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How To Set Up Call Barring on MTN Network

Have you heard or seen someone discussing about MTN call barring service, and as a result of that you became confused because, you don’t know about it. You need not to be bewildered anymore, in this article, we have disintegrated all you need to know about MTN call Barring settings, activation and deactivation code services.

How Does Call Barring work?

With MTN Call Barring, you can Control the type of calls being made or received with your MTN Network number/line. The numbers which you don’t want to receive their calls on your SIM card, once you set up the barring service, you will no longer receive (incoming) or outgoing calls provided that such numbers are set up to be barred. The need for this service may arise for any purpose you so have in mind. Below is all you need to know about this MTN Telecommunication service and how you can activate this call barring service.

How To Use Call Barring On MTN Network Services

How To Use Call Barring On MTN Network Service

1. First, you need to check if your cellphone has the features of this call barring. You can see the feature when you goto your settings >> Call Settings >> and then Call Barring. This is done to check if the mobile phone supports this feature called call barring. Although, it’s mostly seen on small phones like Nokia touch and some android devices.

2. If your device supports this service then, next is to contact your Service Provider (MTN), In order for them to activate the service for you. You can reach MTN customer care via 180. Also know that, the default four-digit barring code is 0000, but you need to change the code to your own four easy and able to recall code/pin, before proceeding to use the service.

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There Are Three Types of Call Barring, and the include;

>> Domestic:- Incoming And outgoing calls

This service gives you the option to block making or the receiving of domestic calls.

>> Roaming:- Incoming Calls

This service becomes so useful when you are out of the country (overseas,) Now when you are out there, any call you are receiving will also be charged from your account, so if you don’t want to keep on paying for calls you are receiving as incoming calls then, you have every need to block some incoming calls. You can still phone out but, all incoming calls will be diverted to your VoiceMail.

>> Fixed dialling: Closed Group Access

Here, you can as well stop outgoing calls made to a specific number or list of numbers. Also check if your mobile phone supports this service.

Does MTN Network Charge For This Service?

The service appears to be free to some packages or tariff plans, while some packages, this appears to vary in cost. Also similar to international numbers as in the country you are at the Moment, varies in cost too. Even if the service provider is charging for the service, just have it in mind that the price is a sachet pure water fee, as in so cheap to pay.

And For those of our fans, asking for other network barring codes, like glo, airtel, 9mobile etc We will soon update you with their barring codes. For now, below are the various codes for MTN Barring services.

From above, we already inform you about the default MTN call barring password or pin. So this is how to change the Old default barring codes to your new suggested code or password.

How to Change MTN Default Call Barring Password or PIN

To do that, goto to your phone call dialing menu and dial *03*330*Old or MTN Default PIN*Your New PIN*Repeat Your New PIN again#

For example, the pin I want to use for my MTN Barring service is 2468, then I will change the MTN Default PIN “0000“, this way; *03*330*0000*2468*2468#.

Note: This service USSD code must be dialed on MTN line or number.

call Barring codes

MTN Call barring codes For Outgoing calls:

In other to activate barring for all outgoing calls on MTN numbers, you should dial *33*PIN# on your cellphone.

How To deactivate barring for all outgoing calls, to achieve that, just dial #33*Your PIN#
How To check outgoing call blocking status, to do that, dial *#33#

MTN Call Barring for Incoming calls

How To block all incoming calls? you can do that by dialing *35*Your PIN#
How To deactivate incoming calls? Achieve that by dialing #35*YourPIN#
How To check incoming calls blocking status? Yo check the status, dial *#35#.

MTN Outgoing International Calls

How To bar all outgoing international calls on your Line? You can do that by dialing *331*Your_PIN#

How To cancel call barring for all outgoing international calls on MTN? To cancel dial this code: #331*Your_PIN#
How To check the status of outgoing international calls? You can check that by dialing this code: *#331#

MTN Network Outgoing international calls except to Home Country

You can activate by dialing this *332*PIN#
To cancel the service, Just dial this #332*PIN#
To check your status, then dial this code: *#332#.

MTN Incoming calls when you are outside Home Country

How To bar incoming calls when you are presently outside your home country? You can activate that by dialing this ussd code: *351*PIN# on MTN SIM card inserted in the phone you are using.

How To deactivate call barring for incoming calls when you are outside home country. You deactivate by dialing this number code: #351*Your_PIN#.

How To check your incoming call barring status on MTN phone number, when you are currently, outside your home country. You can achieve that by dialing this *#351#.

Just like I stated above, barring incoming calls when you are presently outside your home country is very important and useful, especially when you are out for a business trip abroad and you don’t want any disturbance from any body through calls. Then this service will go a long way to ensure you don’t get such disturbance.

If your MTN call barring service refuse to activate or deactivate then, use the comment box below to tell us about it and we will help you to sort it out. Endeavour to subscribe to our news channel for more updates and tutorials. Meanwhile, do not forget to share this update to friends over social media platforms, thank you.