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Improve Real Estate Website Traffic For Targeted Audience

Have you been searching ways to improve you real estate website traffic for the sole purpose of getting targeted visitors? There is so much more to do aside organizing a site, uploading your bio, and neighborhood pages. To make your site highly effective with so many visitors and so much leads, you need to improve your website frequently.

Below, there are five ways to enhance search engine optimization as well as your real estate website traffic.

1. Make the real estate website mobile friendly?

Statistics show that most homebuyers search for real estate using their mobile devices, and a report after a collective study from Google and the National Association of Realtors® concludes that: About 89 percent of new home shoppers make use of their mobile device to search during the process of home buying. They are used by 68 percent of new home shoppers from the beginning of their search till the end of their research.

This report also states that homebuyers make use of mobile real estate sites while at home, while working, in a queue, in restaurants, and in other people’s homes. Homebuyers visit these websites to get in touch with a broker, to get directions, see features and their prices, locate an agent, watch videos and so on.

Google changed its algorithm last year, in order to raise mobile-friendly sites higher than those that are not designed for mobile. As a real estate agent, your website must be for mobile use.

2. Target keyword phrases from Local

To ensure your real estate website has good traffic opportunities, focus on keyword phrases. Let’s say, a lot of home shoppers will start their research for homes with a local keyword phrase, like “Horizon real estate agent.” Do ensure to make your website optimized for such search terms, just like the following below

  • real estate
  • homes for sale
  • real estate listings
  • Realtor
  • real estate agent

When these words are on the pages of your site, it brings in more website traffic. Making use of local keyword target Will be found useful to a prospective home buyer.

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3. Publish frequently on your Real Estate Blog

real estate blogging SEO

Do you want to be different from other agents in the market? You must have a super fantastic real estate blog content. Your website will drive in traffic if you create consistent, all- encompassing, and outstanding content. Organize a yearly editorial and include engrossing and, deep blog content for your potential buyers and sellers to read. They will surely come back for more.

When you blog frequently, it helps in offering content to share via social media, which is also a vital aspect of your online presence.

4. Show case your most recent and Updated articles

You should also include “trailers” of your blog content on your home page and upload fresh content daily. This will make visitors who read something few days earlier to expect a new content. If you don’t offer them regular articles, market updates, and other engrossing content, they’ll go find another agent who does.

5. Include testimonials and reviews of your clients

Some customers go through online reviews and believe in them like a personal recommendation. Including reviews and testimonials is a sure way to earn a lot of traffic on your website. These reviews or testimonials can be written or video interviews from clients.

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In order to get appealing client reviews and testimonials, you have to do some work. As part of your marketing plan, contact some clients after closing a deal and ask them politely to praise and recommend your work via phone call or emails. Some excited clients might even agree to do a video testimonials which makes it all better. Because they are happy with the services you render, most clients will accept the offer and that will rush traffic to your real estate website.

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