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Top UFC’s Technological Advancements in the Octagon

There are numerous ways in which technology has altered sports, but its impact on how and where players prepare has been particularly profound.

Each participant in a UFC pay-per-view event will train for weeks or even months to be at their peak performance, adding to the UFC picks. This frequently involves experimenting with new training methods and technology to gain a slight advantage over opponents. 

Let’s examine some technological tools mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes utilize to remain ahead of the game.

Branding Gadgets

The UFC is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. They and 4D Sight, a live video monetization platform for games, creators, and sports, unveiled a trial venture to test new virtual advertising technologies that would assist viewers and sponsors in localizing broadcasts.

4D Sight’s cloud-based computer vision technology enables sports leagues and broadcasters to display static and moving brand images on the field of play without worrying about where or how to position cameras. In UFC, 4D Sight’s technology was designed to handle virtual advertisements in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, providing local businesses with limitless new possibilities to collaborate.

During worldwide broadcasts, broadcasters and leagues seeking addressable solutions and hyper-targeting specific places can use 4D Sight’s features to replace or develop new local branding. This will mark the debut of 4D Sight’s technology in a significant sports setting. The firm has collaborated with some of the world’s top esports leagues.

Lab Upgrades

After knocking out Diego Sanchez in 98 seconds, Al Iaquinta resumed his usual training regimen at the New York Sports Science Lab.

This is different from your ordinary training facility. None of the trainers there are advising him on his technique. They are instead training his intellect to make him quicker on his feet in the UFC Octagon. This offers him an advantage over his rivals. There are currently a few other sites where you may find all these cognitive machines in one location.

The combatant travels to Long Island to the NY Sports Science Lab, where he works with trainers, doctors, engineers, and scientists who harness technology to enhance human performance.

Other fighters and professional athletes are beginning to notice Iaquinta’s laboratory work. Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has also recently started training there.

Altitude Mask

Altitude mask is one sort of training technology gadget that has grown in popularity. Even though resistance exercise is healthy for the body, the device claims that adding resistance to your airflow can help you breathe better. 

The mask has the potential to enhance lung capacity, anaerobic threshold, oxygen efficiency, and even concentration. People claim that the product stimulates the advantages of training at high altitudes and makes a 20-minute workout as effective as one lasting 60 minutes.

Last season, Marshawn Lynch made news when he warmed up using an altitude mask before playoff games. Carlos Condit, Rashad Evans, and Anderson Silva are among the top UFC competitors who like it.

Health Wearables

Given that technology affects every aspect of fitness training, it is not unexpected that many of the earliest companies in the industry have had tremendous user growth. More athletes are anticipated to join platforms to leverage technology to make training more efficient and effective, as well as to have access to the training regimens and routines of elite athletes, such as UFC fighters.

The Oura Ring is one of the few popular health wearables that measure body temperature directly from the skin instead of determining it based on the surrounding environment. Temperature is essential for determining how well you slept, how well you performed in sports, and whether you are unwell.

The UFC Performance Institute is a cutting-edge facility for mixed martial arts training, research, and sports innovation. It has spent the last three years determining how technology may enhance training regimens so athletes can achieve their physical and mental optimum.

Responsive Sports also created the app iPunch, which is a wearable device. The app tracks each punch’s speed, accuracy, and force and then provides users with coaching feedback using the app’s integrated software. With sensor-equipped MMA gloves, the software can maintain track of the user’s movements. The sensors then transmit the data via Bluetooth to the iPunch app.

UFC fighters will utilize Oura’s Teams product, which has existed for a long time. It enables group members to share their data with a “Coach,” who can work with individuals to assist them in learning more about their health or with groups to identify pertinent trends that can be utilized to enhance training plans.