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How to View Snapchat Story Without the Owner’s Knowledge

How do I view a friend’s Story on Snapchat? Can you view a Story on Snapchat without them knowing? How to view someone’s, Snapchat Story? How to see someone’s Snapchat Story without being their friend? How can someone see your Snapchat Story if they aren’t your friend?

Whichever query that brought you to this page indeed brought you to the right article or guide. So read through to learn what brought you here about Snapchat.

The application Snapchat is one of the multimedia messaging applications that are globally used. It was created by a team of former students from the University of Stanford, and was developed by the Snap Inc. Company, which was originally known as Snapchat Inc. This tutorial trick or tips will guide you on how to view Snapchat Stories without the Owner’s Knowledge or notice.

In simple terms, Snapchat happens to be one of the renowned social media applications through which users can exchange pictures and stories. It is an outstanding application, and it has become the favorite social media application for so many people simply because it has so many filters and provides a medium through which users can use pictures to tell stories.

On the Snapchat application, if you upload a picture, it will remain there for a whole day (24 hours) after which it will be deleted automatically. While the picture is still up; that is before it is taken down, you will be constantly getting notified about the number of friends that have gotten to see the picture.

If you are planning on using Snapchat, it is essential that you know how to view the Snapchat of friends there because it adds a whole new level of fun to your use of the app. I have taken the liberty of assembling some pointers in order to assist you on your quest for fun acquisition.

How to Read Someone’s Snapchat Story without their Knowledge

If you plan on spying on another person’s Snapchat or wish to view their story without their knowledge, then you should carefully work yourself through the following steps. The steps will ensure you make use of snapchat stories viewer without being caught by the owner. Below are the steps:

  • Open your Snapchat application
  • Login into you account
  • Click on “Stories” icon found at the bottom-right corner of your device screen
  • Immediately you have gone to the “Stories” page, you will be required to refresh your screen and hold on for the feed to load. It is important that you do not open any Snapchat story before going to change the setting.
  • At the point of which the stories are all loaded, close the application and turn off your mobile device and your data connection or Wi-Fi (if you are connected to one).
  • The next thing for you to do is to reopen Snapchat and tap on the “Stories” icon which is found at the bottom-right corner.
  • At this point, when the Snapchat stories now loads, you will start seeing them without the knowledge of the owner.
  • Immediately you are done viewing all the stories, close the app and then turn on your data connection again or turn on your Wi-Fi and reconnect.

There is another method through which you can view someone’s account on Snapchat without their knowledge. This method is to download and install the Snapchat Spy mobile application.

cocospy snapchat spy app
cocospy snapchat spy app

An advantage of making use of this mobile application is that even when the said photos that were taken has been deleted by Snapchat, the CocoSpy application will still retain them for your viewing unless you have already seen them.

By making use of this application, you see all the videos and photos which are shared by users on Snapchat, including all the text messages sent over Snapchat.

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Viewing Old Snapchat Stories

A major problem of the Snapchat application is that stories there disappear after a period of one day (24 hours). So by implication, the only way through which you can get to see old stories on the Snapchat application is by downloading and installing a specialized application. This specialized application will help you to see those old stories.

The name of this specialized application is CocoSpy and like I said earlier, it enables you to view old and expired Snapchat stories which a considerable amount of ease. It also allows you to go through all the text messages which were sent by a particular account on the Snapchat application. In addition, by making use of Cocospy, you will learn how to actually view the old stories of friends on Snapchat.

In an event that you wish to track the phone of someone else, it is very easy for you to do that with the help of an application. This app is called Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. It is actually one of the numerous free apps, which can assist you in reviewing the GPS data available to you in real time.

Monitor Phones and Tablets
Monitor Phones and Tablets

You can equally track all your SMS and other messages from a remote location. As a matter of fact, time stamp information can be made available to you and you can easily track down chat and SMS.

track and spy applications
track and spy applications

How to View Snapchat Stories of Others without Being Their Friends

You don’t always have to add someone to your friend-list before you can get to view their snaps on Snapchat. You can equally get to see their stories without actually being their friends.

Start Monitoring Remotely
Start Monitoring Remotely

If you wish to achieve the feat stated above, all you have to do is to ensure that the user whose profile you wish to view has a public Snapchat profile. If the user has it, it becomes very easy for you to view their stories that are public.

Inversely, if the user’s profile happens to be private, then this is where you need to employ the services of CocoSpy to aid you. Literally, the CocoSpy application can really aid you in spying on anyone at all.

If you wish, you might not limit your installation to only Snapchat alone. You can also install Whatsapp, Facebook, and even Instagram.

If your plan is to ensure that your stories are only seen by your friends alone, then you have to ensure that you make the necessary changes in “Privacy Settings” way before you upload any photo unto the application.

cocospy Monitoring Features
cocospy Monitoring Features


At this point, you are now properly informed about how to watch the stories and snaps of other users and even read their messages without their knowledge. Having this knowledge, it’s now time to implement them with all alacrity without worrying about the person knowing.

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