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How to Assess The Quality of a Website: 4 Essential Checks

Assessing the quality of a website is a significant step for marketers. It is a work that embraces different shades of the profession, not just those who physically create the product and want to have extra security once they put the blog online.

Controlling what you have published is essential because you always have to give the user the best possible result. But you must be able to assess the quality of a website to work well with content creation.

1. Start with the Google site operator.

The first check to get an idea of the overall quality of a web project, whether mine or a competitor, makes no difference and calls in the search operator site: on Google.

This command forces the Mountain View software inside the site, returning indexed pages in order of relevance. This way, I can figure out the following:

How many pages has Google indexed, and get an idea of the content activity?

What structure was given to organize the content?

As a rule, the first snippet should be the home page; immediately after that, the most linked resources within site should appear, i.e., the navigation menu pages.

2. User experience: is it always respected?

Suppose you want to assess the quality of the website. In that case, you need to do five essential checks right away that today can make a difference in SEO optimization and improve user satisfaction the moment they land on your page. Of course, we are talking about indispensable steps such as:

  • Web page loading speed in 3 and 4G.
  • Optimization for mobile devices and smart TVs.
  • Readability of the font and paragraphs on all browsers.
  • Presence or absence of intrusive and numerous advertisements.
  • HTTPS on web pages, avoiding mixed content.

3. Use basic and advanced SEO tools

SEO tools SEO tools
SEO tools SEO tools

There are many SEO tools for evaluating the quality of a website. The ones that can make a different answer to the names of Semrush and Seozoom, which give you the ability to consult a history of potential visits and keywords that rank on the search engine. Without forgetting link profile analysis, a decisive aspect in assessing the quality of a website.

Screaming Frog is decisive for having a structural assessment of a site, such as the presence of alt tags in images and other details related to broken links, Google meta tags, canonical, and 404 pages.

4. Work on-site authority

What is the concept of leverage? Assessing site quality means moving on to the guidelines that Google has repeatedly reminded through the acronym EAT. Every significant web page should exude expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Which can be translated by the terms:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Let’s get on the buyer’s side. 

Let’s say we want to purchase from e-commerce. How do we know if it is trustworthy? Doing some checks will give us some indication of the reliability of the site from which we are about to buy a product or service. Among these verifications, we find:

– Checking how long the site has been open. If it has been available for a short time, better do more checks to ensure it is not fake.

– Payment method. If the site accepts PayPal as a form of payment, you can use it if you have further concerns about the site. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the money-back guarantee that PayPal offers.

– Check if it uses the HTTPS protocol. In case it does not use it, the website is not reliable.

Then there are the cases where some sites are on well-known platforms, guaranteeing the authority and reliability of the site from which we want to buy a particular product or service.

Is the case of Booking or Expedia for booking hotels, or the famous Trustpilot, where we usually find a lot of comments about websites quality, and even casinoreviews sites that allow us to find out the reputation of an online casino, and understand if it is safe to play a specific game to get the most from your online gambling experience. The sites provide players with guides, security and legal information to help them comprehend what they are signing up for.

Nowadays, there are so many sites, both good and bad quality, that we must be careful about everything from online games to the pair of new shoes we want to buy online. 


Analyzing a website to assess its quality is a decisive job for digital marketers. First, you must respect criteria such as those listed above. The website needs clear parameters and must put them in plain sight to make your voice heard and make users trust your business.