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Free MTN Unlimited Call Still Working – Check How

MTN free call still blazing, by now everyone should be aware that MTN blocked the on going unlimited call the came up with. For sometime now, if you try dialing the code for the unlimited call in order for you to activate it, another thing you don’t expect will show. And you don’t have any other option than to leave angrily and disappointed because, what you expect to get is not what you are seeing after dialing the code.
MTN free calls

If you have fallen a victim of leaving angrily and disappointed after dialing the MTN code for the cheap unlimited call. Don’t worry because another free unlimted call introduced by MTN is here again for you to catch fun with. Hey but this time around MTN decided to be selective in order words, the offer is not meant for all sims. But you can always try and check if yours is eligible or among the sims that the offer is programmed for.

To activate the unlimited free call on your MTN sim dial any of the following activation codes:

*507#,  you can also dial *507*1#  and this *507*2#
Enjoy it while it last…

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