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MTN APN Configuration Settings for internet Browsing

This guide will walk you through on how to configure any MTN Sim APN Settings to start connecting to the internet via your Android mobile device. MTN Network usually send an automatic configuration to new smartphones but in most cases, their sim may not recognize the new phone you inserted it into. Even though, it is your first time of inserting the sim card in that particular phone. So if you have found yourself  in such kind of situation, then this post will put you through on how to setup the APN configuration manually.

This MTN internet settings has been tested and confirmed working. I personally, tested it on Gionee Android device and the browsing speed was superb to the core. So if you are  in for  this, then follow below guide and get your smart phone connect to the internet.

How To configure Android Mobile Phone with MTN Internet APN settings

The provided settings below can as well work for other OS devices like iPhone, iPad etc. So it is not limited to Android devices alone. Now, whichever device you are using, just follow the below APN setup settings.

1. First thing to do, is to Create what is called Access Point Name (APN) on your mobile device.

To do that, go to your phone’s SETTINGS > Click on Mobile Networks >> Then, select Access Point Names >>>  choose MTN if on SIM one >>>> Now, click on MENU Button and Select “New APN” which will display at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

2. Input the below APN details in the forms provided after clicking on “NEW APN”

  • Name: MTN NG
  • APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
MTN APN Configuration Settings for internet Browsing

3. Next, is to Save the configuration. To do that, click on the MENU button and tap on where you see SAVE. Now, your settings are saved.

How to Configure MTN Nigeria Settings Through SMS

  1.  Go to your Android device message box and text below
  2. Text SETTINGS to 3888 (MTN Number), this message is free of charge.
  3. Shortly after sending the message, you will get an SMS reply with MTN internet settings, just save the message after receiving it and your phone will be configured to browse the internet with data.

Should incase MTN server doesn’t recognize your phone after sending the message, then dial *131# code and follow the MTN prompt display for the settings or Call MTN customer care on 181 to send you the settings directly.

Bravo!!! Your phone is now configured for MTN internet connections. Just ON your data and test the speed on browsers. For better experience switch to 3G or 4G or to latest Generation Network 5G service for higher speed. Happy Internet connections.