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Make Money Online: How I Earned $220 Without Work

Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn some money right now online for absolutely doing nothing? Getting paid while you’re doing the things that you enjoy, hanging out with friends, going for vacations, chatting on social media or just simply watching TV at home. Today, I present to you a new strategy on how you can start earning money right now just from the comfort of your own home and without having to do any work.

The joy of every tutor or teacher comes majorly, when there are good and positive results from those they tutored. Previously, I made posts on how to make money on YouTube without creating videos, and how to make money watching videos online. Guess what, all turn out to be successful for Techbmc fans. More good news rolling in to my mail box. You can join suit and make money now. Today, am your way to reveal another method of earning money online without doing work.

In this particular tutorial, we combined two different websites in order to make this work out. Actually, the first website is Google, while the second website will be revealed as the guide continues below. Read on for the website and the full details on how to go about them.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make the most money that you possibly can using this strategy. The first website which we are making use of is Google, now navigate to Google to look for articles on niches that people are searching for. In this method of making money online, you are not writing the articles to be used, neither are you transcribing the articles. You are not even creating YouTube videos. Below is the strategy involved.

Searching for Biggest Niche Online via Google

one of the biggest niches that people are searching for on Google is Health niche. As people always search for “how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast etc. For instance, search this keywords (how to lose weight) on Google.

You will find some articles related to the keywords you searched, now open one of the top links in order to see the full details of the article. Remember, any link can go so long as it’s what you searched for depending on the Niche.

You know, Google is the largest and most visited search engine in the world. So when you search any keyword, it’s possible for it to come up with a plethora of articles on such keywords. This is not limited to Health niche alone, other niches can as well be applied in this. Niche like Technology, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Family, Cooking, and Business etc.

The faster way to make money from this type of work is to choose topics and niches that a lot of people are searching for. Yea, this is for getting enough traffic while boosting.

Remember, I am just using “how to lose weigh” as an example to how to make money online. So here is the strategy after getting a website url or link that you think people are really searching for on the internet.

Now, here is another site called shrinkme.io this where you going to be making the money from.I haven’t mentioned such site or talked anything about this website above. Remember, you don’t need any experience to do this, you don’t need any skills to do this, you’re not even writing anything neither are you going to do anything, other than just setting it up the first time and that’s it.

From shrinkme.io website, you can actually make up to two hundred and twenty dollars ($220) for only ten thousand views (10,000). Now, I know that may sound like a lot of views required, but I’m going to show you a platform where you can get such traffic.

Actually, there are many platforms where you can actually get those views very quickly and start earning the money, which I’m going to show you.

So, how this works is you getting paid when people click on this link that you’re going to shorten on the shrinkme site. And the way it works is this; companies pay shrinkme site to advertise or place ads through this website and if it’s your link that they’re placing ads on then you will be getting part of that commission, it’s pretty simple and straight forward.

Now, what you will do is going go back to the weight loss articles you found on Google search. And all you need do is to copy the URL or link of that particular post and then visit shrinkme.io and paste it in the space provided for shortening or shrinking url links and then click go. Remember to register on the website before shortening the url, so as to input your payment details.

After above shrinking, you will be provided with short link and that’s where you will be directing people to and below, I have revealed where to get the traffic for this earning. So the link you shortened happens to be the link that you’re going to be directing traffic to and like I said, I have revealed where to exactly get this traffic which will then send people to the advertisement website and in return, pay you off, about $220, that’s approximately, N86,000 in naira.

So whenever somebody clicks on the link, they’re going to see the first page of shrinkme, where it will ask them to verify they are not bot but human. And once they very by clicking “I am not bot’ then the next page that will load is the major url or link with the information they are actually seeking for. In our example above, we used (how to loss weight link), so they would be taken to the post details. But where shrinkme places their advertisement is on that first page people that followed your link visit first and a lot happens there. So at the end of the day, you are paid your own commission from people that visited.

So the part of commission you’re going to be getting is from all the advertisement that shrinkme is getting from advertisers. And they are going to share that Commission with you.

The people that clicked your link will only have to go through some steps by click and I’m not a robot and then click continue for them to be taken to the initial website on how to lose weight. That’s exactly how this works, you can do that the same exact thing with so many articles out there, you basically copy the URL or link of any post and then go back to shrinkme.io and repeat the process.

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How to Get Massive Traffic to the Shortened URL or Link and Make Money Online

Now you’re asking where do I get the traffic that will visit these links so I can start earning a commission? And how do I get these ten thousand views(10000) so I can make up to two hundred and twenty dollars ($220) for those ten thousand views?

Before we go into that, you should take note that the payout rates that shrinkme pays for using this strategy varies for different countries. They pay a little differently, countries like Greenland, Ireland, Belgium, United States, Canada etc really pay off so good than others. On a thousand views, you are probably going to get about $11 or $12 dollars and even more, so do the calculation for 10k views. The minimum payout is $5, so you don’t wait till you get about $220 before you can withdraw your money.

The platform has been tested and confirmed legit, they make payment to people who probably did their job by referring traffic. They pay out using different platforms like paypal, Bitcoin, Ripple cryptocurrency etc.

make money using shrinkme url links
make money using shrinkme url links

1. Make money from Fiverr Instagram Shoutout

Now, right to how do you get the actual traffic? Well, I want you to go straight to fiverr.com This is going to be one of the ways of how to earn this money faster without delay. Although, in this article, I’m showing you two different places and this happens to be one of the biggest ways you can start getting traffic to this links you created.

So now that you have the article that you’re going to get paid for, you need to have people clicking on that link so you can start getting paid. From Fiverr website, search for “Instagram shoutouts”
The search will return list of Instagram shoutout presently available to render Service on Fiverr site.

Once the search results returns, you will see huge influencers, most of them got huge followers, as in thousands of Instagram followers that are very active. There are ones with Instagram account followers with 1m, 800k 500k, 200k, 100k, 50k followers etc. Some charge $5 to do Instagram Shoutout for you, and some from $10 above.

So let’s say you spend $10 dollars to invest in getting a story shoutout from this Fiverr Instagram promoters, for example: promoting your link on Instagram account with 200,000 followers or members. Let’s assume only 1% clicks on your shrinkme.io link, that’s two thousand clicks, hope you know?

Okay, two thousand (2000) people clicking on the link, out of two hundred thousand (200,000) people, and remember you’re getting paid on an average of $10 or $11 dollars per thousand clicks, that’s already $20 to $22 dollars you’ve made instantly.

You see how this can really snowball, you can really scale this up and you can find other influences in Fiverr, I mean a lot of other people got 600,000K shot off for just $5.00, imagine only 1% of this from 600,000 people clicking on that link, that’s about 6,000 clicks, and an average of 10 or $11, That’s $6266 dollars instantly without doing any work, without having you to create articles, without shooting YouTube videos. As all you’re doing is sharing a link, and spending just $5 dollars or more.

If you can get $60 or $70 dollars on a return of only $5 dollars invested or spent, that’s a huge return on your investment. So this is one of the ways you can start getting huge amounts of quick traffic to the link and get money into your bank account.

2. Get Cheap shoutcart Traffic to Earn More Money Without Work

So I promised you a second website that can do the exact or same thing we did above, and the website is called shoutcart.com.

make money from shoutcart Traffic influencers
make money from shoutcart Traffic influencers

Shoutcart is a very similar website to the Fiverr platform, as you can actually browse influencers right on the website just like you did above. All you need do is to visit the site and create an account, then login.

When you login, you can actually filter your search by Instagram, by tic-tok or whatever it is. The search will return result of influencers with thousands of followers. You only see the price tag once you log and they start from $5 and above.

Just like you did for Fiverr site, you can start doing the same thing with this website by paying these influencers $5 to $15 bucks to get $60 to $75 in return on your investment.

This is a great strategy since there’s no work involved in doing this, just setting up the first time and then pushing traffic to the link. Really simple strategy and anybody can do this.

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