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How To Convert Airtime to Cash (Money) Using Zoranga App

Have ever thought of how to convert airtime on your sim card network to money or real cash? Do you have enough airtime gotten from free zoto app and don’t know how to convert the credit into real money that can be withdrawn from your bank account? You are in the right place for solution to such questions.

In this post, we have outlined ways and steps to convert airtime to money through a company known as Zoranga. So read on for the detailed information on how to go about the conversion and cash out.

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Zoranga: Converting Airtime to Cash (Money) 

Zoranga is officially and actively available for Nigerians. As Nigerians can now easily convert their airtime into cash by means of transferring the airtime via zoranga, and then in return, they get equivalent money into any choice of Bank account.

Convert Airtime to Cash - Money
This method of getting your credit converted into real cash, saves you from loosing 20% of the airtime unlike when you are selling it to another person. So with this Zoranga mobile cash services, you can receive your cash from your bank account, without visiting any bank.

So if you have MTN or GLO, Airtel, 9mobile airtime, you can fund them to Zoranga account and then convert right from the dashboard within few minutes. Visit the site at zoranga.com.

After conversion, you can proceed to transfer the money from your Zoranga account to any bank account in Nigeria you are using.

Zoronga is one of the best for now if you really want to convert your airtime into real cash. To get started with zoranga
go to their site and register.

All you need do is to register for the account and then start your transaction.

Zoranga App Download
aimtoget app zoranga login convert airtime to cash flip fund wallet with airtime

Zoranga App 2021 Download

You can as well download Zoranga apk app for android mobile phones, enter your details or account information like username and password to login, or you register new account with them and then sign in to convert airtime to cash.

With Zoranga, you can withdraw and deposit money into your favorite Bank account. Convert your network airtime and data to cash with cheaper rate using the mobile app.