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5G Technology: 7 Amazing Gadgets With this cellular Network

One of the newest technologies in the world today that has made a lot of noise is 5G technology. As the first products to be equipped with this technology, we can point to the 5G version of the Galaxy S III and the Plus 7 Pro, but there are other gadgets that will soon be available for sale with this technology.

It’s possible to suppose that the advantage of 5G technology compared to the previous generation, 4G network, is just its ultra-high speed, but you should know that high speed is not the only advantage of this technology, but the 5G offers many other features that are very practical. With Facebook, up to 10 of these features are possible thanks to the fifth-generation network, and finally see the 5G coverage map (of course now).

 5G technology Gadgets

1- 8K video stream

The 4G 4G connectivity is currently not so simple as 4K video playback, but with a 5G technology, we’re seeing a huge leap. In fact, thanks to this technology, 8K video playback is easy and without the need for buffering. This is a prominent example of the ultra-fast speed of the fifth-generation network, and this higher speed means the ability to send and receive more data.

8K video stream
8K video stream image

In the current situation, while other devices such as mobile phones or televisions are still not capable of supporting this technology, the 5G seems to be in vain, but without doubt, we will soon have to wait for different products that support this technology.

2. Ultra-fast download of Bulk files


The 5G technology also dramatically speeds up downloading of bulky files as well as improving the quality of playable video. So downloading 8K videos seems more rational with 5G technology.

With the simplicity of downloading bulky files, the hands of other developers are not the same as before, in fact they do not have to try to keep their game or program levels low. However, we will probably see games and apps that have better graphics and more features and a much higher volume. Of course, with a big problem, there is a lack of memory on smart devices like the handset.

3. Play online console without log


With today’s mobile and Internet conditions, online gaming is not logical; in fact, except for speed, the problem of delay (the length of time it takes to answer your request on the network) is another major problem. This delay in the 5G network will drop sharply. So by issuing each command, your order will be quickly applied and will not be lost due to delay in the game.

However, with reduced lag, faster speed and improved graphics, online gaming quality will be heavily improved, and even multiplayer games will be even better due to increased network speed. So the quality of online gaming will be very close to the quality of the game on professional consoles. Even so, it’s possible that the games will be done completely in the cloud.

4. Streaming VR Games


As explained in the previous section, 5G technology makes it possible to run games in the cloud. So not only is the game at the console level, but also we can potentially expect VR games to be. Most importantly, the games can be played on the phone without the need for a very high-power device.

5. Live streaming of events as VR


The idea of broadcasting various events, sports competitions, concerts, and so on … is virtually nothing new, but despite the current Internet speed, achieving this idea is not so common. But with the development of the 5G technology, all these desires are easily accessible and you can feel with the virtual reality headset on the exact seats on the first row of the race.

On the other hand, concepts such as ticket sales and … also completely lose their meaning.

6. Holographic contacts


The video call today attracts a lot of users, and thanks to the 4G network, these calls are made with high quality. With the introduction of 5G technology, we will see the next generation of calls called holographic calls. Companies such as Vodafone have already tested successful examples of this type of call.

Due to this technology, it seems that you are in the same room as the other person is in. As a result, the 5G seems to play a major role in approaching each other.

5G technology coverage map


The 5G technology is now expanding, and T-Mobile company has been launching the service since June 28th to the world’s first 5G phone, the Galaxy S10 5G, but only parts of the world support this technology, which we’ve outlined.

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