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How Much is Dubai Visa from Nigeria in 2023?

There are so many questions people are asking about Dubai Visa, and most of these questions are; How much does a Dubai visa cost? How much is Dubai visa from Nigeria? Do you need visa to go to Dubai from Nigeria? How is Dubai visa application form online for Nigeria gotten? What are the processes involved in uae visa application? WHat is the name of UAE online visa government website? Where can I get Dubai visa processing centre? Dubai visa for Nigerian passport holder in UK, what are Dubai tourist visa requirements?

Being an emirate and a city among the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is renowned for its ultramodern infrastructures and luxurious shopping and is a very lovely and lively city even at night time. The famous Burj Khalifa tower which is approximately 830 meters tall, stands among other sky scrapers and provides an awesome view for the city. These and many other amazing features has made visiting Dubai a dream come true for so many foreigners including Nigerians.

How much does it cost to get a visa to Dubai? This question, among others, is usually asked by Nigerians who wish to go to Dubai.

The answer to the above question will be addressed in a bit. It is necessary however to note that there are various categories of visa to Dubai and it is expected of you to place your application based on the purpose of your visit.

The visa application could be done by you, or you might choose to go through an agent (most convenient to some) but the “caveat” here is that there are so many fraudulent people around who claim they are agents, so you just have to make sure that you find the genuine ones before you can opt in for this method.

This post highlights the various types of visas and how much it will cost you to apply.

Dubai Visa fees in Nigeria
Dubai Visa fees in Nigeria

Various Types of Visas to Dubai for Nigerians

96 Hour Visa 

This is a type of visa that permits incoming foreigners to stay in Dubai for a very short period of ninety-six (96) hours. Applicants who wish to visit Dubai and stay for a period not up to four days will find this type of visa very suiting to them. The cost of this type of visa is N23,000 (twenty-three thousand naira).

14 Day Visa

This type of visa is best for those applicants who wish to visit Dubai and only stay there for a short period of 14 days or less counting from the day it was given. It is termed “a single entry visa” because with it, you can only enter into Dubai once. And once you’ve entered, you won’t be permitted to enter again using the same visa. It cannot be extended and it cost N30,000 (thirty thousand naira) to get this type of visa.

30 Day Visa

This type of visa is best for those applicants who wish to visit Dubai and stay there for a short period of 30 days or less. It remains valid for a 58-day period from the date it was given and it cannot be extended. It is valid only for those families who wish to travel to Dubai for tourism. The cost of this type of visa is N30,000 (thirty thousand naira).

90 Day Visa

This type of visa is best for those applicants who wish to visit Dubai and stay there for a 90-day period or less. It is the perfect option for people who wish to travel to Dubai to visit their friends, their relatives, or for a holiday.

One should note however, that the visa for the 90-day stay and the short-term visas for numerous entries for both the 30-day and 90-day period has been put on hold (suspended) as at the year 2017.

Before these visas were suspended, the cost of the 30 days visa (short term) for numerous entries into Dubai was N61,000 (sixty-one thousand nairas), the 90 days visa (long-term stay) for numerous entries was N154,000 (one hundred and fifty-four thousand naira), and the cost of the 90 days visa (long term stay) for single entry was N63,000 (sixty-three thousand naira).

In an event where the applicant wanted to apply for cancellation, the cost or charge for doing so is N8,400 (eight thousand, four hundred naira).

Travel to Dubai visa application
Travel to Dubai visa application from Nigeria, pay in Naira

Requirements to Secure a Visa to Dubai for Nigerians

All payments are required to be made at the Dubai Visa Application Center (VFS). When you are done making payment, you have to put in a request to obtain an online receipt (soft copy) which you will later print because it will be required as proof of payment when you apply for the visa to Dubai.

By standard, there are a number of conditions or requirements that you must meet before you can be granted a visa to Dubai from Nigeria. Chief among these requirements is that you must provide an official letter that will attest that you own an account in a particular bank in Nigeria and that the account is well-funded with enough money to see you through your Dubai trip. This letter will be given to you by your bank and you have to come with the original copy.

Another method is to obtain and provide the original copy of your bank account statement which displays all your bank transactions for the past six months. The bank statement document must come with a signature and stamp (seal).

Applicants might equally be required to produce their pay slips showing their current monthly income. This document, if it will be required, will be duly signed and stamped by their employer.

In a case whereby you have a person or a company who is sponsoring your journey to Dubai, then you would be required to produce all necessary documents to show this.

In addition, it might be required of you to drop a deposit of $1550 for security before you embark on your journey. This money for deposit will be refunded to you when you return from your journey provided you provide evidence of both your entry stamp into Dubai and your exit stamp from Dubai. You have the option of making your deposit payment in Naira.

The security deposit mentioned above applies if the applicant has been asked to come over to Dubai by a close family relative who lives over there. The person who asked you to come over can either be your parents (greater than sixty years old), child (less than twenty-one years old), or spouse.

If you are being invited to come over to Dubai, you will need to produce the documents that are listed below:

  • A letter of invitation attached with a photocopy of the family member’s labor contract (that is, the family member or relative who is inviting you) and an attestation document from Emirates Commercial Visa Section which is in Dubai.
  • A birth certificate document if you are being invited by your child.
  • A marriage certificate document if you are being invited by your spouse.

Asides from these, other documents exist that you would be required to produce as you apply for the visa to Dubai from Nigeria. These documents are as listed below.

You will need to provide:

  • Coloured passports
  • Your international passport. Its’ validity period must exceed a period of six months.
  • A coloured document of your bio and photo page.
  • A passport photograph (coloured) that has your passport number and full name written at the back. The size of the passport must be 4.3cm by 5.5cm (white background).
  • All information about special endorsements has to be clear. Dates of expiration included.
  • The ticket of your preferred airline.

In a case where you (the applicant) are not a Nigerian and apply from Nigeria, then you have to produce a valid resident permit visa (coloured copy) and CERPAC. You are equally required to include other documents which might be needed. However, this is dependent on the type of visa which you apply for.

The application form can be downloaded online and filled as soon as you are ready to place your application for the visa to Dubai. Ensure to read and fill it correctly and carefully.

When you are done filling the visa application form, you then proceed with it along with all the required documents to the Visa Application Center for submission. The location of this center is at Plot 110 Manor House, Admiral AyinlaWay (Opposite Treasure Garden Estate), by the 3rd round-about, Lekki Phase I, Lagos Nigeria.

When you are going to submit your documents, endeavor to make photocopies of the both the first two and last two pages of your international travel passport and ensure you go along with your plane ticket.

Time for visa application submission is usually between 8 am to 3 pm and its’ processing time is usually between three to four working days.

A recommended place where your visa can be printed is at Plot 23, Block 68, Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. They can be reached on telephone (+234 453 0859).

Another recommended place where your visa can be printed for you is at Gloven Ventures located at number 6 Baala Street, Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki. For further inquiries, you can contact them on +234 818 817 1660.

Lastly, it is advisable that you make your visa application early enough, as early as two months and two weeks from your actual travel date because of your visitor’s visa validity period.

You should note that your international passport has to be valid for a period of not less than six months before the time of your Dubai visa application.

Dependent upon the type of Dubai visa you are applying for, the processing time might take some days (from two to eight days).

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Dubai Visa Wrap-up 

We believe this detailed article has done justice to all the information required for Dubai visa visit or arrival visa, as well as how much it will cost for all the application process. Awaits for detailed post for how to apply USA, India and Canada visas from Nigeria.

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