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How to include Virtual Staging to Your Home Listings

How do you go about Virtual Staging (Home Staging) as an agent? Well, Contrary to popular opinion, an empty space isn’t the best method to help potential home buyers visualize their ideal home. In fact, it is difficult for buyers to feel the home was theirs if it is totally empty.

This is the reason Virtual Staging is essential. It gives potential buyers an inkling of how they want their dream house to look like. Enhance your marketing strategy by incorporating virtual staging to your listings with these tips below.

use appropriate furniture for home staging

Make use of an appropriate furniture

Sounds simple right? Yes but a bit tricky. The furniture you choose will help create a sense of home for your buyers. Hence, be careful in selecting the right furniture for the house. Furniture that are too large will make the room look scattered and smaller than its actual size. While the small size furniture will make the room look rather empty and clumsy. In order to satisfy your buyer, go for a furniture that suits the shape and size of the room. This will make you enhance your property’s value.

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A clean layout is important

Once you’ve decided on the furniture to use, don’t think that’s it’s all done. How you arrange the furniture and optimize space is also essential. Don’t Keep the couches against the wall. Some couches could face each other while some could face the fireplace as long as it all matches the concept of the room. Every room is different, know what will function and add style to each room.

Keep things modern but not pricey

Some buyers may like their interior design to be like those in vogue and some others might like it simple and cool. What you should do is to keep yours in the middle. Not too minimalistic, not too trendy. In other words keep the decoration modern but not pricey. This is a safe way to play because it wouldn’t drive away buyers that love the trendy designs and also wouldn’t scare away the kind of buyers that cannot afford a luxurious interior design. Modern but not pricey? Yes. Boring? No!

Give the Home Best Furnishing 

Do not make your property look and feel boring. Spice it up with some creativity and some personality. Let each room show what it signifies. Keep a little fun in the game room. Keep the lounge comfy and cozy with a fireplace. Let your potential buyers walk into something that thrills them like a warm fireplace or a statement furniture.

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Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a neutral look and a bland look. Select furniture and designs that will make people call in after seeing the online photos. Because the main reason of virtually staging is to get called to schedule a showing. Thanks to mckissock for the essential tips.