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Australian Visa Price from Nigeria in 2023

If you are asking the following questions: How can I get an Australian visa from Nigeria? How much is visa from Nigeria to Australia? How long does it take to get an Australian visa in Nigeria? How much is an Australian visa 2023 in Nigeria? We have answered all your questions below, just read through for full details.

How to apply Australian Visa from Nigeria: Australia, or “the Commonwealth of Australia” (as now officially called), happens to be sovereign country which is made up of the Australian continent mainland, the Tasmanian Island, and so many other small islands. Australia happens to be the largest country in the whole of Oceania and also the 6th largest country in the world as per total surface area or land mass.

The Commonwealth of Australia is actually a wonderful place both for tourism and for residence. It is renowned as an abode for so many tourist attraction places and centers such as the Blue Mountain Nation Park and the Sydney’s Opera House.

Blue Mountain Nation Park images - techbmc
Blue Mountain Nation Park Pictures

Australia is also known to manufacture so many high quality products some of which are being imported from time to time to Nigeria.

Also, the Commonwealth of Australia is a hotspot of world standard tertiary institutions and this has made so many foreigners including Nigerians, to seek further education and tutoring in the country.

All these aforementioned opportunities and a host of others have made a lot of Nigerians to ask about what it takes to obtain a visa to Australia.

What to Know About Australian Visa Application 

This post will teach you all you need to know about obtaining a visa to Australia including how much it costs.

The first thing you need to know however is that, there are different categories of Australian visas so you have to carefully consider each one and know the particular one you should apply for before you begin your application. These visa categories are: family, tourist, and business visa. They will be treated one after the other as we progress.

Application for visa has been made very easy and simple through a processing option known as the Electronic Travel Authority (of subclass 601) visa and it is available to you for a service charge of AUD20 (twenty Australian dollars).

By standard, your geographical location greatly determines the process of your application. If you happen to be in Australia at the moment, and if you are in possession of a valid Australian visa which doesn’t have the condition 8503 being imposed on it, then you can place an application online for the visitor’s visa: the tourist stream.

But however, if you are not in Australia, there are just some specific individuals with international passports that can place application for this type of visa online. If the passport you have is from the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and you are making your application from there, then you can be allowed to place an application for the Visitor’s Visa (of subclass 600): the Frequent Traveler’s stream visa.

The Australian High Commission which is in Pretoria in South Africa is responsible for processing all visa applications coming from Nigeria.

Australian Visa Requirements for Nigerians

In order to obtain an Australian visa from Nigeria, you have to meet the following requirements. They are:

  • A travel document showing all possible routes of the intended trip (Itinerary)
  • A medical fitness report
  • A document showing your bank statement
  • An employment letter
  • A hotel reservation
  • An original and signed Nigerian international passport which has not less than a validity period of six months.
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Copies of your passport and your Identity card
  • A proof of your status

Your biometrics will also need to be captured (that is, a digital capture of your face and fingerprints) unless, of course, you are among those exempted. More information about biometrics requirements can be unearthed at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If you wish to have an appointment booked with TLC contact center, then you can do that at the AVAC (Australian Visa Application Center). You can find their office at Etiebet’s Place, #21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony – way, Ikeja Lagos.

When you are done with your application, you have to be patient as you await feedback from their visa office. By standard, the time it will take them to process your visa depends on the category of visa you made an application for.

Visa Processing Time 

Talking about the time it will take them to part your visa being dependent on the category of visa you applied for, consider the following:

  1. The visa for tourists will take about twenty (20) to thirty-three (33) days.
  2. The visa for business will take about nine (9) to twenty (20) days.
  3. For those who travel frequently, the time for their visa processing is about five (5) to eighteen (18) days.
  4. For those applying for a family visa (sponsored), the time for its’ processing is about fifty (50) to seventy (70) days.

In a situation where you (the applicant) are a citizen of either New Zealand or Australia, then you do not have to place any application for visa.

The Cost of Securing a Visa to Australia from Nigeria

I have carefully taken out time to extract all the relevant information about visa cost to Australia with regards to the given category. They are as shown below:

Visa for Students

  • The base charge for applicants is AUD560
  • There is an additional charge of AUD420 for applicants who fall between the age of 18 years and above.
  • There is an additional charge of AUD140 for applicants who fall below the age of 18 years
  • There is a subsequent charge of AUD700 for applicants (which is temporary)

In any case that you happen to fall into any of the aforementioned categories, you are not required to pay the base charge for application on the condition that you happen to be a student of secondary exchange or a student who is placing an application for a course which has been approved both under the student training scheme and the Commonwealth in Australia to study.

Visa for Temporal Work Stay

If you happen to be placing an application for a temporal work visa, the charges for it are as listed below:

  • The base charge for applicants is AUD280
  • There is an additional charge of AUD280 for applicants who fall between the age of 18 years and above.
  • There is an additional charge of AUD70 for applicants who fall below the age of 18 years.
  • There is a subsequent charge of AUD70 for applicants (which is temporary)

By standard, there is a surcharge rate with is attached to the visa application fee and it is dependent on your payment portal online.

  • For MasterCard and Visa, the rate is 0.98%
  • For JCB and American Express, the rate is 1.4%
  • For Diners Club International, the rate is 1.99%
  • For ChinaUnion Pay, the rate is 1.90%
  • For PayPal, the rate is 1.00%

Additionally, the rate mentioned above applies to both debit master cards and visa cards when payment is being made online.

It is important to note however that the fee for your visa can vary occasionally. As a matter of fact, the fee depends on the date which you received your application sometimes.

If it so happens that there is an increment of price in-between the date that you submitted your application and the date when your submitted application was gotten, chances are that you will pay that new application fee.

Application Conditions for Visa Payment 

In some cases, you may not be required to make any visa payment for the application. As an example, if you fall into any of the succeeding categories, you won’t be required to make any payment for visa application. The categories are:

  • When you are acting as a foreign government representative and are applying for visa.
  • When you are an applicant, who, by the Minister, has been specified in a legislative instrument.
  • If you happen to be a worker in the entertainment industry and there is an event or occasion being held for an organization that is:
  • a charity organization that is registered with the Charity and Non-profit Commission in Australia.
  • a foreign Consulate, Embassy, or government agency.
  • Commonwealth or State and Territory Government agencies.
  • an event or an organization that was funded by the government and which has been specified in a legislative instrument by a Minister.

By standard, the normal charge for the application is usually from AUD140 to about AUD1020 and this depends on the category of visa which you are applying for.

Get An Australian ETA Visa Online

If you happen to be a Nigerian who lives outside Nigeria and you wish to travel to Australia for either business or tourism, then you can simply make use of the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). The ETA is readily available to you around the clock.

By standard, a holder of ETA is allowed to go to Australia as many times as possible so long as it falls within the validity period (twelve months from the issuance date). Each visit has a maximum time frame of 3 months.

As soon as you have made an application for your visa, you can be checking on the progress level of its processing by reaching the section for Visa and Immigration which is at the Australian High Commission located at Pretoria through email at immigration.pretoria@immi.gov.au. A response would be sent to you within a period of 48 hours.

So that is about it. The whole visa application process could be stressful for some but so long as you are already informed by reading through this post, you will scale through the whole process without any stress at all.

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