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80 Best Free Movie Download Sites | 2022 Full HD Videos

Are you searching for updated best site to download HD movies for free? where you can actually download and watch 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and upcoming 2023 trending HD videos in all facet of Entertainment ranging from Action, Romance or Love, Sports etc? Do you wish to follow up seasonal movies date of release and characters played by each cast (Actors/Actresses) in film industries? Whichever your quest regarding to free movie download sites maybe, this article have best answers for them. So read down to get top 80 sites for free movie download ranging from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 extending to upcoming 2023 Netflix movies etc.

Previously, I updated Techbmc with Best 32 sites for free Streaming of Live sports online, and it all went well for viewers and subscribers of this blog. During the cause of that, many also requested for new movie direct download links, via my email account. And as promised, here comes the very best free websites to download your HD Movies without much stress.

Before heading straight to the best sites for downloading latest movies , to your personal computers (PC), tablets and Smartphones, see also Free Video Streaming Live Apps For Android Mobile Phones. In continuation, movies from different platforms are loaded with different video formats so as to enable these films play in different mobile and PC operating system. Those formats in talk are as follows; MP4, HD, OGG, TS, AVI, Webm and ASF etc. and as the user, you can always covert video files with offline and online video converter if you so wish.

In a lay man’s language, a free movie download HD site is simply an active website where all is allowed to download free high definition (HD) movies to devices ranging from Mobile phones, Tablets, Desktop PC etc. Basically, several movie download site providers give free direct movie download links to their users, and most of them give privilege for online streaming that involves watching the movie online without downloading, but due to high consumption of data megabyte in online streaming, many prefer downloading and then watching offline; as they can watch the movie anytime they feel like while it is downloaded and stored in their phone or computer memory. So in such situation where you don’t want to stream online content, you can actually download the movie with the help of Internet Download Manager (IDM) and then watch whenever you feel like.

Description of free Movie Download Site

You can actually utilize these 80 list of movie downloader websites from anywhere, be it your home, office work, banks, school, hospitals etc. via your laptop, Android phones like Gionee, Google nexus, Tecno, Asus, Hawaii, iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPods, Mac, Windows mobile and PC, Blackberry etc. as long as the device can access internet connection. Below is Video streaming live apps and links to download HD Movies download site.

HD free movie download
HD free movie download

Basic Tools for HD Movie Download Sites

Required tools needed for a HD free movie download sites are as follows:

  • Internet connection
  • Computers or Smartphone Devices
  • Internet Web Browser
  • Download Manager
  • IDM Extension
  • Robust Storage Space

> Internet connection: Downloading free HD movies on the internet requires strong signal network very fast in internet speed. So make a better selection of network provider with the best data and high internet surfing speed. Don’t make a mistake by choosing network with slow internet connection, so that you won’t hate yourself and your device while downloading or streaming HD videos online from these websites. You can actually connect using any nearby WiFi hotspot internet connection or any free browsing cheat if you have settings and configuration for that.

> Computers, Tablets & Smartphone Devices: it’s not possible to download online without a device in which you are sending the files to. Your device should be internet enabled before thinking of downloading and streaming of free HD movies. When I talk about devices, I mean computers such as desktops, laptops running on any operating system you can ever think of such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc. and smartphones running OS such as Android, iOS, Nokia, Blackberry and many more.

> Internet Web Browser: It is necessary I mention web browser as one of the tools to get your free movies downloaded to your devices. And of course, without this internet web browser you wouldn’t have accessed this information you are reading from this blog. So it is highly recommended you download HD videos with internet browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Safari etc. But in the course of this tutorial, I will recommend you to download and use Chrome browser both on your PC and mobile devices.

> Download Manager: Somebody will be like what’s the need of downloading HD movies with Download manager when I have my web browsers intact. Yes, we know your browsers can download free hd movies for you, but can it download bigger HD movie files faster? And this is where Download manager sets in. Among all the download manager software application I have used online, Internet download manager has been the best and can’t be excluded from this article. So it is highly recommended you install IDM on your computers and mobile phones for easy download of big GB HD videos.

> IDM Extension: This extension will probably go a long way in making life easier for you when added to your web browsers such as chrome, Firefox etc. It fastens the download speed of movies and aid in gathering streaming movie contents online. This work perfectly well on YouTube streaming website.

> Memory or Storage Space: For better performance and ensuring your downloading file not to hang at a point because of less storage space, its better you checkmate your memory details before downloading HD movies, and to check your memory details, navigate to your mobile settings >> Storage and Space >> Memory Details. You can as well download some easy software or apps that gather information of a device. And then ensure a sufficient storage space to avoid waste of efforts.

Below are Basic Features one can actually encounter while operating in a Free Movie Download Site. So whenever you visit any HD movie website, just expect the following;

  • Free movie download Button.
  • One click free direct download links.
  • Video Streaming options.
  • Different variety of movies to download from or stream.
  • You will see different movie qualities available for download either in HDCAM, HDTS or Bluray etc.
  • Section for movie searching system
  • movie sorting list or category from year of release to date.
  • Section for Movie rating system; check IMDB rating of any movie.
  • Advert ads on site
  • You don’t need to sign up or register in order to download HD movies for free but some movie sites require registration. So the choice is yours to take.

Movie Selection Process:

This collection of best 80 free movie download site will be reviewed extensively based on some popular variables which all who intend to download or stream video wouldn’t ignore while making a selection or collection. They are as follows:

Downloading Process:

How fast one can actually download from these sites, whether the movies are linked to the homepage for direct download, instant downloading from working or expired links. Does it take longer time before a download link expires or deleted from the website.

Download Speed:

Has to do with how fast you are able to download these HD movies to your devices without delay. Some video downloading website actually delay downloading speed of updated movies due to one reason or the other. So these are what we check mate before making a selection from any free movie sites.

Speed of the Movie website

This is another movie collection process am so interesting in. You can agree with me that downloading from a slow website is annoying and unbearable, especially when you wish to download any movie before your battery drains up to the point of switching off. Not only that, and most time, it takes one so much time to locate the movie he or she prefers to download and most of us wouldn’t want to experience such. So this review is based on movie website with enhanced speed in navigation.

Streaming option

HD movie website should allow streaming on its platform. Reason being that one can actually download hd movies by capturing the download link during the cause of online streaming. And through that, be able to download those online streaming movies by using Internet Download Manager via its integrated extension on a web browser. So this will be included in the review of these websites.

Pros and Cons

I will also be discussing the pros and cons of individual website regarding to this 2022 free HD movie download reviews, as most people prefer downloading movies from websites having such available for users.


Best sites for Free Movie Download in 2022

There are tons of sites to download all kinds of HD movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood etc) and our review will base on top best movie downloading sites and their video format version. So below come the very best sites to download film in 2018 and beyond.


This happens to be one of my best sites for downloading free HD quality movies. In MoviesCouch, there are different types of movies one can access on their website and they as follow: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller etc under Hollywood, Pakistani, Punjab, Bollywood, and dual audio movies etc.

MoviesCouch free movie download
MoviesCouch free movie download

The reason why MoviesCouch is one of the best HD movie download in 2018 is as follows. Stating categorically from the selection process aforementioned above;

Download Process for MoviesCouch

This will involve steps to download movies from MoviesCouch to your Mobile, tablets and PC devices.

  • Navigate to MoviesCouch website.
  • Search for the movie in which you have delighted to download from. For example, I wish to download Black Panther 2018 Movie free download under Genre Action, Adventure.
  • Then click on Details and a new page with the movie details and download links will display just in a fast loading speed. And now, you will get to see the movie items such as the title, duration, synopsis, quality, image screenshots, trailers and download links already mentioned above.
  • Next, click on Download link and a new tab will display presenting you with a pop message that says “wait while we process your request”. Now in few seconds, the movie will start downloading automatically. From here, the download manager you have installed on your device should capture the downloading movie files.
Black Panther 2018 free download
Black Panther 2018 free download
free download movie icon
free download movie icon

MoviesCouch navigation is very easy to use by any visitor or user; As one can easily navigate and search movie he or she wants to watch by downloading without distraction of any sort asking you to click ads before you will have to unblock download links. Just click on the direct link to download your selected movie and it will start right away without wastage of time. It’s one of the free movie download sites for mobile and PC devices.

MoviesCouch Download Speed:

The website is designed in such a way that its page load and download speed is extremely fast, rendering you fast loading depending on your internet connection at that moment. This site offers downloading movies free for any user that is using their platform to get the movie files. Has premium downloading speed, it also give resume support, meaning you can continue your download when it fails without achieving the purpose it was meant to. So resume support will continue the downloading.

Streaming Options

At the moment MoviesCouch don’t support streaming, so you can get your movies downloaded to your devices and then watch offline and share the video to family and friends who might be interested.

Free website for video download
Free website for video download

Website Pros and Cons

MoviesCouch Pros:
  • Direct download
  • Fast web surfing with Download speed
  • Easy and simple navigation.
  • Resume Support for links.
  • Streaming option available
MoviesCouch Cons:
  • Got pop-up ads.

MoviesCouch is one of the best and top site for downloading latest free Hollywood movies without having to go through series of signing up and logging in, so that means, it is completely one of the free movies download websites without registration. Just select your choice of movie and then click on download to enjoy the direct download with premium speed. Remember, when you get disconnected by network or low memory issue, just pause, solve the issue and then come back and resume your download from where it stopped.


This is also another top free HD movie downloading website that offers English Movies and Hindi movies. Fou Movies HD Genre that one can access freely and download are as follows: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Animation, Biography, Horror, History, Music, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, War and Sports etc.

FouMovies free HD movie Download
FouMovies free HD movie Download

FouMovies have lots of HD movies stored and ready to be downloaded by users. They have been putting together so many free HD quality videos in their website in order for fans to download to their devices. In FouMovies site, you can access and download movies from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond etc. and you can get that by tapping on one of its website section called “Movies by year”.

This site offers free download of old and trending movies and why I like the platform is that it works with direct download links, no spam or any sort of registration before accessing movies you wish to download. They have options that present you with list of video quality before you proceed with your downloading and such video qualities are CAM, HDTS, 1080p, 720p, and 480p. So this option allows you to select the video quality that will clearly display on your mobile or PC devices.

latest movie downloads
latest movie downloads

Note: Due to some reasons best known by FouMovies web masters, they changed their domain name from FouMovies.com to FouMovies.co.
Reasons Why I consider FouMovies as one of the best HD movies download site in 2018?

Download Process for FouMovies

Below is the FouMovies downloading process for HD movies you can find in its platform:

  • Navigate to FouMovies Website
  • Search the movie you wish to download with Menu Advance Search option in the website. For example, I want to download “Rampage Full Movie Download Free HD 2018” I will search and then click on the name.
  • This will display the section where you can see the movies details ranging from title, description, date of release, Genre, video quality, IMDB ratings, synopsis, trailers, video screenshots, and download link
Full Movie Download Free HD 2018
Full Movie Download Free HD 2022
  • Click on the green download button to start downloading and after that, your installed download manager (IDM) would capture the movie.
Download free HD Movies
Download button for videos

Website and Download Speed:

The website is very fast in downloading speedily. Their web server is a very fast one and one can easily access full HD movies free of charge. The website is designed with a dark theme with easy and fastest navigation sections for both mobile and PC visibility.

Streaming Options

  • FouMovies has no streaming feature on its site.
  • Fast Premium download speed
  • Direct download link
  • Better movie collections
  • Don’t have streaming option
  • You can’t find popup ads.

Finally, FouMovies free movie download site 2018 is accessible by all who wishes to download from their website and nothing like obstruction during downloads. So for those searching for free movie download sites without paying, FouMovies is the answer.


Worldfree4u movie collection site is another website that allows both streaming and direct downloads of movies. Here, you can download movies for free online without much stress. As you may know, there are tons of HD movies one can actually access and download from worldfre4u site and they are as follows:

  • Bollywood 300Mb Movies
  • Bollywood 720p Movies
  • Bollywood 1080p Movies
  • Dual Audio 300MB Movies
  • Dual Audio 720p Movies
  • Dual Audio 1080p Movies
  • Hollywood 720p Movies
  • Hollywood 300MB Movies
  • Cartoon & Animated 720p
  • Cartoon & Animated 300Mb
  • South Hindi Dubbed 720p Movies
  • South Hindi Dubbed 300Mb Movies
  • Punjabi Movies 720p
  • Bengali Movies 720p
  • Tamil Movies 720p

The site is very active in publishing latest HD movies on time and their website layout is very simple and good for one to easily navigate through.

Download Process for WorldFree4U

The downloading process is quite simple but involves two to three steps before you can access it. So if you are wondering how to download HD movies from worldfree4u website, then this process is simply for you. Also, the site has multiple download links for every movies present in their platform. You don’t need to sign up before you can access HD videos to download.

  • Navigate to WorldFree4U Homepage
  • Search for the title of the movie you wish to download and watch offline. For example, I want to download “Rampage 2018 Full Movie Download” I will search for the title and then click on it.
free Hollywood Movies 2018
free Hollywood Movies
  • Clicking on the title will take me to another webpage where one can scrutinize things like Genre of the movie, ratings, storyline description, date of release, movie start cast, and other things.

WorldFree4U Download Links

The website has about three options for downloading any movie of your choice. You can simply watch online in English language format, and also watch in other languages of your choice with just a single download link. The first 2 options present are for movie streaming links and the last link is for downloading the video. This last link contains multiple mirror links, so download from anyone that suit you best, probably from free hollywood movies download section if you are a fan to Hollywood videos.

  • Hasfree streaming option
  • Embedded with multiple mirror download links.
  • full movies online for free without downloading
  • Don’t have direct download link,
  • Takes a little bit time to start downloading
  • There are popup ads on the website.

WorldFree4U website arrangement is wonderful, as you can access movie download sizes from their movie size categories listed above. The speed of the website is fine and fast too. For those that prefer streaming online, this website also offer free movies online without downloading, so enjoy the website while it last.


This is yet another wonderful free HD Movie download site that I fell in love with its clean, easy and fast loading website layout design. In xPau.se, you can easily locate latest and previous released movies. It offers a feature called MEGA download or streaming links and can also be accessed through a torrent option.

free HD Movie download site
TV shows

Download Process for xPau.se

The below steps will walk you through on how to download free high quality HD movies from xPau.se just as we did in the previous reviews for WorldFree4U, FouMovies, and MoviesCouch above.

Find the title of the movie you wish to download. For example, I want to download “The yellow Bird 2017” I will click on it,

  • The next page where the movie description is written will display showing the movie’s size, Genre, Stars, Synopsis, Rating, Budget, Runtime, Subtitles, Release Date, Filming Locations, Motion Picture Rating, Gross, Format, Resolution Director and mirror download links.


Download The yellow Bird 2017 Movie
Download The yellow Bird 2017 Movie
  • There are 3 available options for your downloading – you either download using MEGA, or download with the torrent file and also the last but not the list, Magnet torrent file download.
HD Movie Mirror Download
HD Movie Mirror Download
  • Now click on M1 and another page opens presenting you with MEGA where you have the option to download and stream the movie you opened. I recommend you use IDM to download large MEGA HD movies because through that way, the downloading speed is faster and safer. Stay tuned for best way to download MEGA links with internet download manager (IDM) using Debrit.

Website Download Speed

xPau.se is rated as one of the fastest loading HD website where you will be utilizing MEGA to download film. There are options of which using free torrent clients apps for best downloading are required, so the option is still available on the site, as one can easily use torrent downloader for safe torrenting and more. With xPau website, you can easily download free movies for android phones and PC devices.


This HD free movie download site is best for those that like streaming online. The site offers HD movies based on the following Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, TV Show, War, Xmas etc.

HD Free movies download 2019
Fmovies HD

Their focus of TV series, Cinema movies etc is channeled on shows coming from countries like Asia, China, Euro, France, HongKong, India, International, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

You can easily navigate in Fmovies website, search for movies, check details of any new movie and as well air your views through the comment box embedded on the website pages. Unfortunately, the website online offers online streaming, they don’t provide direct download links.

In my case, I use this website to check latest trending movies and then head to another site for downloading such video. The site is free from spam, but has a popup ads.
Visit Fmovies here.


Cmovieshd is very similar to Fmovies in some features. The genre that one can access via cmovieshd are as follows: Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kids, 18+, Music, Mystery, News, Romance, Sci-Fi, Live Sport, Thriller, TV-Show, War, Western etc. and these genre are focused on most country movie shows like HD movies from: Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and USA.

CMovieshd free video download
CMovieshd free video download

CmoviesHD has simple navigation menu for selection of HD movies, unfortunately, it only support streaming movies online. So there is nothing like direct download link for movies here.

The site loads speedily but gets user interrupted through popup ads and that can be annoying sometimes. I personally like the site design, and how the movies are listed for easy access by users. The website is always up to date, as the continuously upload new 2018 hd movies for those interested in watching online.
>You can visit Cmovieshd from here.


Limetorrent happens to be one out of other torrents regarded as the best free movie download site. As there are lots of movies to explore when limetorrent site is involved. Best torrent site is regarded to have fast Downloading Process etc.

limetorrent free hd downloads
limetorrent free hd downloads

Basic and Best Torrent Free Movie Download Site Requirements

There are tons of torrent sites available online but below requirements will walk you through on how to select the best torrent for free movie download site. So below are some criteria for better selection of best torrent website.

  • The Full site layout
  • Multiple categories
  • Latest torrent uploads
  • Lots of peers & seeds to ensure fast torrent speed
  • Very Active community

Limetorrent full website layout is very user friendly and because of that, so many persons worldwide enjoy using it. Latest contents are published every now and then across its multiple topics.

Limetorrent has multiple categories every user searches for on torrent sites. And such categories include: TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Applications, Music, Games, Comics, and different PDF books etc.

torrent free download selection
torrent movie download selection

Everyday new and latest torrents are published across all categories and limetorrent feature happens to be one of the best that always update recent torrents on its platform. So feel free to access their recent torrent uploads.
Talking about seeds & peers, good torrents website should have millions of active seeders and as well as peers too. And that determines how fast or slow a torrent file can be downloaded.

Lime torrent is regarded as one of the best for free movie download because, it has an active community discussing about torrent files and not bots or robots. So, real people are involved in the forum chats.

Streaming Options

  • There is no option embedded for live streaming on this torrent site.
  • Has the biggest movie archive do far,
  • High movie upload rate
  • Most times not easy to use.

Limetorrent is always my last hope whenever am searching for a movie online and I couldn’t lay my hands on it from other movie download sites. Ones I search that movie on limetorrent, I must get it and download it to my device. So lime torrent contains almost all the movies you can ever think of.

Top 80 Free Movie Download
Top 80 Free Movie Download 2022

List of Top 80 Free Movie Download Sites in 2022

The below list of free hd movies download sites are checked and confirmed active. So feel free to search and get latest HD movies free download on their respective website categories.

HD Free Movie Websites Link URL
Movies Couch https://moviescouch.com/
Fou Movies https://www.foumovies.com/
WorldFree4U https://www.worldfree4u.lol/
xPau.se https://xpau.se/
FMovies https://fmovies.pe/
C Movies HD https://cmovieshd.com
LimeTorrents https://www.limetorrents.cc/
House Movies https://housemovie.to/
My Download Tube https://mydownloadtube.com
Vidmatecash https://www.vidmatecash.com/
SD Movies Point https://sdmoviespoint.club/
300 MB Movies https://www.300mbmoviess.com/
TeluguKing https://www.teluguking.net/
Box TV https://www.boxtv.com/
Full 4 Movies https://www.full4movie.com/
HD Movies https://www.hdmoviesmp4.org/
EMOL Movies https://www.emol.org/movies/
1337x Movies https://1337x.to/cat/Movies/1/
iPagal Movies https://ipagal.org/
Cinema Villa https://www.cinemavilla.mobi/
MoviesGraphy https://www.moviesgraphy.com/
YouTube Movies https://www.youtube.com/
HD Popcorns https://hdpopcorns.com/
FZ Movies (Original) https://fzmovies.net/
HD Movies Maza https://hdmoviesmaza.mobi/m/
Pagal World https://www.pagal-world.in/
Movi Flixter https://www.movieflixter.to/
MyDownload Tube https://mydownloadtube.to/
Movie Watcher https://moviewatcher.is/
Mobile Movies https://mobilemovies.me/