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Cloudflare Services – Benefits and Uses

it may interest you to find out that websites that are loading late will not be displayed on your web browsers, and in any case, after a while, you have to close the page without seeing the content of that website. Sometimes this problem occurs because of improper coding, and sometimes due to the server being slow.

Closing a web-page without seeing its content is the worst thing that can happen to any web site. Suppose there’s a lot of bothering to display your website on Google and on the front page. Now, due to the late launch of the web page, all this work is lost because not only does the user not enter your site, but Google also The reason why users leave quickly does not show your website at all. But what is the solution?

What is the Claude Flare service?

If you are having trouble loading the website, one of the best solutions is to use the Claude Flare service (abbreviated as Cloudflare ). Claude is basically a Content Delivery Network ( CDN ), or Content Delivery Network. The network consists of several powerful servers (currently around 175 data centers around the world) in different parts of the world that stores information from various websites.

More than 8 million websites around the world now use Cloudflare, with around 2.8 billion people receiving this service and web services.

Distribute the Claude Flair data centers around the world

cloudflare data centers
wide Spread of cloudflare data centers globally

Claude Flare service; Great solution to increase site loading speed

If your website uses the Claude Flair service, now that the user logs in, instead of sending information from the main server to the user, information is sent to the user from the nearest CDN to the user geographically and the display It will be given. This way the website loads at a very high speed.

In fact, the same cache (cache) of website content on CDN servers by reducing server-to-user distances, reduces latency and minimizes packet loss. The statistics show that the average CDN causes a 73% decrease in website load time.

Increase website security with Claude Flair

One of the most important benefits of using the Claude Flair service is to protect your website against security threats such as DDoS attack. The DDoS attack actually leads a lot of fake request to the website to disable it. Claude Flair’s service simply detects this type of attack and prevents the DDoS attack.

Meanwhile, Claude Flare, with WAF’s cloud-based technology, which has more than 145 databases to protect a variety of web applications, takes on a variety of hacker attacks and unauthorized access.

Other benefits of cloudflare service

The most important benefits of using the Claude Flare service is to increase the speed of the website and protect the website from attacks such as DDoS, but with the exception of these, Claude Flair has other benefits, including the following:

  • Compressed File Types: Claude Flare Services compresses all kinds of CSS files, javascript and HTML web site. This increases the website loading speed.
  • Image optimization: The use of images on the website is inevitable. If you use high-quality images on the site, the size of the website is high. Cloudflare Polish is the same system that reduces the size of the images to a considerable extent.
  • Permanent Access to the Website: It may not be available to users due to problems with the main server. This is where the cache stored on the servers of Claude Feller has come to your aid and displayed in this situation for the user.
  • Enable free HTTPS and SSL on the domain of the site
  • Access to the Website Traffic Analysis Service
  • DNS proprietary with high speed and security

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