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How to Unlock Itel it5081 Phone Security Code

Good news for Itel it5081 phone users. This insightful article is aimed at giving you tip on how you can flash or unlock itel it5081 and get the security code unlocked. It’s worthwhile to note that this phone is one of the latest itel phone brands as the time this article was published.

This phone comes with a security feature aimed at ensuring that an unauthorized person doesn’t have to access your phone without your consent or the corresponding security code for authentication. Unfortunately, because of our human-nature, one can forget the security code of his/her phone and get locked out and unable to access the phone.

Like is I said initially, this article is to bring good news to those who have been locked out of their itel it5081 probably because they have forgotten the required security code for authentication. In some other smart phones, it is usually done using combination of keys in order to access the phone recovery menu, in case you wish to perform a factory data reset operation or setting on that particular device.

However, that’s not the case with feature phone. So if by mistake you are locked out of your phone, and you can’t just figure out the security code or pin, it’s gonna be an uphill task for you to unlock your phone and regain access to it.

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Best Method to Flash Itel it5081 and Unlock Security Code

It’s quite unfortunate that future phones do not have a recovery menu, that is section user of the phone can boot in order to have access to the recovery options for easy phone factory reset settings especially when the need arises.

So you are left with this only option I am about tell you. The major option to unlock this phone security code is to use a flashing software and a stock ROMs. It works well on Itel it5081. Of course you should know that you will need flashing software to get this phone unlocked.

But flashing software is not always easy to get, so you really need much easier way to get your phone unlocked. The requirement is that, you will have to get a stock ROM and flash it. This is a much easier way to get this problem solved especially if you are a skilled computer user. You don’t have to worry about how to get the stock ROM because I am here to help you. I will give you a link where you can download Itel it5081 stock ROM without much stress.

Requirements to Unlock Itel it5081 Mobile Phone

Prior to the flashing of your Itel 5081 phone to unlock the security code, there are some certain requirements that you have to meet for you to be able to carry out such operation. They are;

  1. Your Windows Computer
  2. You should have Itel 5081 Firmware File. You can download itel 5081 pac the file here.
  3. One good USB Data cable
  4. SPD drivers (if necessary)

Steps on How to Flash Itel 5081 to Unlock Security Code

Step 1: The very first thing you have to do is to ensure that you have downloaded the Itel 5081 Stock Firmware. Otherwise, you can simply download it through this link Download Itel 5081 Stock Firmware.

With the link above, you can download the required firmware. You have to download the zip file and extract it on your computer with either of these extracting tools – Zarchiver Pro 7 ZIP or WINRAR. You have to note that the zip file comes along with other several versions of the itel 5081 stock firmware.

Step 2: As soon as you have downloaded and extracted the firmware zip file, you will now need to get the tool which can be used to flash your phone. Lest I forget, I want to inform you that for you to be able to flash any SPD chipset, you must have the necessary SPD flash tool known as Research Download tool. So as you can see, this phone is an SPD 6530 CPU, so we will have to use the Research Download SPD flash tool. You can easily get this Research Download flash tool on the internet. Launch the Research Download tool as soon as you download it.

mobile phone flash tool

Step 3: At this stage, all you have to do is to load the downloaded firmware files to the Upgrade Download tool. For you to load the pac file to the tool, simply click on the first Gear icon that is at the top left of the dashboard. Then you just to go to the folder where you had extracted the itel 5081 firmware you downloaded initially. At this point, just select one and click on OPEN.

unlock mobile phone itel

Step 4: I believe you have gotten your firmware loaded at this stage. Now to flash it on your phone, just click on the “PLAY” button. At this point you have to remove the battery from the phone and place it back on the button above the call button.

Unlock Itel it5081 Phone Security Code

Now, hold the boot key and connect the phone to the computer through the USB data cable and the Flashing process will begin. Ensure you continue to hold the boot key firmly while the flashing is ongoing until flashing is done and you see “PASSED” on the dashboard.

phone unlocked freely

After the successful completion of the flashing process, quickly detach the phone from the USB cable, remove the battery and place it back, then power the phone up. As your phone boots up, it’s gonna look like a brand new phone from the slot.

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