Will be guiding all on the latest and old method in using the option of call waiting, call holding and how to divert a call. You may be in need of this set up for any purpose. If  you are a regular reader of this blog, you must know we have done justice to How To use Call Barring on your MTN SIMcard. As the post was simplified in order for all to comprehend and implement, if ready to use.

Today, we will be talking about call divert, call holding, and call waiting in full details. Read on as I get you through with understandable tips.

If you are called by someone while you are still on another call, your device/the network you are using will notify you to choose to answer the call. When you choose to answer the call, the first call will be on hold (call holding and call waiting). When this happens, you can shuffle between the two calls. That’s what it implies to use the option of call holding and call waiting.

Talking About Call Divert Option
With this option, you can divert any call to another number or to your voicemail, if you wish not to answer the phone call.

Let’s See How To Get Call Waiting, Call Holding And Call Divert work on Your Mobile Device

Before this feature can take effect, your device must support the function. And if it does, then you are good to go. The function is automatically available to all MTN subscribers.

How To Use Call Holding and Call Waiting?
>> Receiving two phone calls
To opt into the function while  making call, if you receive a call as you are already talking to the first caller, press the green button of your phone to answer the new incoming call, as this effect makes your line to automatically swap to the new call.When done pressing the green button, the first caller remains on hold or waiting, till you finish the second call.

>> Switching between calls
In order to switch between calls, just on your device’s screen, as you are still on call, keeping the other caller waiting, just press the button that shows where the other call is, and the switching will take effect immediately.

>> Making a second call
Here, while speaking on one call, you can place the call on hold and then make another call altogether.

How To Speak To Both callers At Same Time?
If you wish to speak to two to three callers or even more than while making call, then you need to activate what is called Conference Calling. The option is there on your screen while making call. Select the option and make your conference call.

How To Set Up or Use Call Divert Function?
You can do this, by consulting your phone’s call divert settings, you can locate that in your phone settings >> Call settings >> and then Call divert.
You can call MTN service provider for such service.

How To Divert Calls To VoiceMail?
To divert a number directly to voicemail, then dial this number this way; +278314 plus the last 9 digits of your phone number from your phone.

How do I divert calls to another number?
To divert call to another number, see the below table;

>> For Unanswered call
Dial **61*(number diverting to)# to activate.
To cancel the service, dial ##61# on your phone.

>> When cellphone is off
 Dial **62*(number diverting to)# to activate service.
To cancel service dial ##62#

>> When your phone is busy and you don’t want disturbance
Dial **67*(number diverting to)# to activate.
To deactivate the service, just dial ##67#

>> Unconditional divert
Dial **21*(number diverting to)# to activate.
Deactivate or cancel the service by dialing ##21#

>> How To Deactivate or Cancel All Diverts call Services On Your Phone Number?
 To Cancel or deactivate all diverts calls,  just dial this code ##002# and all divert call services will be cancelled.

What do Call Waiting and Call Holding cost?

  • Monthly subscription: R9.99
  • Connection fee: As per details of connection
  • Second SIM: As per the contract
  • Data SIM: As per Internet package plus additional charges

What does Call Divert cost?

  • Subscription for Call Divert to VoiceMail: FREE OF CHARGE
  • Divert calls to another number: subject to rate charges as per your MTN subscription.

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