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Make Money Online Watching Videos ($100 Per Day)

Most people only make few dollars a day watching videos, well this is because they haven’t really come across this kind of post put out here on this blog. This article will walk you through on legit websites that can pay you for watching videos online, just from the comfort of your home or anywhere you find yourself.

Most of us like watching videos on the internet just all the time. Yes! It’s the future of television. So what if there was a method you could follow that would pay you for watching videos on a daily basis? Think about what you could do with all the extra time on your hands.

While most people go to work, all you do is turn on your phone and play videos. I mean you’re already doing it anyway, why not get paid for doing it. So right on this guide, you’ll learn how regular people earn daily income just by watching videos.

How to Receive Your Earned Money?

The very first step, is to make sure you have a PayPal account since this will be the way that you will be receiving your money. You may also receive funds or convert points to gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and other stores. Although, most of you might like cash, but this is an online business and requires an online banking system to receive your earnings at the end of the day.

So make sure you have a PayPal account,and it is very easy to create. As all you need do is to navigate to PayPal.com and have yourself registered within minutes. If you already have one then, you should be good to go. Also, you can receive your payment in other platforms like Bitcoin, local banks and some other international banks. Let’s dive into the website that can pay you for this jobs.

List of Websites and Apps to make money from while Watching Videos


This first website is going to pay you for watching videos and there’s also, several other different things that you can do; you can actually do surveys, play games, earn cashback etc. But I’m sure most of you want to watch videos and get paid for doing it.

Once you visit the site, go ahead and set up an account with Gmail or Facebook. That’s pretty straightforward. You can also use Featurepoint’s app for this business. Just with your smartphone, install the Android or iOS app and make money via watching videos.

Also, from featurepoints site, you can make a selection of the amount that you may like to cash out. You either choose five dollars, ten dollars, twenty five dollars, fifty dollars etc. It’s totally up to you based on the number of points that you have in your account.

Is Featurepoints A legit websites for Earning?

You know, a lot of people that go to the App Store especially iPhone users, they’re usually really picky about the different apps that they use on their phones and surprisingly, this festurepoint app has 4.3 stars reviews out of 5 which is pretty good. So featurepoints is a legit websites for Earning Money online. Visit featurepoints.com


The next app is called apptrailers and this is just a little app for earning some extra money while watching videos. Well, this app is only available in the United States (USA), So if you’re outside of the United States, then you might want to look at the other websites and apps that we shared on this post.

Apptrailers which is only available on Android devices, can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Visit Google play store and install. After installation, login and click on watch videos and your account will accumulate in points. The more videos you watch, the more money you earn.

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You can cash that out using gift card Amazon, PayPal gift card, Target, Walmart. You can find friends and family that also have devices in your home and tell them to log in with your account on their devices so when they watch videos you earn points from the videos that they watched.


Another website that you can check out is called rewardable. What you can do is, go to the website and click on join the app for free. Also, you can watch videos, do surveys, complete different sweepstakes and earn money.

Right from the website, we discovered that over five million dollars has already been earned with the app. Basically, when you complete the little tasks, you cash out your rewards.

You can receive these rewards through PayPal and you can also join and be a part of their large community. They’ve had reviews on ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal and CNET. They also have some pretty good reviews, so go over there and check it out at rewardable.com


You can get paid with this free app just for watching videos, playing games and doing all sorts of different things that are actually a lot of fun. You can download this app. It is available for the iPhone and Android devices.

They also have an affiliate program where most of their qualified applicants are making around $300 dollars per day. So if you want more info, head on over to AppNana.com website.

At AppNana site, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the referral program. Get more information about that from the website.


The best last on my list is making money watching YouTube videos. Seems kind of interesting right? How the heck is this possible? Does YouTube know about it? I don’t know, but it’s actually got a pretty unique twist to the whole thing. So here is what this site is all about.

Tv-two is an entertainment ecosystem on the blockchain. Kind of cool right? You can actually convert your blockchain cryptocurrency to fiat, which is just regular dollars and you can basically use the money that you earn from this app.

Now the way it works is this; you have a phone and you have a television set. The website (tv-two) will walk you through via the setup guide. It is provided to all users on the website, so just go ahead and click on setup there at the very top and that’ll walk you through step by step on exactly how to set that up.

They’ve been mentioned on entrepreneur magazine, Forbes, vice etc. When you register on Tv-two, just watch videos and earn crypto. Also, boost your earnings by completing different tasks. They also have quite a few news and updates, so they really keep you updated on the latest regarding the app so you guys don’t miss anything.

As said above, over the site, you will get how to use everything and how to set it up after downloading. After downloading the tv-two app on your phone, link your device with that app and start earning crypto currency.

If you wish to convert your crypto into US dollars or whichever currency that you’re with, you can simply go over to coinbase.com and set up an account. From coinbase, get the crypto converted to your fiat and have the funds sent to your bank account.


You might wonder why platforms like the above listed money earning sites, pay people when they watch their videos. Well, it’s no longer a fairy tale that these are Youtubers that have decided to allow their videos to appear on these various sites and apps, with the sole aim of generating ad revenue and getting more subscribers. So they pay you in return for watching their videos.

Hope you got value from this quick money making guide? Now help others to make money from the internet just from the comfort of their home. Share this post now…