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Netherlands Banks That Give Mortgage Loans Easily

Getting a mortgage loan in the Netherlands is a challenging process. Despite how harsh the situation can be, there are still some banks that give mortgage loans easily in the Netherlands.

Why Get a Mortgage In the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, people choose to obtain a mortgage for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Homeownership: Purchasing a home is a stable, long-term investment. By renting, you can finance the purchase of a house with a mortgage, allowing you to increase your equity gradually.
  • Favorable Interest Rates: Due to the historically low-interest rates in the Netherlands, now is an excellent time to get a mortgage. Reduced interest rates equate to reduced monthly mortgage payments, which can result in cost savings throughout the loan.
  • Tax deductions: Homeowners in the Netherlands can take advantage of tax breaks on mortgage interest payments. These deductions may lessen your taxable income and, consequently, your tax obligations.
  • Housing Market: The Dutch housing market is regarded as stable and has a long history of steady price growth. Future financial rewards from real estate investment through mortgages are possible.
  • Flexibility and Choices: The Dutch mortgage market provides multiple mortgage products and choices to meet various demands. Mortgage options are available to meet your needs, whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to refinance, or considering an investment property.
  • Generous Mortgage Terms: Compared to other nations, Dutch mortgages frequently have longer terms, typically ranging from 20 to 30 years. As a result, the expense of homeownership may be stretched out over a more extended period with more manageable monthly payments.
  • Potential Investment Opportunities: The Netherlands is desirable for real estate investment due to its thriving cities and economic hubs. Using a mortgage to buy a home can open up chances for future property value growth or rental income.

Banks That Give Mortgage Loan Easily

Here are a few banks in the Netherlands that are well-known for their mortgage lending:



ABN AMRO is a significant Dutch bank that provides various mortgage solutions. They offer tools for calculating mortgage possibilities as well as an online application process.

As one of the top banks in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO provides a variety of financial services, such as mortgage loans. Here are some general details to assist you in understanding the process if you’re interested in getting a mortgage from ABN AMRO in the Netherlands:

  • Mortgage kinds: ABN AMRO provides a range of mortgage kinds to meet varied demands. These could include annuity mortgages, interest-only mortgages, fixed-rate mortgages, and mortgages with variable or fluctuating rates.
  • Eligibility requirements: You usually need to meet specific requirements, such as having a regular income, being a Dutch resident or possessing a valid work permit, and having a sizable down payment, in order to be eligible for a mortgage with ABN AMRO.
  • Mortgage Application Process: In order to apply for a mortgage with ABN AMRO, you will typically need to supply details about your employment history, financial condition, and the property you desire to purchase. The bank will evaluate your application based on elements including your income, credit history, and the property’s market worth.
  • Rates and terms for mortgages: The type of mortgage, the loan amount, the length of the loan, and your financial profile are just a few of the variables that might affect the interest rates and mortgage conditions ABN AMRO offers. Speaking with a mortgage counselor or directly contacting ABN AMRO to confirm the most recent rates and terms is essential.
  • Additional expenses: There could be other expenses besides the mortgage principal and interest, like arranging fees, appraisal fees, notary fees, and insurance costs. Enquiring about these expenses as part of the mortgage application process is vital because they can vary.

Visit ABN AMRO Here

2. Rabobank


Another well-known Dutch bank that offers mortgage loans is Rabobank. They provide a network of regional branches where you can speak with their consultants about your needs and various mortgage possibilities.

Dutch international banking and financial services provider Rabobank is based in Utrecht. It provides a range of banking services and goods, including mortgage loans.

In the Netherlands, the following steps would generally need to be taken if you were to apply for a mortgage with Rabobank:

  • Planning and research: Determine how much you can borrow by first analyzing your financial status. Think about things like your savings, spending, and income.
  • Visit a branch, get in touch with customer service, or look at Rabobank’s mortgage possibilities online to get in touch with them. You may get thorough information and advice from the specialized mortgage department at Rabobank.
  • Mortgage Application: Fill out the form provided by Rabobank for a mortgage. You must disclose information about your identity, finances, employment history, assets, and liabilities.
  • Prepare the essential supporting papers for your mortgage application. This could include identification papers, financial records (such as bank accounts, pay stubs, and tax returns), and details on the property you want to buy.
  • Property Valuation: To determine the property’s market worth, Rabobank may request a property valuation. They might hire a competent valuer to conduct an unbiased property assessment.
  • Mortgage Offer: Rabobank will send you a mortgage offer if your application is accepted, describing the terms and conditions, including the interest rate, repayment schedule, and any applicable costs.
  • Acceptance and the Legal Process: Carefully read the terms and conditions of the mortgage offer to make sure you understand them. If you’re happy, you can accept the offer by signing the necessary documentation. For the legal facets of the mortgage, you could also require the assistance of a civil law notary.
  • Finalization: After all legal criteria have been satisfied, Rabobank will release the mortgage money, allowing you to move forward with buying the property.

Visit Rabobank Here

3. ING Bank

ING Bank
ING Bank

In the Netherlands, ING is a well-known bank that provides home loans. To assist you in comprehending your borrowing capability and available mortgage possibilities, they offer online tools and calculators.

The renowned Dutch bank ING provides a range of financial services, including mortgages. They offer mortgages to anyone in the Netherlands who want to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage.

You usually need to fulfill a number of requirements to submit a mortgage application with ING, such as:

  • Age: At least 18 years of age is required.
  • Residence: Either you must be a Dutch citizen or possess a current residence permit.
  • Income: To prove that you can pay your mortgage, you must show that your payment is steady.
  • Work: ING typically demands a permanent work contract; however, on a case-by-case basis, they may also consider other employment arrangements.
  • Creditworthiness: To determine your creditworthiness, your credit history will be examined.
  • Evaluation of the property: The property you want to buy will be analyzed to ascertain its worth and eligibility as collateral.

ING will determine the maximum mortgage amount you may borrow after carefully evaluating your financial status and the property you wish to purchase. This evaluation will consider your income, spending, and the worth of the property.

You can either fill out an application in person at an ING branch or online at their website to apply for an ING mortgage. Compiling all required paperwork, including evidence of income, identification documents, and details about the property, is recommended to speed up the application process.

Visit ING Bank Here

4. SBS Bank

SBS Bank
SBS Bank

SNS Bank, a division of de Volksbank, specializes in mortgage loans and retail banking. They feature a user-friendly web platform and various mortgage products to choose from.

One of the largest banks in the Netherlands, SNS Bank provides a range of banking services, including mortgages. They provide various mortgage products, including interest-only, variable-rate, and fixed-rate mortgages.

The best way to learn more about the exact mortgage programs, rates, and terms that SNS Bank offers is to go to their website or get in touch with them. The most current and correct information about their mortgage products, eligibility requirements, application process, and interest rates will be available from them.

Remember that when you apply for a mortgage, the bank will consider elements including your income, credit history, property value, and capacity to make timely mortgage payments. Comparing mortgage offers from other banks is also a good idea to ensure you’re getting the best terms and conditions for your financial circumstances.

Visit SBS Bank

5. Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank
Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is a sustainable bank with a focus on lending that is morally and environmentally responsible. They offer mortgage loans for ecologically friendly housing initiatives and energy-efficient residences.

Triodos Bank is a sustainable bank with operations in various nations, including the Netherlands. They concentrate on funding activities and projects that support social, environmental, and cultural sustainability.

In the Netherlands, Triodos Bank provides mortgages that adhere to their sustainability values. Their mortgage solutions may be specially designed for people or organizations looking to buy or refinance real estate that satisfies specified sustainability standards. Triodos Bank seeks to fund buildings that have minimal negative effects on the environment and benefit society.

You should meet Triodos Bank’s eligibility requirements to apply for a mortgage, which may include elements like your income, credit history, and the sustainability aspects of the property you want to buy. When determining whether a property is suitable for one of their mortgage packages, Triodos Bank may consider elements like energy efficiency, the usage of sustainable materials, and overall environmental effect.

Visit Triodos Bank Here

How To Apply For a Loan In the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, you’ll often need to take the following actions to obtain a mortgage loan:

  • Make a financial assessment: Consider your financial situation before submitting a mortgage application. Consider your income, spending, and any outstanding debts to calculate how much you can comfortably borrow and repay.
  • Examine your mortgage options: Learn about the many mortgage products in the Netherlands. Annuity mortgages (annuteitenhypotheek), linear mortgages (lineaire hypotheek), and interest-only mortgages (aflossingsvrije hypotheek) are among the most popular varieties. Each category has unique characteristics and payback plans.
  • Compare mortgage lenders in the Netherlands to identify the one that provides the best terms and conditions. Consider things like interest rates, costs, options for repayment, and customer service.
  • Gather the necessary paperwork: Get ready with the paperwork you’ll need to support your mortgage application. These often include identification documentation, income documentation (such as paystubs or tax returns), bank records, an employment contract or other evidence of employment, and details regarding the property you want to buy.
  • Obtain pre-approval: Getting pre-approved may be advantageous before looking for a home. This entails giving the lender your financial information so they may make a preliminary evaluation. A pre-approval letter can help you better understand your financial situation and increase your appeal to sellers as a buyer.
  • Find a place to live: Start looking for a position within your means. Consider hiring a real estate agent to help you with the process because they may offer insightful advice and aid in negotiating the purchase price.
  • You should submit a mortgage application: Once you’ve located a home, send your mortgage application to your preferred lender. Provide the necessary documentation and finish any other forms or questionnaires that may be requested.
  • Property appraisal: To ascertain the property’s market value, the lender typically arranges a property valuation. This appraisal aids the lender in determining the maximum amount they are willing to lend and evaluating the risk involved with the mortgage.
  • If your application is accepted, the lender will issue a mortgage offer to you. The interest rate, payback schedule, and additional costs should all be carefully considered when reading the terms and conditions. Consult a lawyer if necessary.
  • Accept the mortgage offer: If the terms are acceptable, sign the offer and give it back to the lender. The mortgage contract will then be completed.
  • Closing and disbursement: The notary will take care of the last-minute paperwork, send the money to the seller, and register the property in your name on the closing day. Usually, you’ll have to cover any unpaid fees, taxes, and expenses related to the acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Netherlands, are there any mortgage programs backed by the government?

The Netherlands does have government-backed mortgage schemes that support homeownership and offer borrowers specific advantages. The most well-known method is the National Mortgage Guarantee, NHG, or Nationale Hypotheek Garantie.

The Dutch government provides the NHG as an optional guarantee through the WEW Housing Finance Guarantee Fund. The house’s purchase price must be within specific parameters, and the mortgage amount cannot exceed a particular cap to qualify for NHG. The borrower must also meet the necessary income standards and show affordability.

In the Netherlands, can foreign nationals or expatriates obtain mortgage loans?

Yes, in general, foreigners or expatriates can obtain mortgage loans.


To qualify for a mortgage loan in the Netherlands, you often need to meet a set of requirements established by the banks and lenders. It’s vital to remember that getting a mortgage loan depends on your financial status, creditworthiness, and other considerations, not only how simple the process is, even though different banks have different requirements.

However, banks that give mortgage loans easily in the Netherlands may have simple application processes. Finding the ideal fit for your unique needs may always be done by comparing possibilities and speaking with various banks.


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