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Nigerian International Passport Application Steps in 2023

Hello fans, this article is purported to enlighten you in all, about the cost of Nigerian international passport (e-passport) and its application processes in recent time. Kindly note that this article is up to date and continuously undergoes updates whenever new information is stipulated by the officials in charge of this passport.

You can be of support and assistance to us by kindly letting us know through the comment box below, for any new information that we haven’t really updated in this article, probably we are yet to get the information and you are aware of the update already, do well to inform us via the comment section or contact page section of this website Here We dully appreciate your corporation and support.

The phenomenon on the importance of having an international passport cannot be overemphasized because; it’s relevant that every citizen of any country should have this document in talk. However, before I proceed further, I would want to clarify you on what the international passport, other words known as (e-passport) literary means.

The international passport or e-passport is a legal or an official document that confirms anyone as a citizen of a particular country (Nigeria). Like I stated earlier, it is relevant that every citizen should have this document, because it serves as revenue for self-identification and enables one to travel outside the country, probably from Nigeria to another country. Haven said that, it may interest you to get an international passport.

The Nigerian immigration service is fully responsible and in charge for the registration and processing of this document.

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Application Price for Nigerian Passport 

It is really essential for one to know this information as regards to the cost of purchasing or having this Document and having being opportune to get this information directly from a right source when I went to get My International passport, here is the current update regarding to the cost of price as well as the requirements.

How much is passport in Nigeria 2020
How much is Nigerian international passport in Nigeria 2023

Nigerian International Passport Application (e-passport) Requirements

  1. Local Government of Origin (letter of identification)
  2. Driver’s license,
  3. The applicant passport form,
  4. Your two recent passport sized photographs in a white background,
  5. Birth certificate (i.e. Age declaration)
  6. payment slip,
  7. A guarantor with an oath sworn at the federal high Court or Magistrate
  8. Parents approval and a concepts letter for any person below 16 years,
  9. Marriage certificate (if married)
  10. For lost passport, you need a Police report.

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For those interested in applying for official Nigerian passport, the following are required of you:

  1. Get a Letter of introduction issued by State Government or Federal Government Ministry or from an Organization.
  2. Get a letter of appointment or your job last promotion.
  3. If married, get your Marriage certificate
    A Police report for lost passport

New Update: The Nigerian Immigration service will dully start the issuing of new applicant passport in the federal capital Territory (Abuja) from the 4th of April 2020 and the international passport (e-passport) would be officially made open by Mr President Muhammadu Buhari on the 16th of April 2020.

Also take note of this that the introduction of this current standard passport booklet has the validity of 10 years before renewal. It’s also classified by age grades with an approved payment. The Nigerian International Passport is been categorized Pages by pages and its durability differ as seen below:

As at 2014, the NIS made an increase in the price or cost of this Nigerian passport ranging from N7,000 naira to N20,000 and below is the recent update.

  • The cost of 32 pages with five years standard passport is N25,000
  • The cost of 64 pages with five years standard passport is N35,000
  • The cost of 64 pages with Ten years standard passport is N70,000.
  • And the cost of 32 pages of an official passport is #15,000 for five years.

However be it, another old source has it that the prices and cost of the pages, stating the ages are as follows:

  • Age 0-17 for 32 pages cost N8,750
  • Age 0-17 for 64 pages cost N20,000
  • Age 18-59 for 32 pages cost N15,000
  • Age 18-59 for 64 pages cost N20,000
  • Age 60+ for 32 pages charges N8,750
  • Age 60+ for 64 pages charges N20,000

However if you’re not in Nigeria, you can as well get your e-passport from any Nigerian embassies in the country where you are currently residing. The same requirements stated above are needed for the processing. And the prices charged by the embassies issuing or in charge of this passports are estimated as follows:

  • Age range of 0-17 for 32 pages goes for $65
  • Age range of 0-17 for 64 pages goes for $125
  • Age range of 18-59 for 32 pages goes for $94
  • Age range of 18-59 for 64 pages goes for $125
  • Age range of 60 plus for 32 pages goes for $65
  • Age range of 60+ for 64 pages goes for $125

Also Note that you can make your payments via their online platform. So below is how to make online payment for Nigerian International Passport Application.

Procedures for e-passport Online Payment

  1. Kindly visit the Nigerian immigration portal home page Here
  2. Locate and click on the Application form for International passport (e-passport) so as to start the process,
  3. You are to select the kind of e-passport you require either a Standard e-passport or an Official passport depending on the one you need.
  4. Now click on the Start Application Button.
  5. Ensure to fill the application form, and don’t forget to check or tick this “I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM TO BE CORRECT” after this process, click on print so it can be printed out.
  6. Then submit your application and review the details again through the applicant page.
  7. Finally, click on the proceed to online payments so you can select your mode of payment (currency),
  8. you can pay in naira, dollars, as all options are provided respectively,
  9. you can also make payment with your credit cards in the system if you choose to pay via credit or debit cards. (Eligible prepaid cards: MasterCard, visa, verve etc)
  10. All you need to do is to select the credit or debit card option and click to continue
  11. then fill in the required log-in information to enable you login and access the payment option.
  12. Once you click on log-in button, you’ll be sent directly to the page for payment, so all you need do is to click on “PAY” button.
  13. Once you click on the Pay button stated above, there would be a pop-up displaying your application details or information, now click on “Continue” and you’ll be asked to enter your Card details on the “Value Card payment” page, so input your card details correctly and then click on OK button.

Now it is assumed that you are through with the first stage of payment. Also you should bear in mind that immediately after your payment is done, there would be a generated “Validation Number”. Endeavor to store the number because you will use it to confirm your payment.

The next you would want to do is to print your payment receipt, so to do that click on “Print the Receipt” button. Also recall that the bank is in charge of issuing you the “Validation Number” after a successful payment. So this validation number is used to confirm the payment via the portal. Ensure you don’t make mistake when running this process online.

In case you choose to pay through the Bank option, here is procedure you wouldn’t want to miss following.

Select “Bank” option and click where you see continue, a pop-up containing list of available banks participating in accepting payment for Nigerian passport will display for you to select one. From there click on “Continue”. Now you will be prompted to click the “Print Acknowledgment” button

And this very acknowledgement slip contains the following information; Application ID, Transaction ID, and the Reference Number.

Now take this slip to any of the listed bank participating in accepting payment for Nigerian passport and make the necessary payments detailed in the slip.

For those residing outside Nigeria, you have to select a processing country where you are paying from and then make your payment through US Dollars.

At this point, you will be re-directed to a platform approved for paying with your US Dollar cards.

After processing the payment online, you will now have to take the payment receipt as well as the validation number, to the NIS portal, for verification and confirmation of payment made.

The steps below will guide you on how to go about it easily and faster without any form of issue, error or mistake of any kind, only follow the steps with caution and carefulness.


First of all, navigate to the Query your Application Payment Status” and input your Reference No and Passport Application ID detail.

Should in case the “Validation Number” field gets prompted for detail, just enter the number from your approved payment platform provider’ receipt. Recall that the Validation Number was generated after your payment through Bank

Now click on the “Search Record” button and you will be directed to the “Applicant’s Details” page and this is where you will see the Date for your interview (the date generate on this page).

Now go ahead and print Receipt slip or probably the Acknowledgement Slip, because you will need them for your interview.

From the above stage, you will see a new displayed window having the NIS e-receipt or the Acknowledgement Slip. Now click on the “Print” button to have the slip printed out as a pdf or Doc file, then proceed to use printer machine for your printing.

Once everything is set and your payment is verified and confirmed, you can then move to next stage for your interview. Recall going with your relevant documents. Also, to access your interview scheduled date, final e-receipt & acknowledgment slip, do all that by checking with the Validation Number generated earlier.

Note: Remember to go with your NIS e-Receipt during the interview.

You can print this NIS e-Receipt by clicking on “Query your application payment status” link.

From the next page that will open, select where you see “Passports” right under ‘Application Type’ drop down. Now go ahead and enter your Reference Number, Application ID, and Validation Number, if required, then, click on Submit.

From this stage, your full application details will be displayed, so scroll down to where you see the printing option and click on ‘Print receipt.’ After doing that, a new window will pop-up displaying your NIS e-receipt, so go ahead and click on “print this”.

You also need to generate your Passport Guarantor’s Form because it will be required of you too. So below is how to generate it:

  • The first thing to do is to navigate to passport guarantor’s form from the homepage of the Nigeria Immigration Service. Click on it and do the following.
  • Input your id number which was generated on the acknowledgment slip and your and that of your reference.
  • Now click print to get the first page printed and go to next, so as to print out the second page, all through the print button.

After all the necessary application done, you are also required to go-to the passport office with the following documents:

  1. Your printed Acknowledgment slip
  2. Your payment Receipt
  3. Two recent taken photographs,
  4. The copy of your duly completed application form,
  5. Your Printed and properly signed application forms
  6. The Photocopy of Data page of Nigerian standard Passport of your guarantor
  7. Your National Identity Card or a Driving License.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew Nigerian International Passport ?

In case you want to renew your Nigerian passport, the renewal price is same with the cost of getting new one. But some people prefer leaving the old one behind and then registering or applying for a new Nigerian international passport. Whichever the case maybe, always reach out the official website support customer care for further inquiries. They are in a better position to answer all your questions.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Nigerian international passport?

Are you wondering the time frame or period through which a new passport application takes? The duration varies depending on how fast or slow the officials are in processing the customer bio-metric data. It can take up to 48 to 72 hours, days or weeks. But in most cases, it takes up to a month. (High level security Ecowas Passport).


With all the details above, I believe we have been able to guide and Walk you through on the updated cost and proper application of Nigerian international passport.

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