligible for a free appraisal offer if you choose a private mortgage with Citadel.
  • 15% off gas prices: You might get up to 250 gallons of petrol with a 15-cent discount when you close a mortgage with Citadel.

Visit Citadel Bank Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which score do Canadian mortgage lenders use?

FICO scores are typically used in Canada to determine whether to approve a mortgage. TransUnion and Equifax are the two most widely used credit reporting agencies in Canada. Prime mortgage lenders see a credit score of at least 680 FICO as a solid place to start, though this varies with each lender. If your credit score is under 600, you must engage with a licensed mortgage broker with connections to subprime lenders.

What source of funding does a mortgage have?

Mortgage funding in the prime market is derived from various bond kinds via the money markets. However, uninsured funds are used to finance new mortgages in the premium market for properties costing over $1 million, with amortizations longer than 25 years, or to buy an investment property. Consequently, mortgage interest rates that meet this criterion are more expensive because the Canadian government does not provide financial guarantees. In contrast, private and subprime mortgages are financed by publicly traded or privately pooled capital.

How do Canadian mortgage rates respond to inflation?

The primary strategy the Bank of Canada uses to reduce inflation when it is high is to increase the overnight rate. The prime rate provided by Canadian banks rises in tandem with the overnight rate. Variable mortgage rates rise in tandem with rises in the prime rate.

Government bond yields may fluctuate if inflation is vital due to the current economic situation. Fixed mortgage rates typically fluctuate along with those yields when those movements last a while.


Purchasing a home may be a thrilling but challenging process. You should always be informed about the most current mortgage interest rates, variables affecting these rates, and prepayment penalties because it’s likely to be your biggest asset.

You may frequently accumulate just enough money with the help of a sound financial plan to make a significant down payment on a property. You may then securely search for the most incredible deals.

We discussed some of the most competitive mortgage rates, the best mortgage rates by province, and some profitable mortgage offers that many banks and brokerages are coming up with to appeal to a larger audience.