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18 Best Premium Link Generator 2023

Here comes lists of the best working paid and free premium link generator 2023 anyone can actually use without going through the process of account registration (sign up) or be required to login to the Platform first, before having access to download links from the premium websites.

Due to massive request from fans who would always stop by to search for such tips or guide through this site’s search space, and not able to get an article or tutorial talking about how to generate premium links for free. Gets disappointed and most of them had to send a direct message stating or asking “if we have such guide on this blog”. Nevertheless, the guide is here with best lists you can actually select from when it comes premium link generators.

So below, we have explained in details what this premium link generator entails, how to use them profitably and most importantly, listing of best service that offer such without too much complicated issues. So read through, while we walk you through to all you need to know with our best tips.

For those of us who already know what premium link entails, as one can actually find sites that freely work with uploaded premium link generator, rapidgator premium link generator, and as well as premium file hoster premium link generator. Believe me, you would want to go a step further in generating links, even though most Company or Services charge so high and this is why we recommend Now Loan, because they always put customers in consideration by making their service highly affordable in prices. So with them, users can actually go for better low-interest rates while getting the premium services some other agencies offer to customers.

We have tested different websites using some links from divers hosting services, we did so in order to ascertain the best out of the majority out there on the internet. So from our research, we were able to get the best premium link generator site, you can use easily and in return, get the exact result or thing you had in mind.

In order to serve you with the best lists and free premium link generator, we will keep updating this article based on any recent changes that comes from their respective official sites. So changes to this tools that happened in days, weekly, or monthly, would be updated on Techbmc, specifically on this particular post.

What is a Premium Link Generator?

Premium link genator is simply websites or tools that allow users to access and Download premium files directly from premium file hosting sites available on the internet. These files are downloaded for free at a high speed rate. Examples of premium hosting websites are rapidgator, uploaded, turbobit, etc.

To further explain what I meant above; this premium link generator sites gives you full access in getting a premium file link without having to pay or open a premium account, before you can get all the benefits or features of a fully registered user. Users with Android or Computer PC device platform can enjoy this privilege for free.

Reasons to use Premium Link Generators

Why you should use a premium link generator is this; in today’s World or in your daily activities, the need to always download many files online to your local storages, probably for work, education, business, entertainment, fun etc may arise. Even though most persons chooses to download from IDM, while some uses torrent sites, and other majority goes for such files through full premium account that give them access to get the files downloaded from the premium file hosters. And that’s because of the simplicity, availability and high speed.

From experience gathered, I have come to realize that downloading from online using internet Download Manager, is one of the best way to get files stored locally and this is because, the loading is faster and the majority of the files never depend on number of the peers and that of the seeds. Reason is Because, once a particular file is uploaded, the IDM gets to download it immediately.

But I must tell you this, majority of people out there upload files to popular file hosting websites which involves free and paid (premium sites). But nevertheless, premium file-hosting sites remains the best of them all, because both the uploaders and Downloaders enjoys high speed, good security level, enough storage capacities and every other premium features that makes sense to users.

Also, the reason why we have premium link generators today, is because not everyone is capable or has the fund (money) to purchase premium accounts for all premium hosting sites. So that resulted to coming up with these generators, which were Known as leechers before. Even though the name had been rebranded, some persons still calls it leechers till date.

So haven established a proper understanding to what this article is all about, we have curated the best good working premium link generators for free downloads. So you can get th best service from this uploaded download links as a free user. Most times they might appear to be slow during downloads but it all depends on some factors like: poor internet connection, traffic jam to the free hosting sites etc. But in all, you are sure of getting your desired file Downloaded for free.

  • Best free Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

List of Best Free Premium Link Generator

Here are the tested and best working Free Premium Link Generator list you can access using your mobile smartphones, tablet and Laptop devices in 2023. This article will progressively receive update for newest or latest Premium Link Generators. So stay tuned and bookmark this page for regular features upgrade.

1. Deepbrid Premium Link Generator – Free

Deepbrid is rated the best free premium link generator on the internet of today (Google, Yahoo, Bing). The reason behind that is because the company gives you free access to download about 5 files using a maximum size of 1.2GB per file without being registered as a member. Deepbrid provides users with immediate and accurate links for free direct Download.

Deepbrid free Premium Link Generator

How to use Deepbrid Free Link Generator

  1. First of all, visit Deepbrid
  2. Now locate and Click on the downloader button so as to have access to the free premium downloads.
  3. Next is to Copy and Paste the actual premium file hosting website’s link you desire to download, inside the available box (Note: most files doesn’t require password while using deepbrid but in case it demands password, simply ignore it).
  4. Now go ahead and Click on GENERATE.
    Then Wait for some few seconds; and the file would be generated.

Deepbrid Premium Link Generator downloader

Now nothing stops you from downloading the files as a premium user. Go ahead and get the file Downloaded using the best speed your internet and device can run on.

Deepbrid Premium Link Generator Update:

  • Updated 15 New servers were fully introduced and added in Germany as well as, upgrade to their link generation system
  • Users can now possibly download files from Hotlink, Takefile. link, and Uploadgig, using Deepbrid technology tool.
  • An update was also made for deepbrid downloading system, as you can now Generate your downloads faster with their new cache algorithm technology.
  • They ensured an Increase was made for the daily limits just for many file hosters like: esybytez, rapidgator, filefactory, uploaded etc. For more details and to see the new changes, check the Supported Hosters’ list.
  • The update added about ten new download servers in Netherlands (Making the dedicated servers more than 60 in total number)
  • This new deepbrid update increased limits for the free users.

With Deepbrid site, Free users can have access to download files from the following file hosters: Mediafire, uploaded, filefactory, share-online, Depositfiles, uptobox, 1fichier, extmatrix, tusfiles, alfafile, rapidgator, filesflash, depfile, mega, icerbox, and dfiles.

2. NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator – Free

Neodebrid Lastest Premium Link Generator is another useful tool that goes very handy for online users. As a free user, you can use their premium service and get exactly what you need. They have put in the best to ensure their service offers what the useful service to everyone that come in contact with them.

NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator

Hope you don’t just rely only on one working premium link generator? in case you do, you might want to add up to the list by also trying to use Neodebrid. The company offers good features as well as good free user support. You will get to enjoy good download privileges for premium users.

How to Use NeoDebrid Free Link

  1. Go to the NeoDebrid site
  2. Paste the link you copied inside the displayed download box.
  3. Now the download link will be generated.
  4. Next is to Click on start downloading using internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other installed download manager you have.

For more information about NeoDebrid Server and File Host Services, then visit their Official website.

3. Dasan.co Premium Link Generator

Dasan.co is another best and cheap premium link generator that grant access to online users, in order to generate unlimited premium links directly from the file hosts and then enables same users to download the file with a full fastest speed.

Dasan.co Premium Link Generator free download

Dasan company supports most popular or known premium file hosting sites such as: uploadgig.com, filefox.cc, keep2share.cc, rapidgator.net, upstore.net, filejoker.net, takefile.link, uploaded.net, novafile.com, fileboom.me, and more 50 plus filehosts.

Dasan offers affordable and cheaper prices for their plans. in fact their monthly plan is charged $2.99 only.

How to Use Dasan Link Generator

  1. First of all, you need to register an account with Dasan
  2. then buy or Pay for your choice plan (starting from $3)
  3. Past the link you copied in to the generate box
    Once the link is generated, start your download.

4. Reevown Cloud Premium Link Generator

Reevown Cloud is one of the Best Uploaded Premium Link Generator in 2023, that supports so many good and better Features. Recently, the added 13 new filehosters which enables users to use their premium link Generating links on many sites.

Reevown Cloud free Premium Link Generator

Reevown went further to give users the best by rebranding their site to Reevown Cloud. They put in place different features that aid in easy usage, features like new interface, update on traffic display information. This traffic also gives users information on the amount of Gigabyte GB they can utilize per premium host.

Reevown is considered one of the best uploaded premium link generator and this is because their system got a dedicated uploaded.net link generator that has about 84 mirrors and a storage space of 63TB (terabyte). Users can actually Download 1GB free in per hour just on different mirrors. And this simply means that as a premium user, you have an unlimited access to download uploaded files utilizing the uploaded premium link generator.

Reevown latest Update brought improved services. You can use their service to convert an uploaded link to premium link, there by getting a free download.

How to use Reevown Premium Link Generator

  • Visit Reevown site
  • Once you get to the website, you will see a display of some information that includes; traffic, the mirrors, storage bandwidth used by others and then the generator.
  • Go ahead and copy premium file hosting site link you wish to download and then paste in the box provided.
  • Then click Download File to start automatic Download of the file. You might want to bypass ads to directly Download.
  • This Reevown site supports some hosts like Turbobit, Share-Online file with others.

5. HyperDebrid Link Generator – Free

Here is another Free Link Generator that Works so well for the purpose it was created. HyperDebrid link Generator can be accessed and used for free by all users. The site platform doesn’t require users to be registered before they can be able to use their premium generator services.

hyperdebrid supports about 34 hosting websites in which you can download from without encountering issues or errors of any kind. The site have lots of features for free users, and below is how to use hyperdebrid.net site.

HyperDebrid Link Generator - Free downloader

How to Use HyperDebrid Free Link Generator

  1. Visit HyperDebrid site here
  2. With the link you wish to download, go ahead and paste it into the provided box (You Should do this one at a time, don’t paste bulk link because it will result to issue and may not work, so one link before another)
  3. Now click on Generate Button.
  4. Now wait for some seconds, the link will be provided but note: For you to start downloading from that link, the site will display ads on different pages, so you need to bypass those advertisement in order to get the direct Downloaded link. once you bypass the ads, your file Download will start automatically. And you shouldn’t be told about this if you are used to downloading from free premium generators. This is the major way site owners earn money from such free services.

That’s all for HyperDebrid Downloader for premium link generating service, any recent update will also be made available here for users.

6. CocoLeech Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

If you are a top fan that uses link Generators, with no doubt you can attest that CocoLeech is or remains one of the high-quality debrid service anyone can get online, provided that such users knows or requires this type of service.

CocoLeech is the best when it comes to using rapidgator link generator. The service offers free users up to 10 files to download freely without any limitations. You can use CocoLeech services without being a registered member, the free link generator is made available on the website homepage for everyone.

CocoLeech features a function that shows the last hundred files or links that users Generated with rapidgator premium generator tool. The site also supports uploaded premium link generators and different hosters.

Recently, CocoLeech updated and upgraded their website platform design to a better graphic interface that enables easy and fast navigation by users. So all users can easily understand and use their professional services. Since the update of this feature, more results and growth have been attained by the company. So as a user, below is how to use CocoLeech files Downloader services for free.

CocoLeech Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

How to use CocoLeech Link Generator to Download files

  1. First of all, visit Cocoleech website
  2. Paste your link in to the provided box
  3. Now Click on GENERATE
  4. Then cocoleech free premium link generator will automatically start your link Download.
  5. Note that you need bypass or skip shorteners in order to get to the final Download link. It’s a free service, so this of such is expected. Cocoleech is working perfectly, so go ahead and explore premium link generator for free.

7. Uploadedpremiumlink

Another best and working in our list here is Uploaded Premium Link Leech Download. This happens to be a free premium link Generator that have features like statistics, server usage, used traffic, server host and server limit. The function of the server limit is to show users when the premium file hosts isn’t working and with this information, one can easily switch to another premium file host. So that being said, there is more to explore in this type of free premium file Generator.

Users are eligible to use more than 6GB server limit and most of the best premium file hosters you can download from Uploadedpremiumlink site are as follows: Uptobox, MEGA, uploaded.net, ifichier, file factory etc. One of the best feature I like about this site, is that the provide detailed information about the file you are about to download. Also, to everything that has advantage, there is always a disavantage. And the major thing I dislike about this premium leech site is much of its advertisement (ads) and link shortners that one has to go through before getting to the main file to start downloading freely.

Recent update for UploadedPremiumLink brought new features and designs and the sole aim is to enable users to use the site effectively without difficulty in navigation and other things. Some of the update or upgrade that took place in this site service and system are as follows;

  • Improved site layout
  • improved site graphics design
  • improved Menus for easy Navigation
  • Updated premium link generating services
  • Fast and speed Downloading process after bypassing placed ads etc.


How to use Uploadedpremiumlink Website

  1. Visit Uploadedpremiumlink site
  2. When you are on the page, just check where the server stats is located and then take note of the premium file hoster available for usage.
  3. Now Copy and paste the premium file hoster’s link you got.
  4. Next is to Click on GENERATE Button (Leave the password box blank, because most files doesn’t have password attached to them)
  5. Now the uploaded premium link generators IDM will start

Note: Skip the link shortners about 5 of them to the direct Download automatically.

8. PremiumZen Link Generator

Here is yet another best and amazing site you can explore its features for free. With
Premiumzen link generator, users can be able to get their desired file Downloaded to their devices without much processes. The PremiumZen believe in simplicity and that’s why the incorporated in their system 3 easy steps users can follow to download their desired files.

The three easy steps this website PremiumZen is referring to when it comes to using their Premium link Generator is; Research for files, Copy the link of the file and then get the file Download to your device. PremiumZen support about 6 Premium file sharing sites and they include; Mediafire, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Uploadgig, UptoBox and Turbobit etc.

Recent PremiumZen Update brought more simplicity, proper working Downloaders, improved blocked feature, most ip can access the site now unlike before. Easy Navigation on design etc.

How to use PremiumZen Link Generator

  1. First of all, go to PremiumZen.com site
  2. Search and copy the file link you wish to download from any premium file sharing sites and then paste it in the provided box of the site,
  3. Now Click on GENERATE
  4. Once the download link is generated, you can go ahead and start downloading the file.

9. Leechall Free Link Generator Service

Leechall link generator site Happens to be another best free Premium link Generator service that offers users easy and upto 3 files free Download, without being a registered member. With this site, Users have about 10GB file size per link and remember, you have about three slots for free download as unregistered user or member. So this simply means, every free user have about 30GB to Download for free.

Leechall website supports file hosters like Depfile, Rapidgator, Datafile, Turbobit, 1fichier etc. In this site, files automatically deleted immediately after 8 hours duration from when it was generated.

Recent Leechall update is on their site design, a lot of improvement were done in order to give a better service to users. For more regular update, visit their website from below link.

Leechall Free Link Generator Service

How to use Leechall link Generator

  1. Visit Leechall site
  2. Search and copy the file you wish to download and then paste the link in to the provided box
  3. Now Click on Download (Do not untick the auto-reset)
  4. The file will be Generated and ready for direct Download

Note: To get to the exact direct Download link, you have to skip link shortner ads up to 5 times and then you will get to see the major file Download.

10. Hungry Leech Premium Link Generator

Hungryleech premium link generator services believe that rendering the best service is what they’re out for. The Promise every customer that they would give them the best quality services ever known in the world of premium link generator, and ever since then they have been doing their best in providing quality and best free premium download links generators. So below is how to make use of their services.

HungryLeech supports about 4 hosts and they are as follows: Rapidgator, FileBoom, Depositfiles and NitroFlare. This host link generator does not provide option to check the server limits and the past uploaded files but in general, their website is very good for what it is termed to be.

The only uninteresting thing about this premium link generator is that the process is cumbersome, as you need to pass through stages before you get to what you’re looking for. Anyways, you will still get to see what took you there in the first place.

HungryLeech free Premium Link Generator

How to use HungryLeech Link Generator

  1. First of all, go to the site at HungryLEECH
  2. Paste the link you copied on your clipboard.
  3. Identify that you are not a robot by clicking on “I am not a robot” this will verify that are actually a human using their service.
  4. Accept and click on their site “I agree to terms of service.”
  6. From here, the premium link you requested will be generated, so go ahead and CLICK on the generated link.
  7. Now to request for the file, there is a drop-down arrow, just click on it and then choose your file and click on REQUEST FILE.
  8. Now it’s time to request for the file, click on the drop-down arrow, select your file and click REQUEST FILE.
  9. A new page will be displayed, just click on LEECH IT!
  10. After above step, you will be sent to a URL shortener menu that contains ads with 5 seconds countdown.
  11. This is the last stage, just wait for some seconds and the Download page will pop-up, then start your file direct Download.

11. 10-download Premium link Generator

This is another Premium link generator that has one of the most amazing user interface, as the layout is so simple to use. 10 download premium link generator is such that is directly pointing to the service that users are asking or seeking for, it doesn’t have too much distractions except of few advertisements. All the users need to do, is to go to the official website, paste the link you wanted to download from and get the direct file Download link.

10-download site supports two major hosts for direct File Download and they are Uploaded.net site and the 1fichier, having a file limit of 810MB and 2048MB respectively.

Recently, we found out that 10-download site now displays 404-not found. Meaning their website is not available, but we hope they update their host soon in order to come live.



PremiumLeech Happens to be a repidgator premium link Generator used globally on the internet storage Market. The service provides good servers that enables users to get the best premium features. Currently, PremiumLeech is free to use, as they are yet to implement premium plans for paid features.


So that simply means, you can use all their features for free link generator.



GeneratorLink Premium Generator site is free to use by all. Their website is very simple and easy to navigate. Once you visit the home page, you will be presented with an empty box to enter your link for generation. Copy and past your link in the box to start the process. follow the prompts and your Downloaded link should be ready in seconds.

generatorlinkpremium Link Generator

How to use GeneratorLink Premium

  1. First of all visit the site at GeneratorLink
  2. Copy the link you want to convert and paste in the box available on the site,
  3. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the small box available,
  4. Now click on Generate premium link button
  5. That’s it, your link has been developed or created

14. Leech Ninja

Another wonderful file hosting service is leech ninja premium link generator. It happens to be an improved features from hungry leech or probably, hungry leech got improved from leech ninja or actually owned by same company. The site got nice supported hosts. They support several form of link Generator and most of them are as follows: NitroFlare, Rapidgator, Keep2Share, Uploaded etc.

How to use Leech Ninja

  1. Go-to Leech Ninja website
  2. Copy and Paste your link in the box,
  3. Follow the prompts and after then, start your downloading.

15. BigSpeeds Premium Link Generator

Bigspeeds link generator also provide wonderful service, when it comes to generating links (url) for Download. The site promise to deliver the best service when it comes their online storage and Download system.

Recently we discovered that Bigspeeds now redirect to Deepbrid and this only tells that, deepbrid company owns the site or they bought after its domain expiration. The support file hosters and many others.

16. HarBlaze Link Generator

Harblaze premium link generator supports many file hosters that you might be interested to use. This company gives free users about 35GB per each file hosting service. They widely support lots of good generator link services.

With their service, you can as well check for live Active links, Download in bulk and many other essential services. Most of the file hosting sites this service support are as follows; filefactory, filer, filesflash, alfafile, datafile, gigapeta, hitfile, MediaFire, mega, datafilehost, Depositfiles, fichier, uploaded, userscloud, youtube, zippyshare, oboom, openload, rapidgator, tusfiles, unibytes, salefiles, share-online, turbobit etc.

HarBlaze requires account registration before you can be able to access their full services.

Stay Tuned, for more free premium link generator site Download Loading… Bookmark the the page for recent updates. Also, endeavor to share this content to friends on social media.