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Tak Zang Apk Miss Call Bomber App Download

There is an app known as Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber, it helps you to prank your friends or lovers by giving them unlimited missed calls. This article is meant to educate you on how download and use this application to give someone as many missed calls as you wish. Accompanied with this article is the latest version of the Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber APK download link and how to use the app to send unlimited missed calls to anyone.

This Tak Zang APK is actually a lightweight app meant for sending unlimited and automatic missed calls to your friends or lovers in order to get them pranked. So after going through the processes I am about to unleash below, you should be able to download and use this app effectively and efficiently to send automatic unlimited missed calls especially to those you wish to prank.

Sadly, the Tak Zang Missed call bomber app is no longer available on Google Playstore as it has been officially removed because it violates some policies. However, you can still get it downloaded into your android device via some external sources. But do ensure that you download it from trusted sources only, because some of these apps uploaded as Tak Zang Missed Call Bomber do come with some malicious software attached to it. So you got to be very careful so that you don’t unknowingly install various into your device.

As we progress, I shall show you the link to download Tak Zang Missed Call Boomer and also get you enlightened on how to use this app to give unlimited missed calls and other interesting features like Call Catcher for answering an incoming call automatically by itself especially on that first ring.


  • Title: Tak Zang Missed Call Bomber
  • App Category: Unlimited Missed Calls Tak Zang
  • File size: Less than 1 MB
  • Requirements: Tak Zang APK file, Android Mobile
  • App Author: Narenj – Tak Zang

You can download the APK file for the app from the link specified below. After downloading the apk file, locate it at download folder in your file manager, simply double click on the APK file to begin the installation process. During the course of the installation, if it an error pops up like Can’t Install Apps from Unknown Sources, then it means you need to allow the required permission by going to Settings -> Security -> Check the Unknown sources option -> then Tap on OK

After you must have Checked the Unknown sources option, start the installation process again. That error that popped up then will not come up again and your installation process will complete successfully. Now let me guide you on the steps on how to use the Tak Zang app to give unlimited missed calls.


To directly download this tak zang android application, simply click the provided link below for the latest version. After downloading the apk, go ahead and install to start using.


  1. You have to first download and install the app from the link specified above.
  2. Now open the Tak Zang app and it will ask you for few permissions for the first time. You have to grant those permissions.
  3. Choose the language – tap Continue in English.
  4. If you take a look at the Home screen, you will see all the options like Start, Calls Catcher, Tutorial and Exit. To give unlimited missed calls, click on the Start option.Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber Apk - START OPTION
  5. Now Enter the mobile\phone number of the person you wish to give numerous missed calls (:p). You can as well search and select the phone number from your contact list.Enter mobile phone number on tak zang app
  6. On the next screen, select the number of times you want the missed calls to appear on the persons mobile phone, that’s how many missed you want to give. If you wish to get the person more annoyed, you can select a big number..Tak Zang Miss Calling mod apk
  7. Lastly, you also have to set the duration of missed calls. That’s how long it’s going to ring before it ends and repeat again until it gets to the number of missed calls you specified. Remember this can be very irritating on the side of your victim.Start calling on Tak Zang app

If you have followed the steps above and then click on the start button, your victim’s mobile number will receive those missed calls with the duration you have specified and the number of times for the missed calls to occur.


The Call Catcher is one of the interesting features of the Tak Zang app. If you enable this Call Catcher feature, it will help you to immediately pick/answer call whenever your mobile phone rings. Here are the procedures to use Call Catcher feature:

  1. Firstly, Open Tak Zang Missed Call Boomer app
  2. Then you will find Calls Catcher option on the home screen just below the start button, click on it.
  3. Now Check the Enable button and type-in the mobile number you want to enable Call Catcher feature on.
  4. Finally, click on the Accept button.

There’s also an option like if you want to Answer all calls to lift the calls from all the numbers as soon as they ring. Interestingly even if you exit the Tak Zang app, call catcher feature will also be running in the background. You can stop it by simply opening the call catcher option and unchecking the enable button therein. You have to note that your phone has to be rooted to avail this feature.


  • It one of the best apps that you can use to irritate your friends with unlimited missed calls.
  • It came with the Missed call catcher feature along with call bomber in Tak Zang
  • You can get it for free
  • It doesn’t require much or complex configuration, just a one click, it’s installed.
  • The app allows you to set a delay between the missed calls.
  • Tak zang is actually a light-weight app.
  • It can send unlimited number of missed calls to your victims/friends.This Tak Zang is one of the best apps to you can use to prank your friends. As soon as you install Tak Zang APK into your device, you can leverage this app to send unlimited missed calls to any mobile number unless the persons blocks you.
    If you are facing any issues using Tak Zang app, do let you know through comments and I will help you out.
    You really enjoy this app if you download it.