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How to Unlock PC Internet Modems Manually

You can now easily unlock your PC internet Modem for free just in 5 minutes. So that is to say, this post contains an expert tips on how to go about unlocking your internet modems to become a universal Modem for browsing on all Network SIM or type.

Before now, it used to be that for someone to easily unlock PC Modem, he/she would definitely need a Software to Generate the Unlock Code. But now, things have changed, as you can now unlock your PC network modem online and offline with the use of a nice Website page that offer any modem unlock code.

In the website, all you need do is to enter your Modem IMEI Number only and it will provide you with unlock code for cracking the Modem freely. Read on below to get your computer or laptop modem unlocked for free of charge.

Unlock Modem for free

Some people who may need to use software in unlocking their PC modem, another series of tutorial is coming for that after this particular one, so stay tuned and follow the guide already provided below for modem website unlocking tool.

Hope you know that having the knowledge on how to unlock laptop/desktop modems to become universal has turned out to be a lucrative business for some niggers. You can as well make money (get paid) out of it by unlocking peoples modem.

The very easiest thing about this unlocking tool for modems is that you mustn’t own a PC before you can unlock any modem. You can unlock someone’s modem with your mobile phone and give the person the password or codes to unlock the modem when he or she gets home. Are you surprised at that? Yes, that’s the truth and you will find out as we proceed.

Unclock Locked Devices:

The website in talk is your major tool for getting the Modem IMEI Number unlocked, as long as you have a device to visit the site online. So let’s get it done below.

Crack Modems Online

Steps to Get Any Modem Unlocked Online for Free

>> Now to Get Your Modem Unlocked Online, just get the exact internet modem you wish to unlock and open the cover case where you slot in or insert any SIM card for connecting to the network provider. From there, locate where the IMEI Number and model is written, (usually most imei numbers varies depending on the modem model network, some start with 86 and others 35 etc. Example 354160835616310, usually 15 digits.

Now copy the digits and write it down somewhere. Also take down the model and maker of the modem, for example Huawei or ZTE.

>> Click any of the following link depending on your Modem maker for

>> When you visit any of the link for the website above, you will see a provided Space for entering your Modem IMEI digits, now enter the 15 numbers you copied from the back of your Modem and then proceed by clicking on the calculate Button.


>> When the website finished loading after clicking on calculate button above, it will provide you with the unlock code, for example Unlock: 45115790 or NCK = 45115240. Ensure to copy the code by writing it down somewhere, then proceed with the last step for unlocking the network to universal.

>> Since the unlock code has been generated from above, next is to Remove the SIM Card from the modem and insert another network Sim card different from the modem network you are unlocking; for example, if the modem is an Etisalat Modem (9Mobile), then you will have to insert MTN Sim or Airtel, or even Glo and then plug it to your computer USB port.

Hack Modem Free
Inserting MTN SIM to Etisalat Modem
Unlock Modem USB Port
Modem Plugged into computer USB Port.

>> Patiently wait for a Pop Up that will display asking you to enter your Unlock code, just enter the unlock code you generated from the website above example 45115790 and then click on OK button.

Wow! Congratulation, your PC modem has been successfully unlocked. You can now insert different types of Network Sim card and get your computer connected to the internet for browsing, downloading different files like images, wallpapers, games, applications etc. Watch live video streaming with uninterrupted strong signal connections, share wifi network to other users through your modem and many more things to explore.

This above method can unlock any stubborn modem giving you tough time. And remember any body from any country be it USA, Canada, UK, India, Indonesia, as well as Nigerian etc. can you use the procedure above and get all modem unlocked, even bolt modems.

Hope the (how to hack Modem tips) was simplified? Time for you to make money by cracking other peoples modem and get paid. Appreciate our effort by commenting and sharing the post using the below social media share buttons. Thank you.