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FM 21 APK: Football Manager 2021 Mobile Obb Download

You can now download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb – FM 21 Apk with updated fixed license issues, real player names save data, kits, face pack, teams names are also fixed. There were series of issues associated with Football Manager earlier before now but all has been fixed.

Below, we have got you covered with all you need to know about this latest sports game trending in the sphere of game players. Are you ready to explore FM 21? if yes, then head below to download and install the latest version on your smartphone. Previously, we updated football manager 2019 for PC and Mac systems, you might check it out.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Game

It would interest you to know that with Football Manager 2021 Mobile game, you’ll be able to manage a virtual Football team, by selecting from the variety of clubs available at your disposal in the Football Manager 2021 Mobile game.

You will as well have the opportunity to buy new players and get them developed. You also have to capacity to make crucial decisions as a club manager in terms of selecting which tactics or formation to use for your next match and the squad you would prefer to use.

This Football Manager will give you more insight on how to manage your virtual Football team just as the Football managers or coaches like Jose Mourinho do in the real world of football. So you don’t just always play football or sit down and watch football just like in real world, but you also get to know how to manage your own virtual Football Team in your Android device, that’s knowing what is going behind the scenes in the world of Football.

As a Football Manager in the 2021 Mobile edition, some amounts of money will be apportioned to you, which you can use to scout and purchase top players that you need in your squad. In addition, you can also sell out players who are surplus to requirement in your squad to make more money, the money can be used to manage your stadium facilities and solve other problems that might require money.

In FM 2021 Mobile, you have the options of different football formations and tactics at your disposal for you to choose from. You have the 4-3-3 which is one the most popular tactics, and there are also others such as 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 4-2-4.

You can as well check in some Football Manager gaming communities or forums for best tactics to apply in your game. But regardless of the formation or tactics you wish to apply or adopt, your managerial skill is also very important for you to win games.

The functionality of Scouting for new players has taken a new dimension and looks more realistic, as you can now contact players’ Agents to ascertain if a player is actually willing to join your club or not, if the player is interested, you can now proceed to negotiate terms with the agent to get the transfer transaction done smoothly, and this is actually a replica of how the transfer window is been run in the real world of Football.

The advent of Football Manager 2021 Mobile came with a fantastic graphics, and the 3D in-game simulation has been greatly improved from what it used to be earlier. All this new features will help give you an awesome managerial experience as you play the game.

Surprisingly, the Canadian Premier League has been added to the FM 21 Mobile Mod Apk, Argentina and Mexico Leagues are now a playable nation with full license. Save Data files to get real players names will be or is already available within the post for those who may need it.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Features

Below are the key new features of FM 2021 Mobile game.

Revamped Dynamics in Football Manager 

This FMM 21 helps you to know the various ranks in your team so that you can easily identify and communicate with your team captain and also know about the happenings in the dressing room.

Three New Nations in FM 21

There are three licensed nations league that have been incorporated into this new Football Manager Mobile 2021. These nations league are Mexico, Argentina and Canada.

Tactics Revamped Feature 

In this Mobile Football Management game, the tactics section has been greatly enhanced by adding new tactics template for you to easily play in style and improve your soccer club performance.

FM 21 – Let Your Voice Be Heard

This is a new method by which you can use to pass instructions to your players to get them motivated by telling them what they should do in other to be at the top of the game.

Setting Up Feeder Team in FM

You can take advantage of this feature to train and nurture some players in your feeder team. You can always keep an eye on them to monitor their progress and be able to know if they are really improving.

fm 21 mobile game free download
fm 21 mobile game free download

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Obb Data FM 21 Apk Game

The link below can be used to download Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb which has been unlocked without any license verification issues, it works quite well on virtually all supported smart Android devices.

Steps To Install Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Obb Files on Android 

To install Football Manager 2021 on your Android mobile device is pretty easy, just patiently follow the steps below to install.
Steps To Install FM 2021 are:

  1. Download and install Zarchiver pro Apk App for extraction.
  2. Open Zarchiver Apk app and Click on downloaded FM 2021 obb rar files
  3. Now the Options menu will display.
  4. Go ahead and Click on Extract.
  5. From this stage, Go to your device internal space or phone memory.
  6. Now Click on the Android folder.
  7. From the Android folder, also click on Obb folder.
  8. Next is to click on the Extract icon (that is the arrow icon pointing downwards) when that is done, the Obb file will be extracted fully
  9. The Final step is to Install FM 2021 Apk on your Android phone and then load the game using one of the below Downloaded Save Data files.
FM 21 Game
FM 21 Game

Football Manager Mobile 2021 Save Data Files For Real Player Names

The list below comprises of different Save Data files which can enable you to get real player names on FM 2021 Mobile easily, just patiently follow the steps outlined below on how to load the save data files in the game.

Download Document Folder if you can’t find it after installation

For you to extract documents folder, you have to first go to your device or phone or Internal Memory, find the documents folder, click on it, then finally Extract it and kindly read further below to get the save data files.

  • Download Documents Folder FMM 2021 From Here

This FM documents folders enables you to add save data files in which will appear in the game app.

The Procedures through which you can Add And Load FM 2021 Mobile Save Data files without error or issues to fix has been illustrated below:

Now you need to download Zarchiver App apk, for extracting the FM 21 save data file for the game. You can simply achieve that by by following our procedures stipulated below.

  1. The first thing to do is to click on the FM 21 Save Data zip file you downloaded using the Zarchiver app installed on your Android device
  2. The Options menu will display or popup.
  3. Go ahead and click on Extract and navigate to the device internal memory.
  4. Now click on Documents folder.
  5. Right inside the folder above, click where you see Sports Interactive
  6. Next, Click on Football Manager 2021 Mobile
  7. Also, click on “Normal” folder
  8. Also, click on “Games” Folder
  9. The final setup step is to Extract the save data zip file through the means of clicking the Extract button or icon (Arrow pointing downwards)
  10. And that’s it…

Save Data files for Football Manager – FM 2021 Mobile 

Here is a list of FM 2021 mobile with Support version 12.0.1 and Above. We will keep updating the list with the latest and newest V for this game and other guides that will make you explore FM to the fullest. Only Stay tuned and share this game.

FM 21 Mobile Logos Face Pack Mega and Kits Download 

We have got you covered with FM standard and original Face Pack, FM Mega Kits as well as, Best Logos to download for this game. From below, you will get the files downloaded to your device and extract without error. Also from below, we provided easy guide to walk you through on how to go about the installation without issues or problem.

The file was compressed and compiled for easy usage especially those new to setting up things of this nature. So you can easily extract and reload football manager FM kits, face packs and logo in the game. So the steps below will walk you through on the entire setup levels. Follow them appropriately.

How To Add Mega Kits Face Packs and Logos In FM 2021 Mobile

  1. Download FM 21 Face Packs Logos Kits (Compressed size is 647MB) FROM HERE
  2. Download Zarchiver App pro and use it to extract the FM 21 Face Pack Rar file.
  3. Locate the file you downloaded above through Zarchiver apk and click on Face pack rar file
  4. Now the Option menu will display after clicking the file from step 3, just click extract.
  5. Go to your device internal or phone memory
  6. From there, you will see the extract button or icon in form of arrow, click on it.
  7. Patiently wait until the Face Pack rar file decompressed up to 100 percent.
  8. Note that, Because the compiled files of fm kits, logo and face packs were done appropriately during arrangement and script coding, they will be automatically place in their respective folders without you doing that manually.
  9. Next step is to Open the installed Football manager Mobile Game and then go to the settings and click View
  10. Locate the “User Interface” and click on it too
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Reload Skin” and the kits, logos, with the face packs will be loaded automatically in the offline android game.
  12. That’s all for this, enjoy the game.

Unlock Store Items – Features in Football Manager 2021 FM Mobile

Next in stock for you gamers as regards to FM 2021 game is How To Unlock every Item Inside the FM 2021 Stores. This guide will enable anyone to unlock In-Game Editor and many more features for free. So stay tuned while we update the guide on this same article.

In full detail to what we meant above, after unlocking all the items inside Football Manager 2021 Mobile for free, features like in game editor and other supporting features etc, you as a player won’t ne limited again. You will now fully enjoy the game without reserve. Also await the STANDARD EDITION and the TOUCH EDITION for your PC Windows, iOS Apple platform, epic, steam etc.

Files Required are as follows:

  • Download and install Latest Lucky Patcher App From Here.

Now to the steps on how to Unlock every items in the Football manager FM 21 Store. Follow the instructions below to achieve that:

1. First of all, install the Lucky Patcher Apk App you Downloaded from above.

Unlocked Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk
Installation of Lucky Patcher Android Application

2. Next is to Launch and grant Access to the app by allowing All Requested Permission, endeavor to install the app properly without mistake.

3. Now go back to your App Menu, and then Click and hold the Lucky Patcher icon (the screenshot below will guide you), Now go to the App info for the Lucky patcher.

fm 21 mobile apk download unlocked
fm 21 mobile apk download unlocked

4. You need to ensure that you grant all the permissions while in the lucky Patcher App info. (this is very important and a must do for this to work) Check the screenshot below.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK unlocked version


5. Now go back and re-open the Lucky Patcher App and then navigate to “switches” setting.

FM 21 Apk Mod OBB unlocked free download

6. It is assumed that you are on the switches menu, now go ahead and Switch On the function of Lucky patcher just as shown in the screenshot Below.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile unlocked free Game

7. Go back to your phone menu and locate FM 21 Mobile App, Open it and go to the Store purchase, now click on All Items Bundle’s price button, just as shown in the screenshot below.

fm 21 mobile in game store unlocked

8. Once you carry out the instruction above by clicking the price icons, the lucky Patcher pop up function menu will display, now click the marked selections of the image to buy the in app purchases for free of charge. immediatly that is done, all the in-game items will be unlocked and made available for free.


fm 2021 mobile in app purchases hack
fm 2021 mobile in app purchases hack

in-app purchases items FM apk unlocked

10. Finally, click YES and the items will start the purchasing process just in some few seconds, so wait for it to finish before you can start exploring the free FM apk in-game store items.

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