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Tips to Find Netflix Content You Wish to Watch

The most popular ‘go-to’ service for watching series of TV shows and movies is Netflix. Whether it is classic TV shows, Netflix original programming or popular films, there is so much on its content, and this can be very overwhelming.

And you know as a Netflix user, that the service’s recommendation and search functionality is not the best. To find the content of what you so wish to watch on Netflix, here is a brief look at some helpful ways.

Netflix Content Power Search

If you know the name of the show or the film you are looking for, then the native search feature in Netflix does a nice job. However, better ways to find search content by use of third-party apps and sites exist. An example of a site that lets you search Netflix (and so many other platforms) from your mobile device or browser is Just Watch.

You can search by actor, title, director, and even be able to filter your search further by choosing rating, release year, and many more. You also get the ability to create your own watch-list and even synchronize it between devices.

Watch Netflix Tv Shows

Finding Only Originals

Netflix has continued to change and it is gradually turning to a standalone broadcast channel. Many traditional movies and television shows are facing removal but its original content keeps flooding in. It is quite overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. However, if you wish to view the original content, proceed to Netflix.com/original online or even head to the Categories>Netflix Originals section that is found in the application on the device that you are watching it on.

Whats on Netflix free tv shows

Finding What’s Going and Coming

The programming lineup on Netflix is continuously changing even as there is a constant stream of original content. The service gains or loses licensing rights for different TV shows and movies each month. If Netflix could include a section where you could select to see what’s leaving or coming for that month, it would be nice. Until that has been done, third-party websites can be relied on to get a better grip on the large Netflix library.

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“What’s on Netflix” is one of the better recommended sites. It provides the user a rundown of what’s new, contents that is coming soon, top lists, what’s leaving soon, and lots more. Contents for specific countries with an inclusion of the U.S., Australia, UK and Canada are made available for you to choose from. You also get a complete list of DVD releases, Netflix originals, and the current Netflix news.

Rotten Tomatoes Ratings and IMBD

Netflix’s rating system apparently doesn’t show search results based on what the thought of the audience as touching the shows. When you give a program the “thumbs up”, it does however, use that to kind of recommend other contents that are similar to you. For example, if you happen to “like” Star Trek, you will receive recommendations for other similar science fiction shows. But most of us would like to know what the audience and, more so, even critics, think about the particular show.

This is where sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD come in. You can be able to add ratings from either of those services on to Netflix easily by means of different browser extensions.

The one that I have been using lately for Chrome is Rateflix. After its’ installation, just refresh Netflix page and you would then see the Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings just by hovering over the thumbnail of a TV show or movie.

Though none of these types of extensions are working perfectly, I still have found Rateflix the best one that I have used when compared to the others. If you eventually find one that works for you, do well to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette comes into play when you are not sure of what to watch. All you have to do is to spin the wheel. This feature on Netflix provides an exceptional way to find something which one can watch based on a movie, genre or TV show, and IMDB score. All you have to do is to plug in the criteria and the click on the Spin button.

Spin the wheel again if you do not like the result of the previous spin. When you are satisfied with the spin result, just click it and it will immediately open directly on to Netflix and start playing.

These are just little guidelines to help you easily find your way around Netflix’s massive streaming library in order to find what you wish to watch. If you are a newbie to Netflix, then kindly take a look at our beginner guide for managing user profiles and more.And, whenever you are ready to do any serious viewing, be sure to read our publication for more tricks and tips on how to binge Netflix like a pro.

Tell us about some of your favorite third-party apps or websites that you use to find content on Netflix by leaving your comments and recommendation in the comment section below.