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Moe Ninja Girls Mod APK (Unlimited Coins/Money)

Get the latest apk version of moe ninja girl mod apk. A game of adventure for Android. This page has a direct link to the mod apk with unlimited coins and money. All premium features are now available for free. Check below for direct link Download.

Moe Ninja Girls APK Game Description

You can create your story with this game. Your choices will affect the ending story. You have the chance to create your story.

This large-scale love story game is inspired by the best manga, anime, and romance novels.

You can get to know your dream girl through the game’s storyline and live a happy school life.

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The Game Storyline

This game will let you play the role a genius Ninja who hides his identity. You will then be transferred to Mizaki school, where you’ll be surrounded with school girls. You will live a peaceful, fulfilling school life. You will be invited to join the “Ninja Seeking Club” by fate.

You will spend more time with your girls as the days go by.

Is it possible to discover the identity of your favorite girl? Unmask the secret behind Mizaki School’s sercert.

This is a great adventure that you should not miss. It’s very entertaining and fun to play.

Hot Girls at School

Akari Hanao: “We are in the same class…and we sit so close…it must be fate?” !”

Akari Hanao, your classmate, is positive, smart and active. Sometimes she is a starry-eyed, which can lead to trouble for those around her. Hanao is a Ninja lover and created the “Ninja Seeking Club”.

Enju Saion ji – I can probably tell you anything you need if you are having trouble.

Saion-ji, your classmate and member of the student council, is also your friend. She is smart, agile, and cool. Akari’s friend, she takes care of Akari even when she gets into trouble. She can be strict at times, but she is caring by nature. Enju is very private about her private life and avoids the limelight.

Ricka Machiyuki: “No problem. Do not think about what is happening behind you. Just take your lessons.”

Ricka is a new classmate just like you. She is a quiet person who loves to play poker with her poker-faced friends. She is a lover of video games, and fried noodle hotdogs.

Features Of Moe Ninja Girls Game

  • Play for FREE
  • Beautiful artwork, captivating soundtracks, and motion effects.
  • Play requires an internet connection
  • There are many endings to choose from depending on your choices.
  • Cute costumes in Japanese anime style, with regular updates.
  • Often, in-game events are held with special prizes.

Download Moe Ninja Girls Mod APK Game With Unlimited Coins Money

  1. Download the original or official Game App from Google Playstore
  2. Get the mod version at mediafire

Moe Ninja Girls game download